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Famous Shaky Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Shaky poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous shaky poems. These examples illustrate what a famous shaky poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Paterson, Andrew Barton
...her rail, 
The inside rail or outside -- which you choose 
Is good enough for me" -- which settled Ike. 
For he was shaky since he near got killed 
From being sent a buster on the rail, 
When some chap bumped his horse and fetched him down 
At Stony Bridge; so Ikey thought it best 
To leave this bloke alone, and I agreed. 

So all the books was layin' six to four 
Against the favourite, and the amateur 
Was walking this Enchantress up and down, 
And me and Smithy back...Read More

by Levine, Philip
...ent on unraveling what is not there? Remember 
when you were only six and on especially hot days you 
would descend the shaky steps to the cellar hoping at first 
that someone, perhaps your mother, would gradually 
become aware of your absence and feel a sudden seizure 
of anxiety or terror. Of course no one noticed. Mother 
sat for hours beside the phone waiting, and now and then 
gazed at summer sunlight blazing through the parlor curtains 
while below, cool and alo...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel,
By her white, uplifting,
Royal romance-fire.

Though the tin piano
Snarls its tango rude,
Though the chairs are shaky
And the dramas crude,
Solemn are her motions,
Stately are her wiles,
Filling oafs with wisdom,
Saving souls with smiles;
'Mid the restless actors 
She is rich and slow.
She will stand like marble,
She will pause and glow,
Though the film is twitching,
Keep a peaceful reign,
Ruler of her passion,
Ruler of our pain!...Read More

by Bidart, Frank
...rder of the universe"

--does he will 
anything reversed?

 I look at my father:
as he drinks his way into garrulous, shaky
defensiveness, the debris of the past
is just debris--; whatever I reason, it is a desolation
to watch...

must I watch?
He will not change; he does not want to change;

every defeated gesture implies
the past is useless, irretrievable...
--I want to change: I want to stop fear's subtle

guidance of my life--; but, how can I do ...Read More

by Laurence Dunbar, Paul
...Bones a-gittin' achy,
Back a-feelin' col',
Han's a-growin' shaky,
Jes' lak I was ol'.
Fros' erpon de meddah
Lookin' mighty white;
Snowdraps lak a feddah
Slippin' down at night.
Jes' keep t'ings a-hummin'
Spite o' fros' an' showahs,
Chrismus is a-comin'
An' all de week is ouahs.
Little mas' a-axin',
"Who is Santy Claus?"
Meks it kin' o' taxin'
Not to brek de laws.
Chillun 's pow'ful tryin'
To a pusson'...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...ut Clancy gazed down his trousers at the place where his toes had been,
 And then he howled like a husky, and sang in a shaky key: 

"When I go back to the old love that's true to the finger-tips, 
I'll say: `Here's bushels of gold, love,' and I'll kiss my girl on the lips;
It's yours to have and to hold, love.' It's the proud, proud boy I'll be,
When I go back to the old love that's waited so long for me."...Read More

by Berryman, John
...: we must, owing to chiefly shame
lacing our pride, down what we did. A mile,
a mile to Avalon.

Stuffy & lazy, shaky, making roar
overseas presses, he quit wondering:
the mystery is full.
Sire, damp me down. Me feudal O, me yore
(male Muse) serf, if anyfing;
which rank I pull....Read More

by Snyder, Gary
...and their moments—
Crackling bacon, slamming car doors,
Poems tried out on friends,
Will be one more archive,
One more shaky text.

But life continues in the kitchen
Where we still laugh and cook,
Watching snow....Read More

by Bidart, Frank
...e was happy.
 She was twenty-five years younger than him:
she had lots of little kids, and I don't know why,
I felt shaky ...

 I stopped in front of the address; and
snuck up to the window to look in ...
 --There he was, a kid
six months old on his lap, laughing
and bouncing the kid, happy in his old age
to play the papa after years of sleeping around,--
it twisted me up ...
 To think that what he wouldn't give me,
 he wanted to give t...Read More

by Baudelaire, Charles
...r lip in scorn be curled, 
`Self and Pelf', my friend, remember, that's the motto of the world. 

`Ne'er assail the shaky ladders Fame has from her niches hung, 
Lest unfriendly heels above you grind your fingers from the rung; 
Or the fools who idle under, envious of your fair renown, 
Heedless of the pain you suffer, do their worst to shake you down. 
At the praise of men, or censure, let your lip in scorn be curled, 
`Self and Pelf', my friend, remember, is the mot...Read More

by Clark, Badger
    As an antelope at play,
  And her eyes were gray and tender
    As the east at break o' day,
  And I sure was shaky hearted
    And her flower face was pale
  On that silver night we parted,
    When I sang along the trail:

      _Oh, moon above the pine,_
    _Like the matin' birds in Springtime,_
      _I will twitter while you shine._
    _Rich as ore with gold a-glowin',_
    _Sweet as sparklin' springs a-flowin',_
    _Stron...Read More

by Lowell, Robert
... Cock of the walk,
I strut in my turtle-necked French sailor's jersey
before the metal shaving mirrors,
and see the shaky future grow familiar
in the pinched, indigenous faces
of these thoroughbred mental cases,
twice my age and half my weight.
We are all old-timers,
each of us holds a locked razor....Read More

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