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Famous Singled Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Singled poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous singled poems. These examples illustrate what a famous singled poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Shakespeare, William
...with other being mingled,
The hot scent-snuffing hounds are driven to doubt,
Ceasing their clamorous cry till they have singled 
With much ado the cold fault cleanly out;
Then do they spend their mouths: Echo replies,
As if another chase were in the skies.

"By this, poor Wat, far off upon a hill,
Stands on his hinder legs with listening ear,
To hearken if his foes pursue him still:
Anon their loud alarums he doth hear;
And now his grief may be compared well
To one sore s...Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
...Two good friends had Hiawatha, 
Singled out from all the others, 
Bound to him in closest union, 
And to whom he gave the right hand 
Of his heart, in joy and sorrow; 
Chibiabos, the musician,
And the very strong man, Kwasind.
Straight between them ran the pathway, 
Never grew the grass upon it; 
Singing birds, that utter falsehoods, 
Story-tellers, mischief-makers, 
Found no eager ear...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...ike a King in shining state,
And his praise was loud on the lips of all;
Well then, when he turned to you alone,
And he singled you out from all the crowd,
And he called you up to his golden throne,
Oh, wouldn't you just be jolly proud?

If you had a friend like this, I say,
So sweet and tender, so strong and true,
You'd try to please him in every way,
You'd live at your bravest -- now, wouldn't you?
His worth would shine in the words you penned;
You'd shout his praises ....Read More

by Russell, George William
...POOR little child, my pretty boy,
Why did the hunter mark thee out?
Wert thou betrayed by thine own joy?
Singled through childhood’s merry shout?

And who on such a gentle thing
Let slip the Hound that none may bar,
That shall o’ertake the swiftest wing
And tear the heavens down star by star?

And borne away unto the night,
What comfort in the vasty hall?
Can That which towers from depth to height
Melt in Its mood majestical,

And laugh with thee as child to...Read More

by Rilke, Rainer Maria
...Suddenly she steps, wrapped into the wind,
brightly into brightness, as if singled out,
while now the room as though cut to fit
behind her fills the door

darkly like the ground of cameo,
that lets a glimmer through at the edges;
and you think the evening wasn't there
before she stepped out, and on the railing

set forth just a little of herself,
just her hands, --to be completely light:
as if passed on by the rows of houses
to the...Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...dead seaman's knell. 

When hearts have once mingled  
Love first leaves the well-built nest; 
The weak one is singled 
To endure what it once possest. 20 
O Love who bewailest 
The frailty of all things here  
Why choose you the frailest 
For your cradle your home and your bier? 

Its passions will rock thee 25 
As the storms rock the ravens on high: 
Bright reason will mock thee  
Like the sun from a wintry sky. 
From thy nest every rafter 
Will...Read More

by Browning, Robert and her treasure.
Oh, what a hope beyond measure
Was the poor spray's, which the flying feet hung to,— 
So to be singled out, built in, and sung to!

This is a heart the Queen leant on,
Thrilled in a minute erratic,
Ere the true bosom she bent on,
Meet for love's regal dalmatic.
Oh, what a fancy ecstatic
Was the poor heart's, ere the wanderer went on— 
Love to be saved for it, proffered to, spent on!...Read More

by Justice, Donald
...then were oracle and secret.
Remember the night when, lost, returning, we turned back
Confused, and our headlights singled out the fox?
Our thoughts went with it then, turning and turning back
With the same terror, into the deep thicket
Beside the highway, at home in the dark thicket.

I say the wood within is the dark wood,
Or wound no torn shirt can entirely bandage,
But the sad hand returns to it in secret
Repeatedly, encouraging the bandage
To speak of that oth...Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
Strength is triumphant,
Over the whole earth
Still is it Thor's Day!

Thou art a God too, 
O Galilean! 
And thus singled-handed 
Unto the combat, 
Gauntlet or Gospel, 
Here I defy thee!...Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...s vulture in a chain.--
"The world was darkened beneath either pinion
Of him whom from the flock of conquerors
Fame singled as her thunderbearing minion;
"The other long outlived both woes & wars,
Throned in new thoughts of men, and still had kept
The jealous keys of truth's eternal doors
"If Bacon's spirit [[blank]] had not leapt
Like lightning out of darkness; he compelled
The Proteus shape of Nature's as it slept
"To wake & to unbar the caves that held
The treasure of ...Read More

by Douglas, Keith

For here the lover and killer are mingled
who had one body and one heart.
And death who had the soldier singled
has done the lover mortal hurt....Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe the dead seaman's knell.

When hearts have once mingled,
Love first leaves the well-built nest;
The weak one is singled
To endure what it once possessed.
O Love! who bewailest
The frailty of all things here,
Why choose you the frailest
For your cradle, your home, and your bier?

Its passions will rock thee,
As the storms rock the ravens on high;
Bright reason will mock thee,
Like the sun from a wintry sky.
From thy nest every rafter
Will rot, and thine eagle h...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
Remember you surging Manhattan’s crowds, as you pass’d with your cortege of
There in the crowds stood I, and singled you out with attachment; 
I know not why, but I loved you... (and so go forth little song, 
Far over sea speed like an arrow, carrying my love all folded,
And find in his palace the youth I love, and drop these lines at his feet;) 
—Nor forget I to sing of the wonder, the ship as she swam up my bay, 
Well-shaped and stately the Great East...Read More

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