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Famous Bleeding Heart Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Bleeding Heart poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous bleeding heart poems. These examples illustrate what a famous bleeding heart poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Lawrence, D. H.
...Mournfully to and fro, to and fro the trees are waving; 
What did you say, my dear?
The rain-bruised leaves are suddenly shaken, as a child
Asleep still shakes in the clutch of a sob— 
Yes, my love, I hear.

One lonely bell, one only, the storm-tossed afternoon is braving,
Why not let it ring?
The roses lean down when they hear it, the tender, mild
Flo...Read More

by Sidney, Sir Philip
...le eagles beare,
Whose talons held young Ganimed aboue:
But in vert field Mars bare a golden speare,
Which through a bleeding heart his point did shoue:
Each had his creast; Mars carried Venus gloue,
Ioue on his helmet the thunderbolt did reare.
Cupid then smiles, for on his crest there lies
Stellas faire haire; her face he makes his shield,
Where roses gules are borne in siluer field.
Phoebus drew wide the curtaines of the skies,
To blaze these last, and sw...Read More

by Watts, Isaac my Lord refuse to come
To Zion's sacred chambers, where
My soul first drew the vital air.

He gives me there his bleeding heart,
Pierced for my sake with deadly smart;
I give my soul to him, and there
Our loves their mutual tokens share.]

I charge you, all ye earthly toys,
Approach not to disturb my joys;
Nor sin nor hell come near my heart,
Nor cause my Savior to depart....Read More

by Justice, Donald
...Jane looks down at her organdy skirt
As if it somehow were the thing disgraced,
For being there, on the floor, in the dirt,
And she catches it up about her waist,
Smooths it out along one hip,
And pulls it over the crumpled slip.

On the porch, green-shuttered, cool,
Asleep is Bertram that bronze boy,
Who, having wound her around a spool,
Sends her spi...Read More

by Robinson, Mary Darby
...and eager fangs, 
Madd'ning she flies;­The recreant crew 
With taunting smiles her steps pursue; 
While on her burning, bleeding heart, 
Fresh wounded by Affliction's dart, 
NEGLECT, her icy poison flings; 
From HOPE's celestial bosom hurl'd, 
She seeks oblivion's gloom, 
Now, now, she mocks the barb'rous world, 

by Watts, Isaac
...s add
Fresh anguish to my pain.

"All my reproach is known to thee,
The scandal and the shame
Reproach has broke my bleeding heart,
And lies defiled my name.

"I looked for pity, but in vain;
My kindred are my grief:
I ask my friends for comfort round,
But meet with no relief.

"With vinegar they mock my thirst,
They give me gall for food;
And sporting with my dying groans,
They triumph in my blood.

"Shine into my distressed soul,
Let thy compassions save;
An...Read More

by Sidney, Sir Philip
...le sables bear, 
Whose talons held young Ganymede above: 

But in vert field Mars bare a golden spear, 
Which through a bleeding heart his point did shove: 
Each had his crest; Mars carried Venus' glove, 
Jove in his helm the thunderbolt did rear. 

Cupid them smiles, for on his crest there lies 
Stella's fair hair, her face he makes his shield, 
Where roses gules are borne in silver field. 

Phoebus drew wide the curtains of the skies 
To blaze these last, and sware ...Read More

by Arnold, Matthew, that Byron bore,
With haughty scorn which mock'd the smart,
Through Europe to the ?tolian shore
The pageant of his bleeding heart?
That thousands counted every groan,
And Europe made his woe her own? 

What boots it, Shelley! that the breeze
Carried thy lovely wail away,
Musical through Italian trees
Which fringe thy soft blue Spezzian bay?
Inheritors of thy distress
Have restless hearts one throb the less? 

Or are we easier, to have read,
O Obermann! the sad, stern pag...Read More

by Turner Smith, Charlotte
(Ah! most intoxicating sound to slaves!),
Start into licence--Lo! dejected now,
The wandering Pastor mourns, with bleeding heart,
His erring people, weeps and prays for them,
And trembles for the account that he must give
To Heaven for souls entrusted to his care.--
Where the cliff, hollow'd by the wintry storm,
Affords a seat with matted sea-weed strewn,
A softer form reclines; around her run,
On the rough shingles, or the chalky bourn,
Her gay unconscious children...Read More

by Scott, Sir Walter
...ery gallant's sigh,
     And leading star of every eye,
     And theme of every minstrel's art,
     The Lady of the Bleeding Heart!'

     'Fair dreams are these,' the maiden cried,—
     Light was her accent, yet she sighed,—
     'Yet is this mossy rock to me
     Worth splendid chair and canopy;
     Nor would my footstep spring more gay
     In courtly dance than blithe strathspey,
     Nor half so pleased mine ear incline
     To royal minstrel's l...Read More

by Laurence Dunbar, Paul
...of the cypress grove
The mocking-bird sings at night.
So I sang a lay for a brother's ear
In a strain to soothe his bleeding heart,
And he smiled at the sound of my voice and lyre,
Though mine was a feeble art.
But at his smile I smiled in turn,
And into my soul there came a ray:
In trying to soothe another's woes
Mine own had passed away.
...Read More

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