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Famous Short Auhad-Uddin Ali Anwari Poems

Famous Short Auhad-Uddin Ali Anwari Poems. Short Auhad-Uddin Ali Anwari Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Auhad-Uddin Ali Anwari short poems

by Auhad-uddin Ali Anwari
The mosque no more admits the pious race;
Constrain'd, they yield to beasts the holy place,
A stable now, where dome nor porch is found:
Nor can the savage for proclaim his reign,
For Khorasania's criers all are slain,
And all her pulpits levelled with the ground.

by Auhad-uddin Ali Anwari
Waft, gentle gale, oh waft to Samarcand,
When next thou visitest that blissful land,
The plaint of Khorasania plunged in woe:
Beart to Turania's King our piteous scroll,
Whose opening brathes forth all the anguished soul,
And close denotes what all the tortur'd know.