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Famous Lie Low Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Lie Low poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous lie low poems. These examples illustrate what a famous lie low poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Brontë, Emily
...I see around me tombstones grey
Stretching their shadows far away.
Beneath the turf my footsteps tread
Lie low and lone the silent dead -
Beneath the turf - beneath the mould -
Forever dark, forever cold -
And my eyes cannot hold the tears
That memory hoards from vanished years
For Time and Death and Mortal pain
Give wounds that will not heal again -
Let me remember half the woe
I've seen and heard and felt below,
And Heaven itself - so pure and blest,
Could ...Read More

by Watts, Isaac
Let the firm earth and rolling sea
In this eternal song conspire.

Ye flowery plains, proclaim his skill;
Valleys, lie low before his eye;
And let his praise from every hill
Rise tuneful to the neighb'ring sky.

Ye stubborn oaks, and stately pines,
Bend your high branches and adore:
Praise him, ye beasts, in diff'rent strains;
The lamb must bleat, the lion roar.

Birds, ye must make his praise your theme;
Nature demands a song from you;
While the dumb fish that c...Read More

by Petrarch, Francesco
...SPAN>When Phœbus vainly follow'd her on earth. I shall lie low in earth, in crumbling wood.And clustering stars shall gem the noon of day,Ere on so sweet a dawn shall rise that sun. Macgregor.  Each creature on whose wakeful eyesRead More

by Melville, Herman
...Foeman at morn, but friends at eve -
Fame or country least their care:
(What like a bullet can undeceive!)
But now they lie low,
While over them the swallows skim,
And all is hushed at Shiloh....Read More

by Moore, Thomas
...(Time -- the Ninth Century)

To-morrow, comrade, we 
On the battle-plain must be, 
There to conquer, or both lie low! 
The morning star is up -- 
But there's wine still in the cup, 
And we'll take another quaff, ere we go, boy, go; 
We'll take another quaff, ere we go. 

'Tis true, in manliest eyes 
A passing tear will rise, 
When we think of the friends we leave lone; 
But what can wailing do? 
See, our goblet's weeping too! 
With its tears we'll chase away ou...Read More

by Laurence Dunbar, Paul
...l wind and the rain laughed loudly,
We'll bury them deep, they said,
And the old tree grieves, and the little leaves
Lie low, all chilled and dead.
...Read More

by Ammons, A R
nook and cranny not overhung or hidden; when you consider

that birds' bones make no awful noise against the light but
lie low in the light as in a high testimony; when you consider
the radiance, that it will look into the guiltiest

swervings of the weaving heart and bear itself upon them,
not flinching into disguise or darkening; when you consider
the abundance of such resource as illuminates the glow-blue

bodies and gold-skeined wings of flies swarming the dumped
guts of...Read More

by Service, Robert William
Them cows what nibbles up the grass, jest nibbles up the gold.
We're blasted, bloomin' millionaires; dissemble an' lie low:
We'll follow them gold-bearin' cows, an' prospect where they go."

An' so it came to pass, fer weeks them miners might be found
A-sneakin' round on Riley's ranch, an' snipin' at the ground;
Till even Riley stops an' stares, an' presently allows:
"Them boys appear to take a mighty interest in cows."
An' night an' day they shadowed each aurife...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel
...HE flower-fed buffaloes of the spring
In the days of long ago,
Ranged where the locomotives sing
And the prarie flowers lie low:
The tossing, blooming, perfumed grass
Is swept away by wheat,
Wheels and wheels and wheels spin by
In the spring that still is sweet.
But the flower-fed buffaloes of the spring
Left us long ago,
They gore no more, they bellow no more
They trundle around the hills no more: --
With the Blackfeet lying low,
With the Pawnee lying low,
Lying low....Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel
...of all. 
And every fairy loved her, 
In our ancestral hall.

Alice has a prarie grave. 
The King and Queen lie low, 
And aged Grandma Silver Dreams, 
Four toombstones in a row. 
But still in snow and sunshine 
Stands our ancestral hall.

Agate is the dome, 
Cornelian the wall. 
And legends walk about, 
And proverbs, with proud airs. 
Ghouls are in the cellar, 
But fays upon the stairs....Read More

by Jackson, Helen Hunt
No answer stirs the shining air, 
As I ask, "Where?" 

Beneath the glossy leaves of winter-green 
Dead lilly-bells lie low, and in their place 
A rounded disk of pearly pink is seen, 
Which tells not of the lily's fragrant grace: 
No answer stirs the shining air, 
As I ask, "Where?" 

This morning's sunrise does not show to me 
Seed-film or fruit of my sweet yesterday; 
Like falling flowers, to realms I cannot see 
Its moments floated silently away: 
No answer stirs the ...Read More

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