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Famous Stounds Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Stounds poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous stounds poems. These examples illustrate what a famous stounds poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...rae the driving show’r,
 The bitter frost and snaw.

May He, the friend o’ Woe and Want,
 Who heals life’s various stounds,
Protect and guard the mother plant,
 And heal her cruel wounds.

But late she flourish’d, rooted fast,
 Fair in the summer morn,
Now feebly bends she in the blast,
 Unshelter’d and forlorn.

Blest be thy bloom, thou lovely gem,
 Unscath’d by ruffian hand!
And from thee many a parent stem
 Arise to deck our land!...Read More

by Burns, Robert
 Lest my jewel it should tine.

WISHFULLY I look and languish
 In that bonie face o’ thine,
And my heart it stounds wi’ anguish,
 Lest my wee thing be na mine.
 Bonie wee thing, &c.

Wit, and Grace, and Love, and Beauty,
 In ae constellation shine;
To adore thee is my duty,
 Goddess o’ this soul o’ mine!
 Bonie wee thing, &c....Read More

by Spenser, Edmund
...ome shee loveth best,
That first the white beare to the stake did bring.

And when the stubborne stroke of stronger stounds,
Has somewhat slackt the tenor of thy string:
Of love and lustihed tho mayst thou sing,
And carrol lowde, and leade the Myllers rownde,
All were Elisa one of thilke same ring.
So mought our Cuddies name to Heaven sownde.

Indeed the Romish Tityrus, I heare,
Through his Mec{oe}nas left his Oaten reede,
Whereon he earst had taught his fl...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
...roverb of a shrew.* *ill-tempered wretch
Thou say'st, that oxen, asses, horses, hounds,
They be *assayed at diverse stounds,* *tested at various
Basons and lavers, ere that men them buy, seasons
Spoones, stooles, and all such husbandry,
And so be pots, and clothes, and array,* *raiment
But folk of wives make none assay,
Till they be wedded, -- olde dotard shrew! --
And then, say'st thou, we will our vices shew.
Thou say'st also, that it displeaseth me,
But if * that t...Read More

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