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James A Emanuel Short Poems

Famous Short James A Emanuel Poems. Short poetry by famous poet James A Emanuel. A collection of the all-time best James A Emanuel short poems

by James A Emanuel
 Four-letter word JAZZ:
naughty, sexy, cerebral,
but solarplexy.

by James A Emanuel
 He dug what she said:
bright jellies, smooth marmalade
spread on warm brown bread.
"Jazz" from drowsy lips orchids lift to honeybees floating on long sips.
"Jazz": quick fingerpops pancake on a griddle-top of memories.
"Jazz": mysterious as nutmeg, missing fingers, gold, Less serious.
"Jazz": cool bannister.
Don't need no stair.
Ways to climb when the sax is there.

by James A Emanuel
My friends do not know.
But what could my friends not know? About what? What friends? II She sleeps late each day, stifling each reason to rise, choked into the quilt.
III "I'll never find work.
" She swallows this thought with pills, finds tears in the glass.

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by James A Emanuel
 Lid's on, steam's risin':
collard greens, Lord, bubblin' JAZZ!
That's appetizin'.

by James A Emanuel
 EVERYTHING is jazz:
snails, jails, rails, tails, males, females,
snow-white cotton bales.
Knee-bone, thigh, hip-bone.
Jazz slips you percussion bone classified "unknown.
" Slick lizard rhythms, cigar-smoke tunes, straight-gin sky laced with double moons.
Second-chance rhythms, don't-give-up riffs: jazz gets HIGH off can'ts, buts, and ifs.

by James A Emanuel
 Stairstep music: ups,
downs, Bill Robinson smiling,
jazzdancing the rounds.
She raised champagne lips, danced inside banana hips.
All Paris wooed Jo.
Banana panties, perfumed belt, Jazz tatooing lush ecstasies felt.
Josephine, royal, jewelling her dance, flushing the bosom of France.

by James A Emanuel
 A little bit of fool in me
Hides behind my inmost tree
And pops into the narrow path
I walk blindfolded by my wrath
Or shrunken by some twist of pain,
Some hope that will not wind again.
He ogles with his antic eyes and somersaults a you're-not-wise Until the patches in his pants Go colorwheeling through my glance So fast that I cannot recall That I was mad or sad at all.
A little bit of fool in me Keeps evergreen my inmost tree.

by James A Emanuel
 Satchmo's warm burlap,
Duke's cool cashmere: fine fabrics
make your love "Come here!"

by James A Emanuel
 To every man
His treehouse,
A green splice in the humping years,
Spartan with narrow cot
And prickly door.
To every man His twilight flash Of luminous recall of tiptoe years in leaf-stung flight; of days of squirm and bite that waved antennas through the grass; of nights when every moving thing was girlshaped, expectantly turning.
To every man His house below And his house above— With perilous stairs Between.

by James A Emanuel
 In tight pants, tight skirts,
Stretched or squeezed,
Youth hurts,
Crammed in, bursting out,
Flesh will sing
And hide its doubt
In nervous hips, hopping glance,
Usurping rouge,
Provoking stance.
Put off, or put on, Youth hurts.
And then It's gone.

by James A Emanuel
 There ain't NO-BO-DY
can dance like THAT, 'cept them twins
Jazzlene and Jazzphat.

by James A Emanuel
 Pin- La- SCATS :
 ball dy
tis- tas- bumps
 ket raps ket, back.
yel- bas- Wins low ket.

by James A Emanuel
 « I sing the LORD'S songs »
(palms once tough to stay alive,
alarm clock on five).
Cinnamon cheeks, Lord, cornbread smile.
SONGS feed your ribs when you're hungry, chile.
Washboard certainties, soldierly grace, text and style in her brimming face.
Your hand on your heart, her voice in your ear: pilgrim, rest easy.
Sit here.

by James A Emanuel
 Once Ugly Duckling,
rich plumage grew.
Poised, Bird flew.
Flocks followed.
Me too.

by James A Emanuel
 "Love Supreme," JA-A-Z train,
prompt lightning-express, but made ALL local stops.

by James A Emanuel
 Always searching, may you find;
if you run-down,
may you wind;
every year
may you grow
reaping only
what you sow
sowing only in the seed
what will ripen into need
what will sweeten to the touch
seeming little, being much.
May your playmates be a song, may your friends just skip along laughing you into their game letting you remain the same in their hearts and on their lips even when their fingertips have to let you go your way— glad they saw Alix today.

Book: Shattered Sighs