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Russell Edson Poems

A collection of select Russell Edson famous poems that were written by Russell Edson or written about the poet by other famous poets. PoetrySoup is a comprehensive educational resource of the greatest poems and poets on history.

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by Edson, Russell
 Out of nothing there comes a time called childhood, which 
is simply a path leading through an archway called 
adolescence. A small town there, past the arch called youth.
...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 A man had a son who was an anvil. And then sometimes 
he was an automobile tire.
 I do wish you would sit still, said the father.
 Sometimes his...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 Since the fern can't go to the sink for a drink of
water, I graciously submit myself to the task, bringing two
glasses from the sink.
 And so we sit, the...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 We bought an electric monkey, experimenting rather 
recklessly with funds carefully gathered since 
grandfather's time for the purchase of a steam monkey. 

We had either, by this time, the...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 You haven't finished your ape, said mother to father, 
who had monkey hair and blood on his whiskers.

 I've had enough monkey, cried father.

 You didn't eat the hands,...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 The big one went to sleep as to die and dreamed he
became a tiny one. So tiny as to have lost all substance. To have
become as theoretical as a...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 A man is bringing a cup of coffee to his face, 
tilting it to his mouth. It's historical, he thinks. 
He scratches his head: another historical event. 
He really...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 The floor is something we must fight against. 
Whilst seemingly mere platform for the human 
stance, it is that place that men fall to.
 I am not dizzy. I...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 An old woman likes to melt her husband. She puts him in
a melting device, and he pours out the other end in a hot
bloody syrup, which she catches in...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 There was once a hog theater where hogs performed 
as men, had men been hogs.

 One hog said, I will be a hog in a field which has 
found...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 A toy-maker made a toy wife and a toy child. 
He made a toy house and some toy years.

 He made a getting-old toy, and he made a dying...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 A man had just delivered a toad from his wife's armpit. He 
held it by its legs and spanked it. 

 Do you love it? said his wife. 

...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 Some coffee had gotten on a man's ape. The man said, 
animal did you get on my coffee? 

No no, whistled the ape, the coffee got on me. 

You're...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 They have little use. They are best as objects of torment.
No government cares what you do with them.

Like birds, and yet so human . . .
They mate by briefly...Read More

by Edson, Russell
 A man is a rock in a garden of chairs and waits 
for a longtime to be over.

 It is easier for a rock in a garden than a...Read More