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Famous Sculls Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Sculls poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous sculls poems. These examples illustrate what a famous sculls poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Allingham, William
...s in the salmon-boat to haul a net upon the shores; 
And this way to his home-creek, when the summer day is done, 
Slow sculls the weary fisherman across the setting sun; 
While green with corn is Sheegus Hill, his cottage white below; 
But gray at every season is Abbey Assaroe. 

There stood one day a poor old man above its broken bridge; 
He heard no running rivulet, he saw no mountain-ridge; 
He turn'd his back on Sheegus Hill, and view'd with misty sight 
The Abbey wa...Read More

by Killigrew, Anne
None o're the Cursed Beach e're crost, 
Unless the Robb'd, the Wrack'd, or Lost
 Where on the Strand lye spread, 
 The Sculls of many Dead. 
 Their mingl'd Bones, 
 Among the Stones, 
 Thy Wretched Feet must tread. 
 The Trees along the Coast, 
Stretch forth to Heaven their blasted Arms, 
As if they plaind the North-winds harms, 
 And Youthful Verdure lost. 
There stands a Grove of Fatal Ewe, 
Where Sun nere pierc't, nor Wind ere blew. 
 In it a Bro...Read More

by Milton, John fry innumerable swarm, and shoals 
Of fish that with their fins, and shining scales, 
Glide under the green wave, in sculls that oft 
Bank the mid sea: part single, or with mate, 
Graze the sea-weed their pasture, and through groves 
Of coral stray; or, sporting with quick glance, 
Show to the sun their waved coats dropt with gold; 
Or, in their pearly shells at ease, attend 
Moist nutriment; or under rocks their food 
In jointed armour watch: on smooth the seal 
And bende...Read More

by Hopkins, Gerard Manley
...ou'll dart the skiff?— 
Each sport has here its tackle and tool:
Come, plant the staff by Cadair cliff;
Come, swing the sculls on Penmaen Pool. 

What's yonder?— Grizzled Dyphwys dim:
The triple-hummocked Giant's stool,
Hoar messmate, hobs and nobs with him
To halve the bowl of Penmaen Pool. 

And all the landscape under survey,
At tranquil turns, by nature's rule,
Rides repeated topsyturvy
In frank, in fairy Penmaen Pool. 

And Charles's Wain, the wondrous seven,...Read More

by Edgar, Marriott
...pence in t'bargain I'll pay". 

T'were money for nothing. Ted answered: "Right-ho", 
And Father got hold of the sculls. 
With the sharp end of boat towards middle of stream,
He were there in a couple of pulls. 

He got Mother out -- it were rather a job, 
With the water, she weighed half a ton -- 
Then, pushing the oar down the side of the boat, 
Started fishing around for his son. 

When poor little Albert came up to the top, 
His collars were soggy and l...Read More

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