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Famous Mole Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Mole poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous mole poems. These examples illustrate what a famous mole poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Brodsky, Joseph
...the diary And the beads of quick
words scatter over his spouse's sepia-shaded face
adding the date in question like a mole to her lovely cheek.
Next the snapshot of his sister. He doesn't spare his kin:
what's been reached is the highest possible latitude!
And like the silk stocking of a burlesque half-nude
queen it climbs up his thigh: gangrene....Read More

by Smart, Christopher
...rbulent profound 
 Shoots xiphias to his aim.

Strong is the lion—like a coal 
His eyeball—like a bastion's mole
 His chest against his foes: 
Strong, the gier-eagle on his sail, 
Strong against tide, th'enormous whale 
 Emerges as he goes. 

But stronger still in earth and air, 
And in the sea, the man of pray'r; 
 And far beneath the tide; 
And in the seat to faith assign'd, 
Where ask is have, where seek is find, 
 Where knock is open wide. 

 ...Read More

by Browning, Robert
...Weareth at whiles for an enchanter's robe 
The eyed skin of a supple oncelot; 
And hath an ounce sleeker than youngling mole, 
A four-legged serpent he makes cower and couch, 
Now snarl, now hold its breath and mind his eye, 
And saith she is Miranda and my wife: 
'Keeps for his Ariel a tall pouch-bill crane 
He bids go wade for fish and straight disgorge; 
Also a sea-beast, lumpish, which he snared, 
Blinded the eyes of, and brought somewhat tame, 
And split its toe-webs, an...Read More

by Keats, John
..., the berries at his head.

Who hath not loiter'd in a green church-yard,
And let his spirit, like a demon-mole,
Work through the clayey soil and gravel hard,
To see skull, coffin'd bones, and funeral stole;
Pitying each form that hungry Death hath marr'd,
And filling it once more with human soul?
Ah! this is holiday to what was felt
When Isabella by Lorenzo knelt.

She gaz'd into the fresh-thrown mould, as though
One glance did fully all its secret...Read More

by Smart, Christopher
...edary -- the zeal for the glory of God is excellence, and to bear his burden is grace. 

Let Zadoc worship with the Mole -- before honour is humility, and he that looketh low shall learn. 

Let Gad with the Adder bless in the simplicity of the preacher and the wisdom of the creature. 

Let Tobias bless Charity with his Dog, who is faithful, vigilant, and a friend in poverty. 

Let Anna bless God with the Cat, who is worthy to be presented before the throne of ...Read More

by Milton, John
...then springs as broke from bonds, 
And rampant shakes his brinded mane; the ounce, 
The libbard, and the tiger, as the mole 
Rising, the crumbled earth above them threw 
In hillocks: The swift stag from under ground 
Bore up his branching head: Scarce from his mould 
Behemoth biggest born of earth upheaved 
His vastness: Fleeced the flocks and bleating rose, 
As plants: Ambiguous between sea and land 
The river-horse, and scaly crocodile. 
At once came forth whatever cre...Read More

by Milton, John
And with Asphaltick slime, broad as the gate, 
Deep to the roots of Hell the gathered beach 
They fastened, and the mole immense wrought on 
Over the foaming deep high-arched, a bridge 
Of length prodigious, joining to the wall 
Immoveable of this now fenceless world, 
Forfeit to Death; from hence a passage broad, 
Smooth, easy, inoffensive, down to Hell. 
So, if great things to small may be compared, 
Xerxes, the liberty of Greece to yoke, 
From Susa, his Memnonian p...Read More

by Hacker, Marilyn

The pain and fear some courage extinguished
at disaster's denouement come back
daily, banal: is that brownish-black
mole the next chapter? Was the ache enmeshed
between my chest and armpit when I washed
rogue cells' new claw, or just a muscle ache?
I'm not yet desperate enough to take
comfort in being predeceased: the anguish
when the Harlem doctor, the Jewish dancer,
die of AIDS, the Boston seminary's
dean succumbs "after brief illness" to cancer.
I like mossed slabs...Read More

by Sexton, Anne
And I say only 
with my arms stretched out into that stone place, 
what is your death 
but an old belonging, 
a mole that fell out 
of one of your poems? 
(O friend, 
while the moon's bad, 
and the king's gone, 
and the queen's at her wit's end 
the bar fly ought to sing!) 
O tiny mother, 
you too! 
O funny duchess! 
O blonde thing!...Read More

by Whittier, John Greenleaf
Of the tenants of the wood;
How the tortoise bears his shell,
How the woodchuck digs his cell,
And the ground-mole sinks his well;
How the robin feeds her young,
How the oriole's nest is hung;
Where the whitest lilies blow,
Where the freshest berries grow,
Where the ground-nut trails its vine,
Where the wood-grape's clusters shine;
Of the black wasp's cunning way,
Mason of his walls of clay,
And the architectural plans
Of gray hornet artisans!
For, eschewing books a...Read More

by Dove, Rita a shudder of brushed steel.
We kissed.Then I leaned back to peruse
my blighted child, this wary aristocratic mole.

"How's business?" I asked, and hazarded
a motherly smile to keep from crying out:
Are you content to conduct your life
as a cliché and, what's worse,

an anachronism, the brooding artist's demimonde?
Near the rue Princesse they had opened 
a gallery cum souvenir shop which featured
fuzzy off-color Monets next to his acrylics, no doubt,

plus beare...Read More

by Lanier, Sidney
Since Milton, yet some register of wit
Wanting; -- all, all, I pardon, ere 'tis asked,
Your more or less, your little mole that marks
You brother and your kinship seals to man.

But Thee, but Thee, O sovereign Seer of time,
But Thee, O poets' Poet, Wisdom's Tongue,
But Thee, O man's best Man, O love's best Love,
O perfect life in perfect labor writ,
O all men's Comrade, Servant, King, or Priest, --
What `if' or `yet', what mole, what flaw, what lapse,
What least defect ...Read More

by Goldsmith, Oliver has its play,
The soul adopts, and owns their first-born sway;
Lightly they frolic o'er the vacant mind,
Unenvied, unmolested, unconfined:
But the long pomp, the midnight masquerade,
With all the freaks of wanton wealth arrayed,
In these, ere triflers half their wish obtain,
The toiling pleasure sickens into pain;
And, even while fashion's brightest arts decoy,
The heart distrusting asks, if this be joy.

Ye friends to truth, ye statesmen, who survey
The rich man's joy...Read More

by Masefield, John

All earthly things that bless?d morning 
Were everlasting joy and warning, 
The gate was Jesus'way made plain, 
the mole was Satan foiled again, 
black blinded Satan snouting way 
Along the red of Adam's clay; 
The mist was error and damnatiion, 
The lane the road unto salvation. 
Out of the mist into the light, 
O bless?d gift of inner sight. 
The past was faded like a dream; 
There come the jingling of a team, 
A ploughman's voice, a clink of chain, 
Slow hoofs,...Read More

by Berry, Wendell
...seen the light lie down
in the dung heap, and rise again in the corn.
His thought passes along the row ends like a mole.
What miraculous seed has he swallowed
That the unending sentence of his love flows out of his mouth
Like a vine clinging in the sunlight, and like water
Descending in the dark?...Read More

by Browning, Robert
...p or swim or fly or run,
After me so as you never saw!
And I chiefly use my charm
On creatures that do people harm,
The mole and toad and newt and viper;
And people call me the Pied Piper."
(And here they noticed round his neck
A scarf of red and yellow stripe,
To match with his coat of the selfsame cheque;
And at the scarf's end hung a pipe;
And his fingers, they noticed, were ever straying
As if impatient to be playing
Upon this pipe, as low it dangled
Over his vesture ...Read More

by Petrarch, Francesco
...prive the soaring soulOf her bright world of hope beyond the pole;A mole-ey'd race their hapless guide pursued,And blindly still the vain assault renew'd.Dark Metrodorus next sustain'd the cause,With Aristippus, true to Pleasure's laws.Chrysippus next his subtle web disposed:Zeno alternate spread ...Read More

by Davidson, John to be bossed:
I face the music, sir; you bet I ain't a cur;
Strike me lucky if I don't believe I'm lost!

For like a mole I journey in the dark,
A-travelling along the underground
From my Pillar'd Halls and broad Suburbean Park,
To come the daily dull official round;
And home again at night with my pipe all alight,
A-scheming how to count ten bob a pound.

And it's often very cold and very wet,
And my missus stitches towels for a hunks;
And the Pillar'd Halls is half o...Read More

by Keats, John
...breeding many woes; 10 
Save me from curious conscience that still lords 
Its strength for darkness burrowing like a mole; 
Turn the key deftly in the oil¨¨d wards  
And seal the hush¨¨d casket of my soul. ...Read More

by Cullen, Countee
...I doubt not God is good, well-meaning, kind
And did He stoop to quibble could tell why
The little buried mole continues blind,
Why flesh that mirrors Him must some day die,
Make plain the reason tortured Tantalus
Is baited by the fickle fruit, declare
If merely brute caprice dooms Sisyphus
To struggle up a never-ending stair.
Inscrutable His ways are, and immune
To catechism by a mind too strewn
With petty cares to slightly understand
What awful brain compe...Read More

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