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Famous Open Arms Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Open Arms poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous open arms poems. These examples illustrate what a famous open arms poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...r rod;
 There Learning, with his eagle eyes,
Seeks Science in her coy abode.

Thy sons, Edina, social, kind,
 With open arms the stranger hail;
Their views enlarg’d, their liberal mind,
 Above the narrow, rural vale:
 Attentive still to Sorrow’s wail,
Or modest Merit’s silent claim;
 And never may their sources fail!
And never Envy blot their name!

Thy daughters bright thy walks adorn,
 Gay as the gilded summer sky,
Sweet as the dewy, milk-white thorn,
 Dear as the rap...Read More

by Melville, Herman
...of rebels fled.

But some who gained the envied Alp,
And -eager, ardent, earnest there - 
Dropped into Death's wide-open arms,
Quelled on the wing like eagles struck in air - 
Forever they slumber young and fair,
The smile upon them as they died;
Their end attained, that end a height:
Life was to these a dream fulfilled,
And death a starry night....Read More

by Pope, Alexander
...Sheffield read,
Ev'n mitred Rochester would nod the head,
And St. John's self (great Dryden's friends before)
With open arms receiv'd one poet more.
Happy my studies, when by these approv'd!
Happier their author, when by these belov'd!
From these the world will judge of men and books,
Not from the Burnets, Oldmixons, and Cookes.

Soft were my numbers; who could take offence,
While pure description held the place of sense?
Like gentle Fanny's was my flow'ry theme,...Read More

by Campbell, Thomas
...degrave come to tell!"
A burst of joy the father's lips declare!
But Gertrude speechless on his bosom fell;
At once his open arms embraced the pair,
Was never group more blest in this wide world of care.

"And will ye pardon then (replied the youth)
Your Waldegrave's feign'd name, and false attire?
I durst not in the neighborhood, in truth,
The very fortunes of your house inquire;
Lest one that knew me might some tidings dire
Impart, and I my weakness all betray,
For had ...Read More

by Verhaeren, Emile returned from false and dim distances to the fragrant spring that bore sway in us, and I remained a captive in your open arms....Read More

by Graves, Robert
...e piccolo 
To charm the people as we go. 

The jolly peasants clad in furs 
Will greet the Welch-ski officers 
With open arms, and ere we pass
Will make us vocal with Kavasse. 
In old Bagdad we’ll call a halt 
At the S?shuns’ ancestral vault; 
We’ll catch the Persian rose-flowers’ scent, 
And understand what Omar meant.
Bitlis and Mush will know our faces, 
Tiflis and Tomsk, and all such places. 
Perhaps eventually we’ll get 
Among the Tartars of Thibet. 
...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...ll, all, toward the mystic Ocean tending. 

(O yearnful waves! the kisses of your lips! 
Your breast so broad, with open arms, O firm, expanded shore!)...Read More

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