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Famous Skylight Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Skylight poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous skylight poems. These examples illustrate what a famous skylight poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Betjeman, John
...ting out from upper floors;

And behind their frail partitions
Business women lie and soak,
Seeing through the draughty skylight
Flying clouds and railway smoke.

Rest you there, poor unbelov'd ones,
Lap your loneliness in heat.
All too soon the tiny breakfast,
Trolley-bus and windy street!...Read More

by Brautigan, Richard
...ndreds of toilets.

 The toilets were stacked on shelves. They were stacked

five toilets high. There was a skylight above the toilets that

made them glow like the Great Taboo Pearl of the South Sea


 Stacked over against the wall were the waterfalls. There

were about a dozen of them, ranging from a drop of a few

feet to a drop of ten or fifteen feet.

 There was one waterfall that was over sixty feet long.

There were tags on the piece...Read More

by Tebb, Barry
...garet herself was a bit surprised

At her mam being so easy going

But that was her mam all over.

There was a tiny skylight

With just enough light to see by,

A huge mahogany chest of drawers

And Margaret and me. I’d never

Undressed in front of a girl

Before and Margaret said, "Me mam

’Ad no business mekin’ us share"

And went a bit red as she pulled

Her dress over her head, firmly

Pushing teddy to the middle

Of the bed.

We could hear Margaret’s

Mam dow...Read More

by McGonagall, William Topaz
...rt full of woe,
And came down upon the roof of a public-house 20 feet below;
But, alas! he slipped and fell through the skylight,
And received cuts and bruises: oh, what a horrible sight! 

He was the tenant of the premises, Mr Brookes,
And for his wife and family he enquires, with anxious looks,
But no one could tell him, it did appear,
And when told so adown his cheeks flowed many a tear. 

He had been sleeping by himself on the second floor,
When suddenly alarmed, he t...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel
...airy seas? 
One haunted me the whole night long, swaying with every breeze, 
Returning always near the eaves, or by the skylight glass: 
There it will wait me many weeks, and then, at last, will pass. 
Each soul is haunted by a ship in which that soul might ride 
And climb the glorious mysteries of Heaven's silent tide 
In voyages that change the very metes and bounds of Fate — 
O empty boats, we all refuse, that by our windows wait!...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
...s can; next, like Italian twilight, 
He turn'd all colours — as a peacock's tail, 
Or sunset streaming through a Gothic skylight 
In some old abbey, or a trout not stale, 
Or distant lightning on the horizon by night, 
Or a fresh rainbow, or a grand review 
Of thirty regiments in red, green, and blue. 


Then he address'd himself to Satan: 'Why — 
My good old friend, for such I deem you, though 
Our different parties make us fight so shy, 
I ne'er mistake you for a ...Read More

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