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Famous Reveries Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Reveries poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous reveries poems. These examples illustrate what a famous reveries poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Yeats, William Butler
 I. Ancestral Houses

Surely among a rich man's flowering lawns,
Amid the rustle of his planted hills,
Life overflows without ambitious pains;
And rains down life until the basin spills,
And mounts more dizzy...Read More

by Lazarus, Emma

A dream of interlinking hands, of feet 
Tireless to spin the unseen, fairy woof 
Of the entangling waltz. Bright eyebeams meet, 
Gay laughter echoes from the vaulted roof. 
Warm...Read More

by Yeats, William Butler

I walk through the long schoolroom questioning;
A kind old nun in a white hood replies;
The children learn to cipher and to sing,
To study reading-books and histories,
To cut and sew,...Read More

by Pound, Ezra
 "Vocat aestus in umbram" 
Nemesianus Es. IV. 

E. P. Ode pour l'élection de son sépulchre 

For three years, out of key with his time,
He strove to resuscitate the dead...Read More

by Lazarus, Emma

Blue storm-clouds in hot heavens of mid-July 
Hung heavy, brooding over land and sea: 
Our hearts, a-tremble, throbbed in harmony 
With the wild, restless tone of air and...Read More

by Yeats, William Butler
 Shepherd. That cry's from the first cuckoo of the year.
I wished before it ceased.

Goatherd. Nor bird nor beast
Could make me wish for anything this day,
Being old, but that the...Read More

by Pound, Ezra
 For three years, out of key with his time,
He strove to resuscitate the dead art
Of poetry; to maintain "the sublime"
In the old sense. Wrong from the start--

No, hardly, but...Read More

by Seeger, Alan
 There is a power whose inspiration fills 
Nature's fair fabric, sun- and star-inwrought, 
Like airy dew ere any drop distils, 
Like perfume in the laden flower, like aught 
Unseen...Read More

by Delville, Jean
Becalmed the profane noise of the crowd.
Toward the risen Moon, the symbolic Bronzes
Curve, in the blue night, their antique nudity
In the sphinx-like majesty of attitudes.

A dream of incense symphonies the...Read More

by Hardy, Thomas
 Long have I framed weak phantasies of Thee, 
 O Willer masked and dumb! 
 Who makest Life become, - 
As though by labouring all-unknowingly, 
 Like one whom...Read More

by Service, Robert William
 Tell me, Tramp, where I may go
To be free from human woe;
Say where I may hope to find
Ease of heart and peace of mind;
Is thee not some isle you...Read More

by Hugo, Victor
 ("Si je n'était captive.") 
 {IX., July, 1828.} 

 Oh! were I not a captive, 
 I should love this fair countree; 
 Those fields with maize abounding,...Read More

by Dowson, Ernest
 With delicate, mad hands, behind his sordid bars,
Surely he hath his posies, which they tear and twine;
Those scentless wisps of straw, that miserably line
His strait, caged universe, whereat the...Read More

by Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
 Last night I knelt low at my lady’s feet.
One soft, caressing hand played with my hair, 
And one I kissed and fondled. Kneeling there, 
I deemed my meed of...Read More

by Hugo, Victor
 ("Vous eûtes donc hier un an.") 
 {September, 1870.} 

 You've lived a year, then, yesterday, sweet child, 
 Prattling thus happily! So fledglings wild, 
 New-hatched in...Read More

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