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Famous Jonah Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Jonah poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous jonah poems. These examples illustrate what a famous jonah poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Akhmatova, Anna
Copyright Anna Akhmatova
Copyright English translation by Ilya Shambat (

 * I * 

We thought we were beggars, we thought we had nothing at all
But then when we started to...Read More

by Burgess, Gelett
Which you 'll Regard with Yells and Whoops.
Futile Acumen! 
For you Yourselves are Doubtless Dupes
Of Failings Such as Mar these Groups --
We all are Human!

1...Read More

by Sexton, Anne
 My God, my God, what queer corner am I in? 
Didn't I die, blood running down the post, 
lungs gagging for air, die there for the sin 
of anyone,...Read More

by Graves, Robert
 A purple whale 
Proudly sweeps his tail 
Towards Nineveh; 
Glassy green 
Surges between
A mile of roaring sea. 

“O town of gold, 
Of splendour multifold, 
Lucre and lust, 
Leviathan’s eye
Can...Read More

by Sexton, Anne
 Some women marry houses.
It's another kind of skin; it has a heart, 
a mouth, a liver and bowel movements.
The walls are permanent and pink.
See how she sits on her...Read More

by Edgar, Marriott
 I'll tell you the story of Jonah,
A really remarkable tale;
A peaceful and humdrum existence he had
Until one day he went for a sail. 

The weather were grand when they...Read More

by Cowper, William
 (Genesis, xxii.14)

The saints should never be dismay'd,
Nor sink in hopeless fear;
For when they least expect His aid,
The Saviour will appear.

This Abraham found: he raised the knife;
God saw, and said,...Read More

by Sandburg, Carl
 IF I should pass the tomb of Jonah
I would stop there and sit for awhile;
Because I was swallowed one time deep in the dark
And came out alive after all.

If...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
 Come all you little rouseabouts and climb upon my knee; 
To-day, you see, is Christmas Day, and so it’s up to me 
To give you some instruction like—a kind...Read More

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