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Famous Cardinal Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Cardinal poems written by well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous cardinal poems.

These examples illustrate what a famous cardinal poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate). The poems may also contain the word 'cardinal'.

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by Lowell, Amy
 Paul Jannes was working very late,
For this watch must be done by eight
To-morrow or the Cardinal
Would certainly be vexed. Of all
His customers the old prelate
Was the most important, for...Read More
by Chaucer, Geoffrey

Experience, though none authority* *authoritative texts
Were in this world, is right enough for me
To speak of woe that is in marriage:
For, lordings, since I twelve year was...Read More
by Brooks, Gwendolyn
 To be in love 
Is to touch with a lighter hand. 
In yourself you stretch, you are well. 
You look at things 
Through his eyes. 
A cardinal is red....Read More
by Wilde, Oscar
 This English Thames is holier far than Rome,
Those harebells like a sudden flush of sea
Breaking across the woodland, with the foam
Of meadow-sweet and white anemone
To fleck their blue waves,...Read More
by Browning, Robert
 NO more wine? then we'll push back chairs and talk. 
A final glass for me, though: cool, i' faith! 
We ought to have our Abbey back, you see. 
It's...Read More
by Murray, Les
 To go home and wear shorts forever
in the enormous paddocks, in that warm climate,
adding a sweater when winter soaks the grass, 

to camp out along the river bends
for good,...Read More
by Piercy, Marge
 Purple as tulips in May, mauve 
into lush velvet, purple 
as the stain blackberries leave 
on the lips, on the hands, 
the purple of ripe grapes 
sunlit and warm...Read More
by Muldoon, Paul
 I am stretched out under the lean-to
Of an old tobacco-shed
On a farm in North Carolina.
A cardinal sings from the dogwood
For the love of marijuana.
His song goes over my head.
There...Read More
by Smart, Christopher
 For a Man is to be looked upon in that which he excells as on a prospect. 

For there be twelve cardinal virtues -- three to the East --...Read More
by Dickinson, Emily
 White as an Indian Pipe
Red as a Cardinal Flower
Fabulous as a Moon at Noon
February Hour --...Read More
by Brooks, Gwendolyn
 To be in love 
Is to touch with a lighter hand. 
In yourself you stretch, you are well. 
You look at things 
Through his eyes. 
A cardinal is red....Read More
by Lee, Li-Young
 I've pulled the last of the year's young onions. 
The garden is bare now. The ground is cold, 
brown and old. What is left of the day flames 
in...Read More
by Smart, Christopher
 For God has given us a language of monosyllables to prevent our clipping. 

For a toad enjoys a finer prospect than another creature to compensate his lack. 

Tho' toad...Read More
by Yeats, William Butler

Her Courtesy

With the old kindness, the old distinguished grace,
She lies, her lovely piteous head amid dull red hair
propped upon pillows, rouge on the pallor of her face.
She would not...Read More
by Bowers, Edgar
 Long days, short nights, this Southern summer 
Fixes the mind within its timeless place. 
 Athwart pale limbs the brazen hummer 
Hangs and is gone, warm sound its quickened...Read More
by Hardy, Thomas
 Here's one in whom Nature feared--faint at such vying - 
Eclipse while he lived, and decease at his dying....Read More
by Benet, Stephen Vincent
 Next, then, the peacock, gilt 
With all its feathers. Look, what gorgeous dyes 
Flow in the eyes! 
And how deep, lustrous greens are splashed and spilt 
Along the back,...Read More
by Dickinson, Emily
 Image of Light, Adieu --
Thanks for the interview --
So long -- so short --
Preceptor of the whole --
Coeval Cardinal --
Impart -- Depart --...Read More
by McGonagall, William Topaz
 Beautiful Hill o' Balgay,
With your green frees and flowers fair,
'Tis health for the old and young
For to be walking there,
To breathe the fragrant air
Emanating from the green bushes
And beautiful...Read More
by Tebb, Barry
 I was a good father to my people,

Their houses among the terraced hills

Adored God every day, grape-clusters on the vines

Made Christ’s blood richer in the goblet

My father gave me:...Read More
by Wilde, Oscar

The corn has turned from grey to red,
Since first my spirit wandered forth
From the drear cities of the north,
And to Italia's mountains fled.

And here I set my face towards...Read More
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