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Famous Katherine Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Katherine poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous katherine poems. These examples illustrate what a famous katherine poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Mansfield, Katherine
Outside the sky is light with stars; 
There's a hollow roaring from the sea. 
And, alas! for the little almond flowers, 
The wind is shaking the almond tree. 

How little...Read More

by Mansfield, Katherine
 I will think no more of the sea! Of the big green waves And the hollowed
shore, Of the brown rock caves No more, no more Of the swell and...Read More

by Philips, Katherine
 Wee falsely think it due unto our friends,
That we should grieve for their too early ends:
He that surveys the world with serious eys,
And stripps Her from her grosse and...Read More

by Jonson, Ben
  XIII. — EPISTLE TO KATHARINE LADY AUBIGNY.           As what they have lost t' expect, they dare deride. So both the prais'd and praisers suffer ; yet, For others ill ought...Read More

by Mansfield, Katherine
 Come, let us all sing very high
And all sing very loud
And keep on singing in the street
Until there's quite a crowd;

And keep on singing in the house
And up and...Read More

by Mansfield, Katherine
 Now this is the story of Olaf
Who ages and ages ago
Lived right on the top of a mountain,
A mountain all covered with snow.

And he was quite pretty and tiny
With...Read More

by Collins, Billy
 I am standing on a disused iron bridge
that was erected in 1902,
according to the iron plaque bolted into a beam,
the year my mother turned one.
Imagine--a mother in her infancy,
and...Read More

by Mansfield, Katherine
 In the wide bed
Under the freen embroidered quilt
With flowers and leaves always in soft motion
She is like a wounded bird resting on a pool.

The hunter threw his dart
And hit...Read More

by Mansfield, Katherine
 In the middle of our porridge plates
There was a blue butterfly painted
And each morning we tried who should reach the
butterfly first.
Then the Grandmother said: "Do not eat the poor
That...Read More

by Eliot, George
 (For Katherine Bregy)

I went to gather roses and twine them in a ring,
For I would make a posy, a posy for the King.
I got an hundred roses, the loveliest...Read More

by Philips, Katherine
 Come, my Lucasia, since we see 
That miracles Men's Faith do move,
By wonder and by prodigy
To the dull angry World let's prove
There's a Religion in our Love. 

For Though...Read More

by Mansfield, Katherine
 The Half-Soled-Boots-With-Toecaps-Child
Walked out into the street
And splashed in all the pubbles till
She had such shocking feet

The Patent-Leather-Slipper-Child
Stayed quietly in the house
And sat upon the fender stool
As still as any...Read More

by Morris, William
 It is the longest night in all the year,
Near on the day when the Lord Christ was born;
Six hours ago I came and sat down here,
And ponder'd sadly, wearied...Read More

by Philips, Katherine
 Hence Cupid! with your cheating toys, 
Your real griefs, and painted joys, 
Your pleasure which itself destroys. 
Lovers like men in fevers burn and rave, 
And only what will...Read More

by Philips, Katherine
If honor to an ancient name be due,
Or riches challenge it for one that's new,
The British language claims in either sense
Both for its age, and for its opulence.
But all great...Read More

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