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Famous Short Death Poems

Famous Short Death Poems. Short Death Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Death short poems

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Death | Short Famous Poems and Poets

by Emily Dickinson

Soul take thy risk

 Soul, take thy risk.
With Death to be Were better than be not With thee

by Kobayashi Issa

A bath when youre born

 His death poem:

 A bath when you're born,
 a bath when you die,
 how stupid.

by Rg Gregory

conturbat me

 martin’s death
has made me scared
of the old bat
that clings to the eaves
waiting to enter the house

by Emily Dickinson

Love -- is anterior to Life --

 Love -- is anterior to Life --
Posterior -- to Death --
Initial of Creation, and
The Exponent of Earth --

by Francesco Petrarch


[Pg 232]


by Walt Whitman


 WHAT are those of the known, but to ascend and enter the Unknown? 
And what are those of life, but for Death?

by Emily Dickinson

Triumph -- may be of several kinds

 Triumph -- may be of several kinds --
There's Triumph in the Room
When that Old Imperator -- Death --
By Faith

by Emily Dickinson

Witchcraft has not a Pedigree

 Witchcraft has not a Pedigree
'Tis early as our Breath
And mourners meet it going out
The moment of our death --

by Kobayashi Issa

Windy fall

 At my daughter's grave, thirty days
after her death:

 Windy fall--
 these are the scarlet flowers
 she liked to pick.

by Robert Burns

47. Epitaph on a Noisy Polemic

 BELOW thir stanes lie Jamie’s banes;
 O Death, it’s my opinion,
Thou ne’er took such a bleth’rin bitch
 Into thy dark dominion!

by Friedrich von Schiller

The Genius With The Inverted Torch

 Lovely he looks, 'tis true, with the light of his torch now extinguished;
But remember that death is not aesthetic, my friends!

by J R R Tolkien


 When the black breath blows,
And death's shadow grows,
Come Athelas! Come Athelas!
Life to the dying,
In the king's hand lying!

by Emily Dickinson

The first We knew of Him was Death --

 The first We knew of Him was Death --
The second -- was -- Renown --
Except the first had justified
The second had not been.

by Robert Burns

121. Epitaph on 'Wee Johnnie'

 WHOE’ER thou art, O reader, know
 That Death has murder’d Johnie;
An’ here his body lies fu’ low;
 For saul he ne’er had ony.

by William Morris


 I am Day; I bring again
Life and glory, Love and pain:
Awake, arise! from death to death
Through me the World's tale quickeneth.

by William Morris


 I am Night: I bring again
Hope of pleasure, rest from pain:
Thoughts unsaid 'twixt Life and Death
My fruitful silence quickeneth.

by Robert Burns

35. Epitaph on William Hood Senior

 HERE Souter Hood in death does sleep;
 To hell if he’s gane thither,
Satan, gie him thy gear to keep;
 He’ll haud it weel thegither.

by Ben Jonson

Of Death

He that fears death, or mourns it, in the just,
Shews of the Resurrection little trust.

by Walter Savage Landor

Death Stands Above Me Whispering Low

 Death stands above me, whispering low 
I know not what into my ear:
Of his strange language all I know 
Is, there is not a word of fear.

by Robert Burns

187. Epigram on Parting with a kind Host in the Highlands

 WHEN Death’s dark stream I ferry o’er,
 (A time that surely shall come,)
In Heav’n itself I’ll ask no more,
 Than just a Highland welcome.

by Stevie Smith

My Heart Was Full

 My heart was full of softening showers,
I used to swing like this for hours,
I did not care for war or death,
I was glad to draw my breath.

by Robert Burns

457. Epitaph on Wm. Graham Esq. of Mossknowe

 “STOP thief!” dame Nature call’d to Death,
As Willy drew his latest breath;
How shall I make a fool again?
My choicest model thou hast ta’en.

by Emily Dickinson

Absence disembodies -- so does Death

 Absence disembodies -- so does Death
Hiding individuals from the Earth
Superposition helps, as well as love --
Tenderness decreases as we prove --

by Emily Dickinson

A Death blow is a Life blow to Some

 A Death blow is a Life blow to Some
Who till they died, did not alive become --
Who had they lived, had died but when
They died, Vitality begun.

by Paul Celan


 tall poplars -- human beings of this earth!
black pounds of happiness -- you mirror them to death!

I saw you, sister, stand in that effulgence.