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Famous Springy Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Springy poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous springy poems. These examples illustrate what a famous springy poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Whitman, Walt
...s in Manhattan; 
Or with large steps crossing the prairies out of Illinois and Indiana, 
Rapidly crossing the West with springy gait, and descending the Alleghanies;
Or down from the great lakes, or in Pennsylvania, or on deck along the Ohio river; 
Or southward along the Tennessee or Cumberland rivers, or at Chattanooga on the mountain
Saw I your gait and saw I your sinewy limbs, clothed in blue, bearing weapons, robust
Heard your determin’d voice, launch’d fo...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...ho is it? Is it you?) 
Outside fair costume—within ashes and filth, 
No more a flashing eye—no more a sonorous voice or springy step; 
Now some slave’s eye, voice, hands, step, 
A drunkard’s breath, unwholesome eater’s face, venerealee’s flesh,
Lungs rotting away piecemeal, stomach sour and cankerous, 
Joints rheumatic, bowels clogged with abomination, 
Blood circulating dark and poisonous streams, 
Words babble, hearing and touch callous, 
No brain, no heart left—no magnetis...Read More

by McGough, Roger
...e bat,
Put on their batjamas
(They like doing that)

They've filled their batwater-bottles
made their batbeds,
With two springy battresses
for sleepy batheads.

They're closing red eyes
and they're counting black sheep,
Batman and Robin
are falling asleep....Read More

by Piercy, Marge
...was showing. 
You stood still while I fixed your clothes, 

as if I were your mother. Remember me 
combing your springy black hair, ringlets 
that seemed metallic, glittering; 

remember me dressing you, my seventy year 
old mother who was my last dollbaby, 
giving you too late what your youth had wanted. 


What is this mask of skin we wear, 
what is this dress of flesh, 
this coat of few colors and little hair? 

This voluptuous seething heap of desires ...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...lity—to be servile to none—to defer to none—not to any tyrant, known
To walk with erect carriage, a step springy and elastic, 
To look with calm gaze, or with a flashing eye,
To speak with a full and sonorous voice, out of a broad chest, 
To confront with your personality all the other personalities of the earth. 

Know’st thou the excellent joys of youth? 
Joys of the dear companions, and of the merry word, and laughing face? 
Joys of the glad, light-be...Read More

by Masefield, John
Lest in the dark the old man might 
Creep up to me to beg a light.

But Wood Top grass is short and sweet 
And springy to a boxer's feet; 
At harvest hum the moon so bright 
Did shine on Wood Top for the fight. 

When Bill was stripped down to his bends 
I thought how long we two'd been friends, 
And in my mind, about that wire, 
I thought "He's right, I am a liar. 
As sure as skilly's made in prison 
The right to poach that copse is his'n. 
I'll have no ...Read More

by Lanier, Sidney
...t of line lost.] . . . . majesty
[Part of line lost.] . . a spirit pacing on the top
Of springy clouds, and bore straight on toward
The Duke. On him her eyes burned steadily
With such gray fires of heaven-hot command
As Dawn burns Night away with, and she held
Her white forefinger quivering aloft
At greatest arm's-length of her dainty arm,
In menace sweeter than a kiss could be
And terribler than sudden whispers are
That come from lips unse...Read More

by Betjeman, John
...against the other hurled
We struggled round to Greenaway.
Bless?d be St Enodoc, bless?d be the wave,
Bless?d be the springy turf, we pray, pray to thee,
Ask for our children all happy days you gave
To Ralph, Vasey, Alistair, Biddy, John and me....Read More

by Carman, Bliss
...hen out into a morning all summer warmth and blue!
By the breathing of her pistons, by the purring of the screw,
By the springy dip and tremor as she rises, you can tell
Her heart is light and easy as she meets the lazy swell.

With the flying fish before her, and the white wake running aft,
Her smoke-wreath hanging idle, without breeze enough for draft,
She will travel fair and steady, and in the afternoon
Run down the floating palm-tops where lift the Isles of June....Read More

by Service, Robert William
...the Frenchman: "Atta Boy!
Go to it, Jo-jo - kill the guy."

The boy from Rome was straight and slim,
And swift and springy as a bow;
The man from Metz was gaunt and grim,
But all the tricks he seemed to know.
'Twixt knee and calf with scissors-lock,
He gripped the lad's arm like a vice;
The prisoned hand went white as chalk,
And limp as death and cold as ice.
And then he tried to break the wrist,
And kidney-pounded with his knee,
But with a cry and lightning twis...Read More

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