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Famous Sprites Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Sprites poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous sprites poems. These examples illustrate what a famous sprites poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...’ Auld Brig his airy shape uprears,
The other flutters o’er the rising piers:
Our warlock Rhymer instantly dexcried
The Sprites that owre the Brigs of Ayr preside.
(That Bards are second-sighted is nae joke,
And ken the lingo of the sp’ritual folk;
Fays, Spunkies, Kelpies, a’, they can explain them,
And even the very deils they brawly ken them).
“Auld Brig” appear’d of ancient Pictish race,
The very wrinkles Gothic in his face;
He seem’d as he wi’ Time had warstl’d la...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...ouse Nancy.”

“Well, Sir, from the silent dead,
 Still I’ll try to daunt you;
Ever round your midnight bed
 Horrid sprites shall haunt you!”
“I’ll wed another like my dear
 Nancy, Nancy;
Then all hell will fly for fear,
 My spouse Nancy.”...Read More

by Sidney, Sir Philip, no Muse but one I know,
Phrases and problems from my reach do grow;
And strange things cost too deare for my poor sprites.
How then? euen thus: in Stellaes face I reed
What Loue and Beautie be; then all my deed
But copying is, what in her Nature writes. 

Vertue, alas, now let me take some rest;
Thou setst a bate betweene my will and wit;
If vaine Loue haue my simple soule opprest,
Leaue what thou lik'st not, deale thou not with it.
Thy scepter...Read More

by Sidney, Sir Philip
...sooth, no Muse but one I know;
Phrases and problems from my reach do grow,
And strange things cost too dear for my poor sprites.
How then? even thus: in Stella's face I read
What love and beauty be; then all my deed
But copying is, what in her Nature writes....Read More

by Donne, John
...ese sorceries did remove, and move
Thee to gull thine own mother for my love.
Thy little brethren, which like faery sprites
Oft skipped into our chamber, those sweet nights,
And kissed, and ingled on thy father's knee,
Were bribed next day to tell what they did see:
The grim eight-foot-high iron-bound servingman,
That oft names God in oaths, and only then,
He that to bar the first gate doth as wide
As the great Rhodian Colossus stride,
Which, if in hell no other pains the...Read More

by Hugo, Victor
...a sequin, and just such 
 As temple is to rubbish-heap, I say, 
 You do eclipse their beauty every way. 
 Those airy sprites that from the azure smile, 
 Peris and elfs the while they men beguile, 
 Have brows less youthful pure than yours; besides 
 Dishevelled they whose shaded beauty hides 
 In clouds." 
 "Flatt'rer," said Mahaud, "you but sing 
 Too well." 
 Then Joss more homage sought to bring; 
 "If I were angel under heav'n," said he, 
 "Or girl or demon, ...Read More

by Shakespeare, William
...e hands: 
Court'sied when you have, and kiss'd,-- 
 The wild waves whist,-- 
Foot it featly here and there; 
And, sweet sprites, the burthen bear. 
 Hark, hark! 
 Bow, wow, 
 The watch-dogs bark: 
 Bow, wow. 
 Hark, hark! I hear 
 The strain of strutting chanticleer 
 Cry, Cock-a-diddle-dow!...Read More

by Carroll, Lewis
...aid. "They should, by rights,
Give them a chance - because, you know,
The tastes of people differ so,
Especially in Sprites." 

The Phantom shook his head and smiled.
"Consult them? Not a bit!
'Twould be a job to drive one wild,
To satisfy one single child -
There'd be no end to it!" 

"Of course you can't leave CHILDREN free,"
Said I, "to pick and choose:
But, in the case of men like me,
I think 'Mine Host' might fairly be
Allowed to state his views." 

He sa...Read More

by Spenser, Edmund


Ye sacred ruins, and ye tragic sights, 
Which only do the name of Rome retain, 
Old monuments, which of so famous sprites 
The honour yet in ashes do maintain: 
Triumphant arcs, spires neighbors to the sky, 
That you to see doth th' heaven itself appall, 
Alas, by little ye to nothing fly, 
The people's fable, and the spoil of all: 
And though your frames do for a time make war 
'Gainst time, yet time in time shall ruinate 
Your works and names, and your last relics mar...Read More

by Spenser, Edmund
...r gentle mindes vnrest.
But pure affections bred in spotlesse brest,
& modest thoughts breathd fro[m] wel te[m]pred sprites
goe visit her in her bowre of rest,
accompanyde with angelick delightes.
There fill your selfe with those most ioyous sights,
the which my selfe could neuer yet attayne:
but speake no word to her of these sad plights,
which her too constant stiffenesse doth constrayn.
Onely behold her rare perfection,
and blesse your fortunes fayre election.<...Read More

by Sidney, Sir Philip
...In nature apt to like when I did see 
Beauties, which were of many carats fine, 
My boiling sprites did thither soon incline, 
And, Love, I thought that I was full of thee: 

But finding not those restless flames in me, 
Which others said did make their souls to pine, 
I thought those babes of some pin's hurt did whine, 
By my love judging what love's pain might be. 

But while I thus with this young lion played, 
Mine eyes (shall I say curst o...Read More

by Hood, Thomas
...ut off unseen, 
And hid in sudden graves; 
Of horrid stabs, in groves forlorn, 
And murders done in caves;

And how the sprites of injured men 
Shriek upward from the sod. -- 
Ay, how the ghostly hand will point 
To show the burial clod: 
And unknown facts of guilty acts 
Are seen in dreams from God!

He told how murderers walk the earth 
Beneath the curse of Cain, -- 
With crimson clouds before their eyes, 
And flames about their brain: 
For blood has left upon their sou...Read More

by Pope, Alexander
...fter death survive.
For when the fair in all their pride expire,
To their first elements their souls retire:
The sprites of fiery termagants in flame
Mount up, and take a Salamander's name.
Soft yielding minds to water glide away,
And sip with Nymphs, their elemental tea.
The graver prude sinks downward to a Gnome,
In search of mischief still on earth to roam.
The light coquettes in Sylphs aloft repair,
And sport and flutter in the fields of air....Read More

by Pope, Alexander
...ust behind Belinda's neck he spread,
As o'er the fragrant steams she bends her head.
Swift to the lock a thousand sprites repair,
A thousand wings, by turns, blow back the hair,
And thrice they twitch'd the diamond in her ear,
Thrice she look'd back, and thrice the foe drew near.
Just in that instant, anxious Ariel sought
The close recesses of the virgin's thought;
As on the nosegay in her breast reclin'd,
He watch'd th' ideas rising in her mind,
Sudden he v...Read More

by Pope, Alexander
...Umbriel on a sconce's height
Clapp'd his glad wings, and sate to view the fight:
Propp'd on their bodkin spears, the sprites survey
The growing combat, or assist the fray.

While through the press enrag'd Thalestris flies,
And scatters death around from both her eyes,
A beau and witling perish'd in the throng,
One died in metaphor, and one in song.
"O cruel nymph! a living death I bear,"
Cried Dapperwit, and sunk beside his chair.
A mournful glance Sir...Read More

by McKay, Claude
...stol'n away. 


And suddenly my thoughts then turned to you 
Who came to me upon a winter's night, 
When snow-sprites round my attic window flew, 
Your hair disheveled, eyes aglow with light. 
My heart was like the weather when you came, 
The wanton winds were blowing loud and long; 
But you, with joy and passion all aflame, 
You danced and sang a lilting summer song. 
I made room for you in my little bed, 
Took covers from the closet fresh and warm, 
A down...Read More

by Hardy, Thomas
...eyond hearing 
 Of corporal things. 


 And they bore to the bluff, and alighted - 
 A dim-discerned train 
 Of sprites without mould, 
 Frameless souls none might touch or might hold - 
On the ledge by the turreted lantern, farsighted 
 By men of the main. 


 And I heard them say "Home!" and I knew them 
 For souls of the felled 
 On the earth's nether bord 
 Under Capricorn, whither they'd warred, 
And I neared in my awe, and gave heedfulness to them 
 With ...Read More

by McGonagall, William Topaz
...rde, which was their desire,
Without the least fear through a sheet of fire. 

Then the rebels fled like frightened sprites,
And the British were left masters of the Dargai heights;
But, alas! brave Captain Robinson was mortally wounded and cut down,
And for his loss many tears from his comrades fell to the ground. 

Success to the Gordon Highlanders wherever they go.
May they always be enabled to conquer the foe;
And may God guard them always in the fight,
And gi...Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...ion and of truth sincere.

These were the pranks she played among the cities
Of mortal men. And what she did to Sprites
And Gods, entangling them in her sweet ditties,
To do her will, and show their subtle sleights,
I will declare another time; for it is
A tale more fit for the weird winter-nights
Than for these garish summer-days, when we
Scarcely believe much more than we can see....Read More

by Finch, Anne Kingsmill
...en take hands:
Court'sied when you have, and kiss'd,--
The wild waves whist--
Foot it featly here and there;
And, sweet sprites, the burthen bear.
Hark, hark!
Bow, wow,
The watch-dogs bark:
Bow, wow.
Hark, hark! I hear
The strain of strutting chanticleer
Cry, Cock-a-diddle-dow!

--from The Tempest

Tell me where is Fancy bred,
Or in the heart or in the head?
How begot, how nourishèd?
Reply, reply.
It is engender'd in the eyes;
With gazing fed; and Fancy dies
In...Read More

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