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Famous Showering Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Showering poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous showering poems. These examples illustrate what a famous showering poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Bishop, Elizabeth falls
 victim of long intrigue,
 assuming memory and mortal
 mortal fatigue.

More slowly falling into sight
and showering into stippled faces,
darkening, condensing all his light;
in spite of all the dreaming
squandered upon him with that look,
suffers our uses and abuses,
sinks through the drift of bodies,
sinks through the drift of vlasses
to evening to the beggar in the park
who, weary, without lamp or book
 prepares stupendous studies:
 the fiery event
 of every d...Read more of this...

by Crowley, Aleister
...spirit’s shadow-veil,
Till the knowledge -Lotus flowering hides the world
beneath its stem;
Neither I, nor nor God life-showering, find a counterpart in
As a spirit in a vision shows a countenance in fear,
Laughs the looker to derision, only comes to disappear,
Gods and mortals, mind and matter, in the glowing bud
dissever :
Vein from vein they rend and shatter, and are nothingness
for ever.
In the blessed, the enlightened, perfect eyes these visions
Pass ...Read more of this...

by Murray, Les>
 A largesse 
of life and self, brushed all calm and out,
its abstracted attempts on her mouth weren't seen,
not its showering, its tenting. Just the detail
that swam in its flow-lines, glossing about--
as she paced on, comet-like, face to the sun....Read more of this...

by Berryman, John
...he ever saw
the inmates—'No, they never leave their cells.'
Betty was downstairs, Don called down 'A drink'
while showering.

I can't go into the meaning of the dream
except to say a sense of total Loss
afflicted me therof:
an absolute disappearance of continuity & love
and children away at school, the weight of the cross,
and everything is what it seems....Read more of this...

by Keats, John
...with quick hand, the charm applied--
The nymph arose: he left them to their joy,
And onward went upon his high employ,
Showering those powerful fragments on the dead.
And, as he pass'd, each lifted up its head,
As doth a flower at Apollo's touch.
Death felt it to his inwards; 'twas too much:
Death fell a weeping in his charnel-house.
The Latmian persever'd along, and thus
All were re-animated. There arose
A noise of harmony, pulses and throes
Of gladness in t...Read more of this...

by Swinburne, Algernon Charles again as a bird that cowers,
Thinking of hours when the flowers have to fall?

Out of the throats of the loud birds showering,
Out of the folds where the flag-lilies leap,
Out of the mouths of the roses stirred,
Out of the herbs on the walls reflowering,
Out of the heights where the sheer snows sleep,
Out of the deep and the steep, one word.

One from the lips of the lily-flames leaping,
The glad red lilies that burn in our sight,
The great live lilies for standard an...Read more of this...

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
He whistled his good warhorse left to graze
Among the forest greens, vaulted upon him,
And rode beneath an ever-showering leaf,
Till one lone woman, weeping near a cross,
Stay'd him. "Why weep ye?" "Lord," she said, "my man
Hath left me or is dead"; whereon he thought--
"What, if she hate me now? I would not this.
What, if she love me still? I would not that.
I know not what I would"--but said to her,
"Yet weep not thou, lest, if thy mate return,
He find t...Read more of this...

by Brooke, Rupert
...was hers no more
And at length hers?
Being tired, she bowed her head;
And said, "So be it!"
The great wings were spread
Showering glory on the fields, and fire.
The whole air, singing, bore him up, and higher,
Unswerving, unreluctant. Soon he shone
A gold speck in the gold skies; then was gone.

The air was colder, and grey. She stood alone....Read more of this...

by Rich, Adrienne
...l enough
alone, a dead child born in the dark.
Night cracks up over the chimney,
pieces of time, frozen geodes
come showering down in the grate.

A man reaches behind my eyes
and finds them empty
a woman's head turns away
from my head in the mirror
children are dying my death
and eating crumbs of my life.

Pity is not your forte.
Calmly you ache up there
pinned aloft in your crow's nest,
my speechless pirate!
You take it all for granted
and when I look you bac...Read more of this...

by Rosenberg, Isaac
...le safe sleep. 

But hark! joy - joy - strange joy. 
Lo! heights of night ringing with unseen larks. 
Music showering our upturned list’ning faces. 

Death could drop from the dark 
As easily as song - 
But song only dropped, 
Like a blind man’s dreams on the sand 
By dangerous tides, 
Like a girl’s dark hair for she dreams no ruin lies there, 
Or her kisses where a serpent hides....Read more of this...

by Whitman, Walt

Did it make you ache so, leaving me?

Parting, track’d by arriving—perpetual payment of perpetual loan; 
Rich, showering rain, and recompense richer afterward. 

Sprouts take and accumulate—stand by the curb prolific and vital: 
Landscapes, projected, masculine, full-sized and golden. 

All truths wait in all things;
They neither hasten their own delivery, nor resist it; 
They do not need the obstetric forceps of the surgeon; 
The insignificant is...Read more of this...

by Po, Li
...The forge-fire sets a glow in the heavens,
the hammer thunders, showering the smoke with sparks.

A ruddy smithy, the white face of the moon,
and the hammer, ringing down cold dark canyons....Read more of this...

by Stevens, Wallace has a cloudy edge, their white 
315 And pink, the water bright that dogwood bears. 
316 And in their music showering sounds intone. 
317 On what strange froth does the gross Indian dote, 
318 What Eden sapling gum, what honeyed gore, 
319 What pulpy dram distilled of innocence, 
320 That streaking gold should speak in him 
321 Or bask within his images and words? 
322 If these rude instances impeach themselves 
323 By force of rudeness, let the princip...Read more of this...

by Sassoon, Siegfried undismayed. 
The luminous willows lean to it with tales 
Of the young earth; and swallows dip their wings 
Where showering hawthorn strews the lanes of light. 

‘I can remember summer in one thought 
Of wind-swept green, and deeps of melting blue, 
And scent of limes in bloom; and I can hear 
Distinct the early mower in the grass, 
Whetting his blade along some morn of June. 

‘For I was born to the round world’s delight, 
And knowledge of enfolding motherhood,...Read more of this...

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
He whistled his good warhorse left to graze 
Among the forest greens, vaulted upon him, 
And rode beneath an ever-showering leaf, 
Till one lone woman, weeping near a cross, 
Stayed him. `Why weep ye?' `Lord,' she said, `my man 
Hath left me or is dead;' whereon he thought-- 
`What, if she hate me now? I would not this. 
What, if she love me still? I would not that. 
I know not what I would'--but said to her, 
`Yet weep not thou, lest, if thy mate return, 
H...Read more of this...

by Hammad, Suheir
the only real is grief
forever counting the days
minutes missing without knowing
so that one day 
you find yourself 
showering tears
missing that love
like sugar 
aches teeth...Read more of this...

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...clocks and chimes, like silver hammers falling 
On silver anvils, and the splash and stir 
Of fountains spouted up and showering down 
In meshes of the jasmine and the rose: 
And all about us pealed the nightingale, 
Rapt in her song, and careless of the snare. 

There stood a bust of Pallas for a sign, 
By two sphere lamps blazoned like Heaven and Earth 
With constellation and with continent, 
Above an entry: riding in, we called; 
A plump-armed Ostleress and a stable w...Read more of this...

by Walcott, Derek
...of the sun,
a light rain was falling, wih the sea calm.

Fall gently, rain, on the sea's upturned face
like a girl showering; make these islands fresh
as Shabine once knew them! Let every trace,
every hot road, smell like clothes she just press
and sprinkle with drizzle. I finish dream;
whatever the rain wash and the sun iron:
the white clouds, the sea and sky wih one seam,
is clothes enough for my nakedness.
Though my Flight never pass the incoming tide
of this ...Read more of this...

by Hopkins, Gerard Manley
...ver Jubilee. 


Five and twenty years have run
Since sacred fountains to the sun
 Sprang, that but now were shut,
Showering Silver Jubilee. 


Feasts, when we shall fall asleep,
Shrewsbury may see others keep;
 None but you this her true,
This her Silver Jubilee. 


Not today we need lament
Your wealth of life is some way spent:
 Toil has shed round your head
Silver but for Jubilee. 


Then for her whose velvet vales
Should have pealed with welcome, Wa...Read more of this...

by Plath, Sylvia
...e sleeping, like light on quiet water.
They are the real monks and nuns in their identical garments.
I see them showering like stars on to the world--
On India, Africa, America, these miraculous ones,
These pure, small images. They smell of milk.
Their footsoles are untouched. They are walkers of air.

Can nothingness be so prodigal?
Here is my son.
His wide eye is that general, flat blue.
He is turning to me like a little, blind, bright plant....Read more of this...

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