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Famous Gelid Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Gelid poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous gelid poems. These examples illustrate what a famous gelid poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by de la Mare, Walter
...The abode of the nightingale is bare,
Flowered frost congeals in the gelid air,
The fox howls from his frozen lair:
Alas, my loved one is gone,
I am alone:
It is winter.

Once the pink cast a winy smell,
The wild bee hung in the hyacinth bell,
Light in effulgence of beauty fell:
I am alone:
It is winter.

My candle a silent fire doth shed,
Starry Orion hunts o'erhead;
Come moth, come shadow, the world is dead:
Alas, m...Read More

by Petrarch, Francesco
...R>Far distant from the sun's all-cheering ray,For ever wrapt in ice and gelid snows;There under cloudy skies, in stinted day,A people dwell, whose heart their clime outviesBy nature framed stern foemen of repose.Now new devotion in their bosom glows,With Gothic fury now they grasp the sword.Read More

by Marvell, Andrew

Tell me where I may pass the Fires
Of the hot day, or hot desires.
To what cool Cave shall I descend,
Or to what gelid Fountain bend?
Alas! I look for Ease in vain,
When Remedies themselves complain.
No moisture but my Tears do rest,
Nor Cold but in her Icy Breast.

How long wilt Thou, fair Shepheardess,
Esteem me, and my Presents less?
To Thee the harmless Snake I bring,
Disarmed of its teeth and sting.
To Thee Chameleons changing-hue,
And Oak leaves tipt ...Read More

by Ashbery, John
...iquid snow by now;
The Vyatka's ice-gray. The once-molten Tennessee s
Curdled. The Japurá is a pack of ice. Gelid
The Columbia's gray loam banks. The Don's merely
A giant icicle. The Niger freezes, slowly.
The interminable Lena plods on
But the Purus' mercurial waters are icy, grim
With cold. The Loing is choked with fragments of ice.
The Weser is frozen, like liquid air.
And so is the Kama. And the beige, thickly flowing
Tocantins....Read More

by Robinson, Mary Darby vapours rise, 
Float on the blast­or freeze amidst the skies: 
Or half congeal'd in flaky fragments glide 
Along the gelid mountain's breezy side; 
Or mingling with the waste of yielding snow, 
From the vast height in various currents flow. 

Now pale-ey'd MORNING, at thy soft command, 
O'er the rich landscape spreads her dewy hand: 
Swift o'er the plain the lucid rivers fly, 
Imperfect mirrors of the dappled sky: 
On the fring'd margin of the dimpling tide, 
Each od'r...Read More

by Hayden, Robert

Deep in the festering hold thy father lies, the corpse of mercy 
rots with him, rats eat love's rotten gelid eyes. But, oh, the 
living look at you with human eyes whose suffering accuses you, whose 
hatred reaches through the swill of dark to strike you like a leper's 
claw. You cannot stare that hatred down or chain the fear that stalks 
the watches and breathes on you its fetid scorching breath; cannot 
kill the deep immortal human wish, the timele...Read More

by Robinson, Mary Darby
Or, stretch'd upon the sea-beat shore, 
Let the wild winds, as they roar, 
Rock Thee on thy Bed of Stone; 
Or, in gelid caverns pent, 
Listen to the sullen moan 
Of subterranean winds;­or glut thy sight 
Where stupendous mountains rent 
Hurl their vast fragments from their dizzy height. 

At Thy approach the rifted Pine 
Shall o'er the shatter'd Rock incline, 
Whose trembling brow, with wild weeds drest, 
Frowns on the tawny EAGLE's nest; 
THERE enjoy the 'witching ...Read More

by Hayden, Robert
...Her sleeping head with its great gelid mass
of serpents torpidly astir
burned into the mirroring shield--
a scathing image dire
as hated truth the mind accepts at last
and festers on.
I struck. The shield flashed bare.

Yet even as I lifted up the head
and started from that place
of gazing silences and terrored stone,
I thirsted to destroy.
None could have passed me then--
n...Read More

by Service, Robert William I would be."
So greatly bold she slacked her hold
And launched on the laughing sea.

But when she got to the gelid deep
Where the waters swish and swing,
She began to know with a sense of woe
That a limpet's lot is to cling.
but she couldn't cling to a jelly fish,
Or clutch at a wastrel weed,
So she raised a cry as the waves went by,
but the waves refused to heed.

Then when she came to the glaucous deep
Where the congers coil and leer,
The flesh in her she...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...ak, barbarian pines;
The gray moss drapes us like sages, and closer we lock our lines,
And deeper we clutch through the gelid gloom where never a sunbeam shines.

On the flanks of the storm-gored ridges are our black battalions massed;
We surge in a host to the sullen coast, and we sing in the ocean blast;
From empire of sea to empire of snow we grip our empire fast.

To the niggard lands were we driven, 'twixt desert and floes are we penned;
To us was the Northland g...Read More

by Marvell, Andrew
...Elms they moan.
O why should such a Couple mourn,
That in so equal Flames do burn!

Then as I carless on the Bed
Of gelid Straw-berryes do tread,
And through the Hazles thick espy
The hatching Thrastles shining Eye,
The Heron from the Ashes top,
The eldest of its young lets drop,
As if it Stork-like did pretend
That Tribute to its Lord to send.

But most the Hewel's wonders are,
Who here has the Holt-felsters care.
He walks still upright from the Root,
Meas'ring t...Read More

by Service, Robert William or six or seven?
I think I would have made it more,--
 Even eleven.

'Gee! If she'd lured a guy like me
Into her gelid grot
I'd make that Belle Dame sans Merci
 Sure kiss a lot.

'Them poets have their little tricks;
I think John counted kisses for,
Not two or three or five or six
 To rhyme with "sore."'...Read More

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