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Famous Blate Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Blate poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous blate poems. These examples illustrate what a famous blate poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...IS there a whim-inspirèd fool,
Owre fast for thought, owre hot for rule,
Owre blate to seek, owre proud to snool,
 Let him draw near;
And owre this grassy heap sing dool,
 And drap a tear.

Is there a bard of rustic song,
Who, noteless, steals the crowds among,
That weekly this area throng,
 O, pass not by!
But, with a frater-feeling strong,
 Here, heave a sigh.

Is there a man, whose judgment clear
Can others teach the cour...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...GUDEWIFE,I MIND it weel in early date,
When I was bardless, young, and blate,
 An’ first could thresh the barn,
Or haud a yokin’ at the pleugh;
An, tho’ forfoughten sair eneugh,
 Yet unco proud to learn:
When first amang the yellow corn
 A man I reckon’d was,
An’ wi’ the lave ilk merry morn
 Could rank my rig and lass,
 Still shearing, and clearing
 The tither stooked raw,
 Wi’ claivers, an’ haivers,
 Wearing the day awa.

...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...’ you than ride,
 Though ’twere wi’ royal Geordie:
And trowth, your kindness, soon and late,
Aft gars me to mysel’ look blate—
 The Lord in Heav’n reward ye!R. BURNS.ELLISLAND....Read More

by Burns, Robert
...a’ anither gill, jo;
An’ gin she tak the thing amiss,
 E’en let her flyte her fill, jo.

O steer her up, an’ be na blate,
 An’ gin she tak it ill, jo,
Then leave the lassie till her fate,
 And time nae langer spill, jo:
Ne’er break your heart for ae rebute,
 But think upon it still, jo:
That gin the lassie winna do’t,
 Ye’ll find anither will, jo....Read More

by Burns, Robert
...tly kythe,
 Hearts leal, an’ warm, an’ kin’:
The lads sae trig, wi’ wooer-babs
 Weel-knotted on their garten;
Some unco blate, an’ some wi’ gabs
 Gar lasses’ hearts gang startin
 Whiles fast at night.

Then, first an’ foremost, thro’ the kail,
 Their stocks 5 maun a’ be sought ance;
They steek their een, and grape an’ wale
 For muckle anes, an’ straught anes.
Poor hav’rel Will fell aff the drift,
 An’ wandered thro’ the bow-kail,
An’ pou’t for want o’ better shift
 A...Read More

by Burns, Robert ill ta’en;
 The father cracks of horses, pleughs, and kye.
 The youngster’s artless heart o’erflows wi’ joy,
But blate an’ laithfu’, scarce can weel behave;
 The mother, wi’ a woman’s wiles, can spy
What makes the youth sae bashfu’ and sae grave,
Weel-pleas’d to think her bairn’s respected like the lave.

O happy love! where love like this is found:
 O heart-felt raptures! bliss beyond compare!
I’ve paced much this weary, mortal round,
 And sage experience bids me...Read More

by Burns, Robert
...oted is thy name;
An’ tho’ yon lowin’ heuch’s thy hame,
 Thou travels far;
An’ faith! thou’s neither lag nor lame,
 Nor blate, nor scaur.

Whiles, ranging like a roarin lion,
For prey, a’ holes and corners tryin;
Whiles, on the strong-wind’d tempest flyin,
 Tirlin the kirks;
Whiles, in the human bosom pryin,
 Unseen thou lurks.

I’ve heard my rev’rend graunie say,
In lanely glens ye like to stray;
Or where auld ruin’d castles grey
 Nod to the moon,
Ye fright the nig...Read More

by Thomson, James
While I am absent frae my dear. 

4. I ken the cause of my hard fate; 
In courtin' her I was too blate; 
I never kiss'd my lass at a' 
But when we met an' gaed awa'. 

5. Oh could my tears again bring back 
The days now past, I'd no' be slack 
For ev'ry kiss she got before 
I wad gie to her now a score. 

6. O fortune I wad you favour me 
In some snug corner her to see. 
My heart I wad to her reveal, 
An' in her arms ...Read More

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