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Famous Skirt Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Skirt poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous skirt poems. These examples illustrate what a famous skirt poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Bukowski, Charles
"So pull your dress up higher!" 
"Do what I say!" George slapped again, harder. Constance hiked her skirt. 
"Just up to the panties!" shouted George. "I don't quite want to see the
"Christ, george, what's gone wrong with you?" 
"You fucked Walter!" 
"George, I swear, you've gone crazy. I want to leave. Let me out of here,
"Don't move or I'll kill you!" 
"You'd kill me?" 
"I swear it!" George got up and poured himself a s...Read More

by Piercy, Marge
Even when I have been at my thinnest, 
you have never abandoned me but curled 
round as a sleeping cat under my skirt. 
When I spread out, so do you. You like 
to eat, drink and bang on another belly. 
In anxiety I clutch you with nervous fingers 
as if you were a purse full of calm. 
In my grandmother standing in the fierce sun 
I see your cauldron that held eleven children 
shaped under the tent of her summer dress. 
I see you in my mother at thi...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
...atman's fear; 
Till then — no beacon on the cliff 
May shape the course of struggling skiff; 
The scatter'd lights that skirt the bay, 
All, one by one, have died away; 
The only lamp of this lone hour 
Is glimmering in Zuleika's tower. 
Yes! there is light in that lone chamber, 
And o'er her silken Ottoman 
Are thrown the fragrant beads of amber, 
O'er which her fairy fingers ran; [25] 
Near these, with emerald rays beset, 
(How could she thus that gem forget?) 
Her moth...Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
...uisburg is not forgotten, nor Beau Sejour, nor Port Royal.
Many already have fled to the forest, and lurk on its outskirts,
Waiting with anxious hearts the dubious fate of to-morrow.
Arms have been taken from us, and warlike weapons of all kinds;
Nothing is left but the blacksmith's sledge and the scythe of the mower."
Then with a pleasant smile made answer the jovial farmer:--
"Safer are we unarmed, in the midst of our flocks and our cornfields,
Safer within thes...Read More

by Bowers, Edgar
...bracelets of hair
And the same picture: black hair in a bun,
Puzzled eyes in an oval face as young
Or old as innocence, skirt to the ground,
And, seated on the high school steps, the class,
The ones to whom she would have said, “Seigneur,
Donnez-nous la force de supporter
La peine,” as an example easy to remember,
Formal imperative, object first person plural....Read More

by Tebb, Barry

And scarlet rose, ‘Descensus averno’, like Virgil,

I supposed.

Now three years later, in nylons and tight skirt,

She returns from grammar school to make a chaos of my room;

Plaiting a rose in her hair, I remember the words of her poem -

‘For love is wrong/in word, in deed/But you will be mine’

And now her promise to come the last two days of term,

"But not tell them", the diamond bomb exploding

In her eyes, the key left ‘Accidentally’ on my desk

And the f...Read More

by Milton, John
...and many a province wide, 
Tenfold the length of this terrene: At last, 
Far in the horizon to the north appeared 
From skirt to skirt a fiery region, stretched 
In battailous aspect, and nearer view 
Bristled with upright beams innumerable 
Of rigid spears, and helmets thronged, and shields 
Various, with boastful argument portrayed, 
The banded Powers of Satan hasting on 
With furious expedition; for they weened 
That self-same day, by fight or by surprise, 
To win the moun...Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
And beneath him, tranquil and broad and deep, 
Is the Mystic, meeting the ocean tides; 
And under the alders, that skirt its edge, 
Now soft on the sand, now load on the ledge, 
Is heard the tramp of his steed as he rides. 

It was twelve by the village clock 
When he crossed the bridge into Medford town. 
He heard the crowing of the cock, 
And the barking of the farmer's dog, 
And felt the damp of the river-fog, 
That rises when the sun goes down. 
...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...aling stars of the morning. 

My ties and ballasts leave me—I travel—I sail—my elbows rest in
 the sea-gaps; 
I skirt the sierras—my palms cover continents; 
I am afoot with my vision. 

By the city’s quadrangular houses—in log huts—camping with
Along the ruts of the turnpike—along the dry gulch and rivulet bed; 
Weeding my onion-patch, or hoeing rows of carrots and parsnips—crossing
 savannas—trailing in forests; 
Prospecting—gold-digging—gird...Read More

by Service, Robert William
Ugh! How it makes me shudder! The horrible thing occurred...

'Twas the day when frocks were frilly, and skirts were scraping the ground,
And the snowy flounces of Millie like sea foam round her swept;
Humbly adoring I watched her - when oh, my heart gave a bound!
Hoary and scarred and hideous, out from the

A whiskered, beady-eyes monster, grisly and grim of hue;
Savage and slinking and silent, born of the dark an...Read More

by Dove, Rita
she nodded and started across the parquet;
that's when I saw she was dressed all in gray,
from a kittenish cashmere skirt and cowl

down to the graphite signature of her shoes.
"Sorry I'm late," she panted, though
she wasn't, sliding into the chair, her cape

tossed off in a shudder of brushed steel.
We kissed.Then I leaned back to peruse
my blighted child, this wary aristocratic mole.

"How's business?" I asked, and hazarded
a motherly smile to keep from ...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
...atman's fear; 
Till then — no beacon on the cliff 
May shape the course of struggling skiff; 
The scatter'd lights that skirt the bay, 
All, one by one, have died away; 
The only lamp of this lone hour 
Is glimmering in Zuleika's tower. 
Yes! there is light in that lone chamber, 
And o'er her silken Ottoman 
Are thrown the fragrant beads of amber, 
O'er which her fairy fingers ran; [25] 
Near these, with emerald rays beset, 
(How could she thus that gem forget?) 
Her moth...Read More

by Frost, Robert
...nt?" she cried to all the dark.
She stretched up tall to overlook the light
That hung in both hands hot against her skirt.
"There's no one; so you're wrong," he said.
"There is.--
What do you want?" she cried, and then herself
Was startled when an answer really came.
"Nothing." It came from well along the road.
She reached a hand to Joel for support:
The smell of scorching woollen made her faint.
"What are you doing round this house at night?"
...Read More

by García Lorca, Federico,
watching the girl as he plays
with tongues of celestial bells
on an invisible bagpipe.

Gypsy, let me lift your skirt
and have a look at you.
Open in my ancient fingers
the blue rose of your womb.

Precosia throws the tambourine
and runs away in terror.
But the virile wind pursues her
with his breathing and burning sword.

The sea darkens and roars,
while the olive trees turn pale.
The flutes of darkness sound,
and a muted gong of the snow.

Pr...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...hrilly, crying, `Praise the patient saints, 
Our one white day of Innocence hath past, 
Though somewhat draggled at the skirt. So be it. 
The snowdrop only, flowering through the year, 
Would make the world as blank as Winter-tide. 
Come--let us gladden their sad eyes, our Queen's 
And Lancelot's, at this night's solemnity 
With all the kindlier colours of the field.' 

So dame and damsel glittered at the feast 
Variously gay: for he that tells the tale 
Liken...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord used us courteously-- 
We would do much to gratify your Prince-- 
We pardon it; and for your ingress here 
Upon the skirt and fringe of our fair land, 
you did but come as goblins in the night, 
Nor in the furrow broke the ploughman's head, 
Nor burnt the grange, nor bussed the milking-maid, 
Nor robbed the farmer of his bowl of cream: 
But let your Prince (our royal word upon it, 
He comes back safe) ride with us to our lines, 
And speak with Arac: Arac's word is thrice ...Read More

by Gregory, Rg
...dying fall
leaving a small red zigzag down the wall)
then this sizzling flesh-ball
fell on fluttering nelly
tore at her skirt
ripped other clothes apart
began kissing her fervently on her agenda
te amo te amo te amo te amo
(repeating it as though
it was the finest latin phrase he'd learned by heart)
crying abasing himself to her most wanted gender

she more dazed than hurt
clutching the virgin fragments of her skirt
a simpering victim in the rising clamour
old people now outr...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
...wait for the word. 
Tartar, and Spahi, and Turcoman, 
Strike your tents, and throng to the van; 
Mount ye, spur ye, skirt the plain, 
That the fugitive may flee in vain, 
When he breaks from the town; and none escape, 
Aged or young in Christian shape; 
While your fellows on foot, in a fiery mass, 
Bloodstain the breach through which they pass. 
The steeds are all bridled, and snort to the rein; 
Curved is each neck, and flowing each main; 
White is the foam of their ...Read More

by Miller, Alice Duer
...Already I think I trace 
A change in you, you no longer care 
So much how you look or what you wear. 
That coat and skirt you have on, you know 
You wouldn't have worn them ten years ago.
Those thick warm stockings— they make me sad,
Your ankles were ankles to drive men mad.
Look at your hair— you need a wave.
Get out— go home— be hard— be brave,
Or else, believe me, you'll be a slave.
There's something in you— dutiful— meek—
You'll be saving your pin-mone...Read More

by Piercy, Marge hips and ass promising, her mouth pursed 
in the dark red lipstick of desire. 

She visited in '68 still wearing skirts 
tight to the knees, dark red lipstick, 
while I danced through Manhattan in mini skirt, 
lipstick pale as apricot milk, 
hair loose as a horse's mane. Oh dear, 
I thought in my superiority of the moment, 
whatever has happened to poor Cecile? 
She was out of fashion, out of the game, 
disqualified, disdained, dis- 
membered from the club of desir...Read More

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