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Famous Blatant Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Blatant poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous blatant poems. These examples illustrate what a famous blatant poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Lindsay, Vachel
...I LOOK on the specious electrical light 
Blatant, mechanical, crawling and white, 
Wickedly red or malignantly green 
Like the beads of a young Senegambian queen. 
Showing, while millions of souls hurry on, 
The virtues of collars, from sunset till dawn, 
By dart or by tumble of whirl within whirl, 
Starting new fads for the shame-weary girl, 
By maggotry motions in sickening line 
Proclaiming ...Read More

by Kipling, Rudyard
...e camps, at sufferance, on the stoop.

Calm-eyed he scoffs at Sword and Crown,
 Or, panic-blinded, stabs and slays:
Blatant he bids the world bow down,
 Or cringing begs a crust of praise;

Or, sombre-drunk, at mine and mart,
 He dubs his dreary breathren Kings.
His hands are black with blood -- his heart
 Leaps, as a babe's, at little things.

But, through the shift of mood and mood,
 Mine ancient humour saves him whole --
The cynic devil in his blood
 That bids ...Read More

by Lawson, Henry
...w," that is the way they rave, 
Could a million paupers aid us now, or a tinpot squadron save? 
The "loyal" drivel, the blatant boast are as shames that used to be – 
Our fight shall be a fight for the coast, with the future for the sea! 

We must turn our face to the only track that will take us through the worst – 
Cable to charter that we lack, guns and cartridges first, 
New machines that will make machines till our factories are complete – 
Block the shoddy and Brummagem...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord is the dainty meter.
Wherefore slight me not wholly, nor believe me
Too presumptuous, indolent reviewers.
O blatant Magazines, regard me rather -
Since I blush to belaud myself a moment -
As some rare little rose, a piece of inmost
Horticultural art, or half-coquette-like
Maiden, not to be greeted unbenignly....Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel

Let Science and Machinery and Trade 
Be slaves of her, and make her all in all, 
Building against our blatant, restless time 
An unseen, skilful, medieval wall. 

Let every citizen be rich toward God. 
Let Christ the beggar, teach divinity. 
Let no man rule who holds his money dear. 
Let this, our city, be our luxury. 

We should build parks that students from afar 
Would choose to starve in, rather than go home, 
Fair little squares, wit...Read More

by Williams, John
...The blatant horns blare strident sound;
Delighted, you laugh and seize
My passive arm, but I have found
Content in the harmonies.
They sound, are silent; please or annoy,
Are not clever, cruel, or coy
Like human qualities.
See agile fingers in frantic flight
Along the smoking row
Of piano keys cut from ebony night
And from the sullied snow
Of the city.Read More

by Murray, Les
...Blats booted to blatant 
dubbing the avenue dire
with rubbings of Sveinn Forkbeard
leading a black squall of Harleys
with Moe Snow-Whitebeard and

Possum Brushbeard and their ladies
and, sphincter-lipped, gunning,
massed in leather muscle on a run,
on a roll, Santas from Hell
like a whole shoal leaning

wide wristed, their tautness stable
in fluency, fast streetscape dwindl...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel
...aise his little act of shedding tears; 
A trick, well learned, with patience, thro' the years. 

I love him in this blatant, well-fed place. 
Of all the faces, his the only face 
Beautiful, tho' painted for the stage, 
Lit up with song, then torn with cold, small rage, 
Shames that are living, loves and hopes long dead, 
Consuming pride, and hunger, real, for bread. 

Here by the curb, ye Prophets thunder deep: 
"What Nations sow, they must expect to reap," 
Or ha...Read More

by Untermeyer, Louis
...t there that is not torn and anguished?
Can God be less distressed than the least of His creatures are?
Below are the blatant lights in a huddled squalor;
Above are futile fires in freezing space.
What can they give that you should look to them for compassion
Though you bare your heart and lift an imploring face?
They have seen, by countless waters and windows,
The women of your race facing a stony sky;
They have heard, for thousands of years, the voices of women

A...Read More

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