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Best Famous James A Emanuel Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous James A Emanuel poems. This is a select list of the best famous James A Emanuel poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous James A Emanuel poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of james a emanuel poems.

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Four-Letter Word

 Four-letter word JAZZ:
naughty, sexy, cerebral,
but solarplexy.

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 When three, he fished these lakes,
Curled sleeping on a lip of rock,
Crib blankets tucked from ants and fishbone flies,
Twitching as the strike of bass and snarling reel
Uncoiled my shouts not quit
Till he jerked blinking up on all-fours,
Swaying with the winking leaves.
Strong awake, he shook his cane pole like a spoon And dipped among the wagging perch Till, tired, he drew his silver rubber blade And poked the winding fins that tugged our string, Or sprayed the dimpling minnows with his plastic gun, Or, rainstruck, squirmed to my armpit in the poncho.
Then years uncurled him, thinned him hard.
Now, far he cast his line into the wrinkled blue And easy toes a rock, reel on his thigh Till bone and crank cry out the strike He takes with manchild chuckles, cunning In his play of zigzag line and plunging silver.
Now fishing far from me, he strides through rain, shoulders A spiny ridge of pines, and disappears Near lakes that cannot be, while I must choose To go or stay: bring blanket, blade, and gun, Or stand a fisherman.
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Im A Jazz Singer She Replied

 He dug what she said:
bright jellies, smooth marmalade
spread on warm brown bread.
"Jazz" from drowsy lips orchids lift to honeybees floating on long sips.
"Jazz": quick fingerpops pancake on a griddle-top of memories.
"Jazz": mysterious as nutmeg, missing fingers, gold, Less serious.
"Jazz": cool bannister.
Don't need no stair.
Ways to climb when the sax is there.
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Poet As Fisherman

 I fish for words
to say what I fish for,
half-catch sometimes.
I have caught little pan fish flashing sunlight (yellow perch, crappies, blue-gills), lighthearted reeled them in, filed them on stringers on the shore.
A nice mess, we called them, and ate with our fingers, laughing.
Once, dreaming of fish in far-off waters, I hooked a two-foot carp in Michigan, on nylon line so fine a fellow-fisher shook his head: "He'll break it, sure; he'll roll on it and get away.
" A quarter-hour it took to bring him in; back-and-forth toward my net, syllable by syllable I let him have his way till he lay flopping on the grass— beside no other, himself enough in size: he fed the three of us (each differently) new strategies of hook, leader, line, and rod.
Working well, I am a deep-water man, a "Daredevil" silver wobbler my lure for lake trout in midsummer.
Oh, I have tried the moon, thermometers— the bait and time and place all by the rule— fishing for the masterpiece, the imperial muskellunge in Minnesota, the peerless pike in Canada.
I have propped a well-thumbed book against the butt of my favorite rod and fished from my heart.
Yet, for my labors, all I have to show are tactics, lore— so little I know of that pea-sized brain I am casting for, to think it could swim with the phantom-words that lure me to this shore.
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For A Depressed Woman

My friends do not know.
But what could my friends not know? About what? What friends? II She sleeps late each day, stifling each reason to rise, choked into the quilt.
III "I'll never find work.
" She swallows this thought with pills, finds tears in the glass.

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 Lid's on, steam's risin':
collard greens, Lord, bubblin' JAZZ!
That's appetizin'.
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 EVERYTHING is jazz:
snails, jails, rails, tails, males, females,
snow-white cotton bales.
Knee-bone, thigh, hip-bone.
Jazz slips you percussion bone classified "unknown.
" Slick lizard rhythms, cigar-smoke tunes, straight-gin sky laced with double moons.
Second-chance rhythms, don't-give-up riffs: jazz gets HIGH off can'ts, buts, and ifs.
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Emmett Till *

 I hear a whistling
Through the water.
Little Emmett Won't be still.
He keeps floating Round the darkness, Edging through The silent chill.
Tell me, please, That bedtime story Of the fairy River Boy Who swims forever, Deep in treasures, Necklaced in A coral toy.
* In 1955, Till, a fourteen-year-old from Chicago, for allegedly whistling at a white woman in Mississippi, was murdered by white men who tied a gin mill fan around his neck and threw his body into the Tallahatchie River.
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Bojangles And Jo

 Stairstep music: ups,
downs, Bill Robinson smiling,
jazzdancing the rounds.
She raised champagne lips, danced inside banana hips.
All Paris wooed Jo.
Banana panties, perfumed belt, Jazz tatooing lush ecstasies felt.
Josephine, royal, jewelling her dance, flushing the bosom of France.
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A Fool For Evergreen

 A little bit of fool in me
Hides behind my inmost tree
And pops into the narrow path
I walk blindfolded by my wrath
Or shrunken by some twist of pain,
Some hope that will not wind again.
He ogles with his antic eyes and somersaults a you're-not-wise Until the patches in his pants Go colorwheeling through my glance So fast that I cannot recall That I was mad or sad at all.
A little bit of fool in me Keeps evergreen my inmost tree.