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Martial Short Poems

Famous Short Martial Poems. Short poetry by famous poet Martial. A collection of the all-time best Martial short poems

by Emily Dickinson
 A little Dog that wags his tail
And knows no other joy
Of such a little Dog am I
Reminded by a Boy

Who gambols all the living Day
Without an earthly cause
Because he is a little Boy
I honestly suppose --

The Cat that in the Corner dwells
Her martial Day forgot
The Mouse but a Tradition now
Of her desireless Lot

Another class remind me
Who neither please nor play
But not to make a "bit of noise"
Beseech each little Boy --

by Emily Dickinson
 The Day grew small, surrounded tight
By early, stooping Night --
The Afternoon in Evening deep
Its Yellow shortness dropt --
The Winds went out their martial ways
The Leaves obtained excuse --
November hung his Granite Hat
Upon a nail of Plush --

by Andrew Marvell
 Verses to accompany a portrait of Cromwell

Bright Martial Maid, Queen of the frozen zone, 
The northern pole supports thy shining throne.
Behold what furrows age and steel can plough; The helmet's weight oppressed this wrinkled brow.
Through fate's untrodden paths I move; my hands Still act my free-born people's bold commands; Yet this stern shade, to you submits his frowns, Nor are these looks always severe to crowns.

by Robert Louis Stevenson
 Bring the comb and play upon it! 
Marching, here we come! 
Willie cocks his highland bonnet, 
Johnnie beats the drum.
Mary Jane commands the party, Peter leads the rear; Feet in time, alert and hearty, Each a Grenadier! All in the most martial manner Marching double-quick; While the napkin, like a banner, Waves upon the stick! Here's enough of fame and pillage, Great commander Jane! Now that we've been round the village, Let's go home again.

by Emily Dickinson
 Bless God, he went as soldiers,
His musket on his breast --
Grant God, he charge the bravest
Of all the martial blest!

Please God, might I behold him
In epauletted white --
I should not fear the foe then --
I should not fear the fight!

by Ben Jonson

Martial, thou gav'st far nobler epigrams
To thy DOMITIAN, than I can my JAMES :
But in my royal subject I pass thee,
Thou flatter'dst thine, mine cannot flatter'd be.

by Robert Burns
 O THOU whom Poetry abhors,
Whom Prose has turnèd out of doors,
Heard’st thou yon groan?—proceed no further,
’Twas laurel’d Martial calling murther.

by Emily Dickinson
 My friend attacks my friend!
Oh Battle picturesque!
Then I turn Soldier too,
And he turns Satirist!
How martial is this place!
Had I a mighty gun
I think I'd shoot the human race
And then to glory run!

by Emily Dickinson
 The Sun kept stooping -- stooping -- low!
The Hills to meet him rose!
On his side, what Transaction!
On their side, what Repose!

Deeper and deeper grew the stain
Upon the window pane --
Thicker and thicker stood the feet
Until the Tyrian

Was crowded dense with Armies --
So gay, so Brigadier --
That I felt martial stirrings
Who once the Cockade wore --

Charged from my chimney corner --
But Nobody was there!

by Emily Dickinson
 Who is it seeks my Pillow Nights --
With plain inspecting face --
"Did you" or "Did you not," to ask --
'Tis "Conscience" -- Childhood's Nurse --

With Martial Hand she strokes the Hair
Upon my wincing Head --
"All" Rogues "shall have their part in" what --
The Phosphorous of God --

by Emily Dickinson
 Their Barricade against the Sky
The martial Trees withdraw
And with a Flag at every turn
Their Armies are no more.
What Russet Halts in Nature's March They indicate or cause An inference of Mexico Effaces the Surmise -- Recurrent to the After Mind That Massacre of Air -- The Wound that was not Wound nor Scar But Holidays of War

by Emily Dickinson
 Like her the Saints retire,
In their Chapeaux of fire,
Martial as she!

Like her the Evenings steal
Purple and Cochineal
After the Day!

"Departed" -- both -- they say!
gathered away, Not found, Argues the Aster still -- Reasons the Daffodil Profound!