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Famous Shit Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Shit poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous shit poems. These examples illustrate what a famous shit poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Bukowski, Charles" 
"You don't need one. You have everything you need, George." 
"I'm just a flunkey. All the **** jobs." 
"I said you have everything you need, George. You know how to make a woman
"Yes. And you know what else? His mother came around! His mother! Two or three
times a week. And she'd sit there looking at me, pretending to like me but all the time
she was treating me like I was a whore. Like I was a big bad who...Read more of this...

by Pinter, Harold
It works.
We blew the **** out of them.

We blew the **** right back up their own ass
And out their fucking ears.

It works.
We blew the **** out of them.
They suffocated in their own ****!

Praise the Lord for all good things.

We blew them into fucking ****.
They are eating it.

Praise the Lord for all good things.

We blew their ...Read more of this...

by Estep, Maggie
...ays, "what the hell you got growing outta
your head there, what is that, hair implants? Yuck, you want me to touch
that ****, whadya got in there, sandwiches?"

I just go: "I'm sorry."

She starts snipping my carefully cultivated Johnny Lydon post-Pistols hairdo.
My foul little dreadlocks are flying around all over the place but I'm
not looking in the mirror cause I just don't want to know.

"So what's your name anyway?" My stylist demands then.
"Uh, Maggie.Read more of this...

by Gregory, Rg
...nding-still or
stopping-by no take a little time

and see what blossoms here - we're into
poetry in motion and all that ****
and i can accept it all - what stirs
the surface of the ocean ignores
the depths - what talks the hindlegs off
the day can't murder dreams - that's not
to say the depths and dreams aren't there
for those who need them - it's commonplace

they hold the keystones of our lives
i fear something else much deeper
the diabolical self-deceiving
(wilful destruct...Read more of this...

by Bukowski, Charles
...if somebody treats you
rotten it all fits,
doesn't it?
tell me, is that it? do you want to be treated like a 
piece of ****?
and my son, my son was going to meet you.
I told my son
and I dropped all my lovers.
I stood up in a cafe and screamed
and now you've made a fool of me. . .
I'm sorry, I said, I'm really sorry.
hold me, she said, will you please hold me?
I've never been in one of these things before, I said,
these triangles. .Read more of this...

by John, David St
..., smooth and shining, as
The liquor slowly blanketed the pills
She'd slipped beneath her tongue.
Maestro'd kick the **** out of anybody
Who tried to sneak up for an autograph;
He'd say, Jordan, just let me know if
 Somebody gets too close....
Then he'd turn to her and whisper, Here's
 Where you get to be Miss Nobody...
And she'd smile as she let him
Kiss her hand. For a while, there was a singer
At the club, a guy named Louis--
But Maestro'...Read more of this...

by Brautigan, Richard
...had seen them on the road

and, of course they were gone, but as we drove on up the

road, we just kept fellowing sheep ****. It was ahead of us

for the next mile.

I kept looking down on the meadow by the Little Smokey,

hoping to see the sheep down there, but there wasn't a sheep

in sight. only the **** in front of us on the road.

 As if it were a game invented by the spincter muscle, we

knew what the score was. shaking our heads side to side,

waiti...Read more of this...

by Ginsberg, Allen
...Millions of babies watching the skies
Bellies swollen, with big round eyes
On Jessore Road--long bamboo huts
Noplace to **** but sand channel ruts

Millions of fathers in rain
Millions of mothers in pain
Millions of brothers in woe
Millions of sisters nowhere to go

One Million aunts are dying for bread
One Million uncles lamenting the dead
Grandfather millions homeless and sad
Grandmother millions silently mad

Millions of daughters walk in the mud
Millions of children wash ...Read more of this...

by Ammons, A R
...You'll rejoice at how many kinds of **** there are:
gosling **** (which J. Williams said something
was as green as), fish **** (the generality), trout

****, rainbow trout **** (for the nice), mullet ****,
sand dab ****, casual sloth ****, elephant ****
(awesome as process or payload), wildebeest ****,

horse **** (a favorite), caterpillar **** (so many dark
kinds, neatly pelleted as mint ...Read more of this...

by Bukowski, Charles

we have everything and we have nothing --
days with glass edges and the impossible stink
of river moss -- worse than ****;
checkerboard days of moves and countermoves,
fagged interest, with as much sense in defeat as
in victory; slow days like mules
humping it slagged and sullen and sun-glazed
up a road where a madman sits waiting among
bluejays and wrens netted in and sucked a flakey
good days too of wine and shouting, fights
in alleys, fat legs of women strivin...Read more of this...

by Estep, Maggie
God, you know I'm kinda sick of you
I mean, what's so great about you
How come you got on TV
I could do that
You ain't ****
You suck
I hate you
but I love you
I love you because I hate you
Can I have your children?
Will you shack up with me?

Oh sure
I'll shack up with you
I love stalkers
Especially when they hate me
But you knew that 
That's why you stalk me
You're not fooled by my clever ruse
***** goddess? I think not
I'm just a sucker for punishment
So punish me
Spank m...Read more of this...

by Cheney-Coker, Syl
...only capable of so much history:
Noah's monologue, the Middle Passage's cargoes,
Darwin's examination of the turtle's ****,
the remains of the Titanic, and a diver's story
about how the coelacanth was recaptured.
Anything else is only a fractured chela
we cannot preserve, once the sea's belly
has washed itself clean of our century's blight.
Throbbing, the sea's breasts will console some orphans,
but Sierra Leone won't be worth a raped woman's cry,
despite he...Read more of this...

by Ammons, A R the glow-blue

bodies and gold-skeined wings of flies swarming the dumped
guts of a natural slaughter or the coil of **** and in no
way winces from its storms of generosity; when you consider

that air or vacuum, snow or shale, squid or wolf, rose or lichen,
each is accepted into as much light as it will take, then
the heart moves roomier, the man stands and looks about, the

leaf does not increase itself above the grass, and the dark
work of the deepest cells is of a tune...Read more of this...

by Levine, Philip
 the road stopped. I was nervous 
 and couldn't eat. Thomas took 
 over, told us when to think 
 and when to ****. 
 We turned north and reached Blida 
 by first dawn and the City 

 by morning, having dumped our 
 weapons beside an empty 
 road. We were free. 
 We parted, and to this hour 
 I haven't seen them, except 
 in photographs: the black hair 
 and torn features 
 of Thomas Delain captured 
 a moment before his death 

 on the pages of the worl...Read more of this...

by Walcott, Derek
...a dinosaur caked with primordial ooze
by the lightning of flashbulbs sinking in wealth,
that I said: "Shabine, this is ****, understand!"
But he get somebody to kick my crutch out his office
like I was some artist! That ***** was so grand,
couldn't get off his high horse and kick me himself.
I have seen things that would make a slave sick
in this Trinidad, the Limers' Republic.

I couldn't shake the sea noise out of my head,
the shell of my ears sang Maria Concepcion...Read more of this...

by Knight, Etheridge
...ll sting.
You are all of seventeen and as alone now
In your pain as you were with the sting
On your brow.
Well, ****. lil sis, here we are:
You and I and this poem. 
And what should I do? should I squat
In the dust and make strange markings on the ground?
Shall I chant a spell to drive the demon away?
(Run sister run—the Bugga man comes!)

In the beginning you were the Virgin Mary,
And you are the Virgin Mary now.
But somewhere between Nazareth and Bethleh...Read more of this...

by Levis, Larry
...ew gusts of yellowing leaves across the road.
The goats I passed were thin, gray; their hind legs,
Caked with dried ****, seesawed along--
Not even mild contempt in their expressionless,
Pale eyes, & their brays like the scraping of metal.
Except for one village that had a kind
Of museum where I stopped to rest, & saw
A dead Scythian soldier under glass,
Turning to dust while holding a small sword
At attention forever, there wasn't much to look at.
Wind, leaves, g...Read more of this...

by Hughes, Ted

Worse iron is waiting. Power-lift kneels
Levers awake imprisoned deadweight,
Shackle-pins bedded in cast-iron cow-****.
The blind and vibrating condemned obedience
Of iron to the cruelty of iron,
Wheels screeched out of their night-locks - 

Among the tormented
Tonnage and burning of iron 

Weeping in the wind of chloroform 

And the tractor, streaming with sweat,
Raging and trembling and rejoicing....Read more of this...

by Harrison, Tony a worked-out pit.
Subsidence makes the obelisks all list.
One leaning left's marked ****, one right's marked ****
sprayed by some peeved supporter who was pissed.

Far-sighted for his family's future dead,
but for his wife, this banker's still alone
on his long obelisk, and doomed to head
a blackened dynasty of unclaimed stone,

now graffitied with a crude four-letter word.
His children and grandchildren went away
and never came back home to be interred,
so...Read more of this...

by Issa, Kobayashi
...Writing **** about new snow
for the rich
is not art....Read more of this...

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