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Famous Right On Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Right On poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous right on poems. These examples illustrate what a famous right on poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Davidson, John
...t her face,
Her eyes like ghostly candles shone;
She cast dread looks about the place,
Then clenched her teeth and read right on.

'I may not pass the prison door;
Here must I rot from day to day,
Unless I wed whom I abhor,
My cousin, Blanche of Valencay.

'At midnight with my dagger keen,
I'll take my life; it must be so.
Meet me in hell to-night, my queen,
For weal and woe.'

She laughed although her face was wan,
She girded on her golden belt,
She took her ...Read More

by Frost, Robert
...p on it the way I always do 
When I'm with people I don't trust at night." 
"Will you believe me if I put it there 
Right on the counterpane--that I do trust you?" 
"You'd say so, Mister Man.--I'm a collector. 
My ninety isn't mine--you won't think that. 
I pick it up a dollar at a time 
All round the country for the Weekly News, 
Published in Bow. You know the Weekly News?" 
"Known it since I was young." 
"Then you know me. 
Now we are getting on ...Read More

by Shakespeare, William
...the spheres intend;
Sometime diverted their poor balls are tied
To the orbed earth; sometimes they do extend
Their view right on; anon their gazes lend
To every place at once, and, nowhere fix'd,
The mind and sight distractedly commix'd.

Her hair, nor loose nor tied in formal plat,
Proclaim'd in her a careless hand of pride
For some, untuck'd, descended her sheaved hat,
Hanging her pale and pined cheek beside;
Some in her threaden fillet still did bide,
And true to bonda...Read More

by Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
...attered who the pilot is
of Air Force One
(They're interchangeable, stupid!)
While this bird with two right wings
flies right on with its corporate flight crew
And this year its the Great Movie Cowboy in the cockpit
And next year its the great Bush pilot
And now its the Chameleon Kid
and he keeps changing the logo on his captains cap
and now its a donkey and now an elephant
and now some kind of donkephant
And now we recognize two of the crew
who took out a contract on America...Read More

by Petrarch, Francesco dark and dangerous vale,Where we our own, the primal sin deplore,Right on shall guide her, from her old chains freed,And, without let or fail,Where havens her best hope, to the true East shall lead. Haply the suppliant tears of pious men,Their earnest vows and loving prayers at lastRead More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
...ould march again, but probably
Such yielding would have jeopardized the rhythm; 
They found it more melodious to shout 
Right on, with unmolested adoration, 
To keep the tune as it had always been, 
To trust in God, and let the Captain starve.

He must have understood that afterwards— 
When we had laid some fuel to the spark 
Of him, and oxidized it—for he laughed 
Out loud and long at us to feel it burn, 
And then, for gratitude, made game of us:
“You are the resurrectio...Read More

by Mansfield, Katherine
...Now this is the story of Olaf
Who ages and ages ago
Lived right on the top of a mountain,
A mountain all covered with snow.

And he was quite pretty and tiny
With beautiful curling fair hair
And small hands like delicate flowers--
Cheeks kissed by the cold mountain air.

He lived in a hut made of pinewood
Just one little room and a door
A table, a chair, and a bedstead
And animal skins on the floor.

No...Read More

by Nemerov, Howard with the sounds of things.

He asked himself, poor moron, because he had
Nobody else to ask. The others went right on
Talking about form, talking about myth
And the (so help us) need for a modern idiom;
The verseballs among them kept counting syllables.

So there he was, this forty-year-old teen-ager
Dreaming preposterous mergers and divisions
Of vowels like water, consonants like rock
(While everybody kept discussing values
And the need for values), for words ...Read More

by Sexton, Anne
...still human,
cooked also with little maggots,
sewn onto it maybe by somebody's mother,
the damn *****!

Even so,
I kept right on going on,
a sort of human statement,
lugging myself as if
I were a sawed-off body
in the trunk, the steamer trunk.
This became perjury of the soul.
It became an outright lie
and even though I dressed the body
it was still naked, still killed.
It was caught
in the first place at birth,
like a fish.
But I play it, dressed it up,
dresse...Read More

by Field, Eugene the treacherous reeds would foil my just designs;
But whether hooks or lines or reeds were actually to blame,
I kept right on at losing all the monsters just the same--
I never lost a little fish--yes, I am free to say
It always was the biggest fish I caught that got away.

And so it was, when later on, I felt ambition pass
From callow minnow joys to nobler greed for pike and bass;
I found it quite convenient, when the beauties wouldn't bite
And I returned all bootless...Read More

by Brautigan, Richard
...straight back from

the stream. You'll see a bunch of our trucks parked on a

road by the railroad tracks. Turn right on the road and fol-

low it down past the piles of lumber. The animal shed's right

at the end of the lot. "

 "Thanks, " I said. "I think I'11 look at the waterfalls first.

You don't have to come with me. Just tell me how to get there

and I'11 find my own way.

 "All right, " he said. "Go up those stairs. You'll see ...Read More

by Brautigan, Richard
...m enthusiastically. The camp had a beautiful

view of the mountains. We found a place that really looked

good, right on the lake.

 Unit 4 had a stove. It was a square metal box mounted on

a cement block. There was a stove pipe on top of the box,

but there were no bullet holes in the pipe. I was amazed. Al-

most all the camp stoves we had seen in Idaho had been full

of bullet holes. I guess it's only reasonable that people,

when they get ...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton wind, and wait 
Till an opening came -- and it always came -- and I settled 'em, sure as fate; 
Left on the ribs and right on the jaw -- and, when the chance comes, make sure! 
And it's there a professional bloke like me gets home on an amateur: 
For it's my experience every day, and I make no doubt it's yours, 
That a third-class pro is an over-match for the best of the amateurs --" 
"Oh, take your swag to the travellers' hut," said Smith, "for you waste your breath; 
You...Read More

by Lehman, David
...ulling on a Chesterfield. Everyone laughed, except T. S. Eliot. 

I asked for directions. "You turn right on Gertrude Stein,
then bear left. Three streetlights down you hang a Phil Levine 
and you're there," Jim said. When I arrived I saw Ted Berrigan 
with cigarette ash in his beard. Graffiti about Anne Sexton
decorated the men's room walls. Beth had bought a quart of Walt 
Donna looked blank. "Walt who?" The name didn't...Read More

by Chesterton, G K with bloody spear
Went Elf roaring and routing,
And Mark against Elf yet shouting,
Shocked, in his mid-career.

Right on the Roman shield and sword
Did spear of the Rhine maids run;
But the shield shifted never,
The sword rang down to sever,
The great Rhine sang for ever,
And the songs of Elf were done.

And a great thunder of Christian men
Went up against the sky,
Saying, "God hath broken the evil spear
Ere the good man's blood was dry."

"Spears at the charg...Read More

by Frost, Robert
...o our liberal youth. 
You know they suffered from a general onslaught. 
And well, if they weren't true why keep right on 
Saying them like the heathen? We could drop them. 
Only--there was the bonnet in the pew. 
Such a phrase couldn't have meant much to her. 
But suppose she had missed it from the Creed 
As a child misses the unsaid Good-night, 
And falls asleep with heartache--how should I feel? 
I'm just as glad she made me keep hands off, 
For, dear me...Read More

by Scott, Sir Walter
...g before them in their course
     The relics of the archer force,
     Like wave with crest of sparkling foam,
     Right onward did Clan-Alpine come.
          Above the tide, each broadsword bright
          Was brandishing like beam of light,
               Each targe was dark below;
          And with the ocean's mighty swing,
          When heaving to the tempest's wing,
               They hurled them on the foe.
     I heard the lance's shivering crash,
   ...Read More

by Frost, Robert
...been on the sides 
Deer-hunting and trout-fishing. There's a brook 
That starts up on it somewhere--I've heard say 
Right on the top, tip-top--a curious thing. 
But what would interest you about the brook, 
It's always cold in summer, warm in winter. 
One of the great sights going is to see 
It steam in winter like an ox's breath, 
Until the bushes all along its banks 
Are inch-deep with the frosty spines and bristles-- 
You know the kind. Then let the sun shi...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...A tree 
Was half-disrooted from his place and stooped 
To wrench his dark locks in the gurgling wave 
Mid-channel. Right on this we drove and caught, 
And grasping down the boughs I gained the shore. 

There stood her maidens glimmeringly grouped 
In the hollow bank. One reaching forward drew 
My burthen from mine arms; they cried 'she lives:' 
They bore her back into the tent: but I, 
So much a kind of shame within me wrought, 
Not yet endured to meet her openin...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey preve. --
But, herte myn, what al this is to seyne
Shal wel be told, so that ye noght yow greve,
Though I to yow right on your-self compleyne. 
For ther-with mene I fynally the peyne,
That halt your herte and myn in hevinesse,
Fully to sleen, and every wrong redresse.

'My goode, myn, not I for-why ne how
That Ialousye, allas! That wikked wivere, 
Thus causelees is cropen in-to yow;
The harm of which I wolde fayn delivere!
Allas! That he, al hool, or of him sli...Read More

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