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Famous Goldfinch Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Goldfinch poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous goldfinch poems. These examples illustrate what a famous goldfinch poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Smart, Christopher
...ah rejoice with Chloris, in the vivacity of his powers and the beauty of his person. 

Let Gideoni rejoice with the Goldfinch, who is shrill and loud, and full withal. 

Let Giddalti rejoice with the Mocking-bird, who takes off the notes of the Aviary and reserves his own. 

Let Jogli rejoice with the Linnet, who is distinct and of mild delight. 

Let Benjamin bless and rejoice with the Redbird, who is soft and soothing. 

Let Dan rejoice with the Blackbir...Read more of this...

by Chaucer, Geoffrey


A prentice whilom dwelt in our city,
And of a craft of victuallers was he:
Galliard* he was, as goldfinch in the shaw**, *lively **grove
Brown as a berry, a proper short fellaw:
With lockes black, combed full fetisly.* *daintily
And dance he could so well and jollily,
That he was called Perkin Revellour.
He was as full of love and paramour,
As is the honeycomb of honey sweet;
Well was the wenche that with him might meet.
At every bridal wou...Read more of this...

by Mansfield, Katherine
...There was a man lived quite near us;
He had a wooden leg and a goldfinch in a green cage.
His name was Farkey Anderson,
And he'd been in a war to get his leg.
We were very sad about him,
Because he had such a beautiful smile
And was such a big man to live in a very small house.
When he walked on the road his leg did not matter
so much;
But when he walked in his little house
It made an ugly noise.
Little ...Read more of this...

by Swinburne, Algernon Charles
...f age
Took the mild chaplet woven of honored hours;
Nash, laughing hard; Lodge, flushed from lyric bowers;
And Lilly, a goldfinch in a twisted cage
Fed by some gay great lady's pettish page
Till short sweet songs gush clear like short spring showers;
Kid, whose grim sport still gamboled over graves;
And Chettle, in whose fresh funereal verse
Weeps Marian yet on Robin's wildwood hearse;
Cooke, whose light boat of song one soft breath saves,
Sighed from a maiden's amorous mouth...Read more of this...

by Goose, Mother
...nny Wren, if you will but be mine,You shall feed on cherry pie and drink new currant wine,I'll dress you like a goldfinch or any peacock gay,So, dearest Jen, if you'll be mine, let us appoint the day."Jenny blushed behind her fan and thus declared her mind:"Since, dearest Bob, I love you well, I'll take your offer kind.Cherry pie is very nice and so is currant wine,But I must wear my plain brown gown and never go too fine."...Read more of this...

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