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Famous Epigram Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Epigram poems written by well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous epigram poems.

These examples illustrate what a famous epigram poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate). The poems may also contain the word 'epigram'.

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by Jonson, Ben
IX. ? TO ALL TO WHOM I WRITE.      May none whose scatter'd names honor my book, For strict degrees of rank or title look : 'Tis 'gainst the manners...Read More
by Service, Robert William
 I took a contract to bury the body of blasphemous Bill MacKie,
Whenever, wherever or whatsoever the manner of death he die--
Whether he die in the light o' day or...Read More
by Pope, Alexander
 I am his Highness' dog at Kew;
Pray tell me, sir, whose dog are you?...Read More
by Jonson, Ben
LXXIII. — TO FINE GRAND. What is't, FINE GRAND, makes thee my friendship fly, Or take an Epigram so fearfully, As 'twere a challenge, or a borrower's letter: The world must...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 I’M now arrived—thanks to the gods!—
 Thro’ pathways rough and muddy,
A certain sign that makin roads
 Is no this people’s study:
Altho’ Im not wi’ Scripture cram’d,
 I’m sure the...Read More
by Browning, Robert
 There's a palace in Florence, the world knows well, 
And a statue watches it from the square, 
And this story of both do our townsmen tell. 

Ages ago, a...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 EARTH’D up, here lies an imp o’ hell,
 Planted by Satan’s dibble;
Poor silly wretch, he’s damned himsel’,
 To save the Lord the trouble....Read More
by Schiller, Friedrich von
 Can I, my friend, with thee condole?--
Can I conceive the woes that try men,
When late repentance racks the soul
Ensnared into the toils of hymen?
Can I take part in such...Read More
by Browning, Robert
 There's a palace in Florence, the world knows well,
And a statue watches it from the square,
And this story of both do our townsmen tell.

Ages ago, a lady there,
At the...Read More
by Parker, Dorothy
 If, with the literate, I am
Impelled to try an epigram,
I never seek to take the credit;
We all assume that Oscar said it....Read More
by Raleigh, Sir Walter
 To Griggs, that learned man, in many a bygone session, 
His kids were his delight, and physics his profession;
Now Griggs, grown old and glum, and less intent on knowledge,
Physics...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 OF Lordly acquaintance you boast,
 And the Dukes that you dined wi’ yestreen,
Yet an insect’s an insect at most,
 Tho’ it crawl on the curl of a Queen!...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 ASK why God made the gem so small?
 And why so huge the granite?—
Because God meant mankind should set
 That higher value on it....Read More
by Burns, Robert
 YE hypocrites! are these your pranks?
To murder men and give God thanks!
Desist, for shame!—proceed no further;
God won’t accept your thanks for MURTHER...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 YE men of wit and wealth, why all this sneering
’Gainst poor Excisemen? Give the cause a hearing:
What are your Landlord’s rent-rolls?—Taxing ledgers!
What Premiers?—What ev’n Monarchs?—Mighty Gaugers!
Nay, what are Priests?...Read More
by Killigrew, Anne
 POsthumus boasts he does not Thunder fear, 
And for this cause would Innocent appear; 
That in his Soul no Terrour he does feel, 
At threatn'd Vultures, or Ixion's Wheel,...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 HERE lies a mock Marquis, whose titles were shamm’d,
If ever he rise, it will be to be damn’d....Read More
by Burns, Robert
 WE grant they’re thine, those beauties all,
 So lovely in our eye;
Keep them, thou eunuch, Cardoness,
 For others to enjoy!...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 MAXWELL, if merit here you crave,
 That merit I deny;
You save fair Jessie from the grave!—
 An Angel could not die!...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 IF you rattle along like your Mistress’ tongue,
 Your speed will outrival the dart;
But a fly for your load, you’ll break down on the road,
 If your stuff be...Read More
by Killigrew, Anne
 WE deem them moderate, but Enough implore, 
What barely will suffice, and ask no more: 
Who say, (O Jove) a competency give, 
Neither in Luxury, or Want we'd live....Read More
by Burns, Robert
 BLESS Jesus Christ, O Cardonessp,
 With grateful, lifted eyes,
Who taught that not the soul alone,
 But body too shall rise;
For had He said “the soul alone
 From death I...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 IN Politics if thou would’st mix,
And mean thy fortunes be;
Bear this in mind, be deaf and blind,
Let great folk hear and see....Read More
by Burns, Robert
 YE true “Loyal Natives” attend to my song
In uproar and riot rejoice the night long;
From Envy and Hatred your corps is exempt,
But where is your shield from the darts...Read More
by Burns, Robert
 HOW daur ye ca’ me “Howlet-face”?
 Ye blear-e’ed, withered spectre!
Ye only spied the keekin-glass,
 An’ there ye saw your picture....Read More
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