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Famous Fair Enough Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Fair Enough poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous fair enough poems. These examples illustrate what a famous fair enough poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Frost, Robert
...t his thought,
And yet too ready to believe the most.

'Oh, that's the Paradise-in-bloom,' I said;
And truly it was fair enough for flowers
had we but in us to assume in march
Such white luxuriance of May for ours.

We stood a moment so in a strange world,
Myself as one his own pretense deceives;
And then I said the truth (and we moved on).
A young beech clinging to its last year's leaves....Read More

by Dyke, Henry Van
...redmen called 
Manhattan, lay above the bay: the land 
Around was bountiful and friendly fair. 
But never land was fair enough to hold 
The seaman from the calling of the sea. 
And so we bore to westward of the isle, 
Along a mighty inlet, where the tide
Was troubled by a downward-flowing flood 
That seemed to come from far away, -- perhaps 
From some mysterious gulf of Tartary? 

Inland we held our course; by palisades
Of naked rock where giants might have built 
Th...Read More

by Wordsworth, William
...  'Tis all thine own! and if its hue  Be changed, that was so fair to view,  'Tis fair enough for thee, my dove!  My beauty, little child, is flown;  But thou will live with me in love,  And what if my poor cheek be brown?  'Tis well for me, thou canst not see  How pale and wan it else would be.   Dread not their taunts, my little life! &nb...Read More

by Housman, A E
...Oh fair enough are sky and plain, 
But I know fairer far: 
Those are as beautiful again 
That in the water are; 

The pools and rivers wash so clean 
The trees and clouds and air, 
The like on earth was never seen, 
And oh that I were there. 

These are the thoughts I often think 
As I stand gazing down 
In act upon the cressy brink 
To strip and dive and d...Read More

by Jonson, Ben
...te, but of base stuff, Who, when you've burnt yourselves down to the snuff, Stink, and are thrown away. End fair enough. ...Read More

by Parker, Dorothy
...lidded Helen had

Eyes more blue than e'er the sky was;
Lalage's was subtler stuff;
Still, you used to think that I was
Fair enough.

Now you're casting yearning glances
At the pale Penelope;
Cutting in on Claudia's dances;
Taking Iris out to tea.
Iole you find warm-hearted;
Zoe's cheek is far from rough-
Don't you think it's time we parted? . . .
Fair enough!...Read More

by Hugo, Victor
 Grandees of Old Castile, 
 And maids of honor went to wed, 
 Somewhere in sweet Seville; 
 Not they for me were fair enough, 
 And so his Majesty 
 Declared his daughter—'tis no scoff! 
 My beauteous bride should be. 
 "A royal daughter!" think of that! 
 But I would never one. 
 I have a lass (I said it pat) 
 Who's not been bred like nun— 
 But, merry maid with eagle eye, 
 It's proud she smiles and bright, 
 And sings upon the cliff, to spy 
 My ship ...Read More

by Frost, Robert't you relieved to find he wasn't dead?" 
"No! and yet I don't know--it's hard to say. 
I went about to kill him fair enough." 
"You took an awkward way. Did he discharge you?" 
"Discharge me? No! He knew I did just right."...Read More

by Gordon, Adam Lindsay
...eaded Bluff; 
From the far side of the first hill, when the skies are clear and calm, 
You can see Sylvester's woolshed fair enough. 
Five miles we used to call it from our homestead to the place 
Where the big tree spans the roadway like an arch; 
'Twas here we ran the dingo down that gave us such a chase 
Eight years ago -- or was it nine? -- last March. 
'Twas merry in the glowing morn among the gleaming grass, 
To wander as we've wandered many a mile, 
And blow th...Read More

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