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Famous Blames Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Blames poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous blames poems. These examples illustrate what a famous blames poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert

His pangs the Bard refused to own,
 Tho’ half he wish’d Clarinda knew;
But Anguish wrung the unweeting groan—
 Who blames what frantic Pain must do?

That heart, where motley follies blend,
 Was sternly still to Honour true:
To prove Clarinda’s fondest friend,
 Was what a lover sure might do.

The Muse his ready quill employed,
 No nearer bliss he could pursue;
That bliss Clarinda cold deny’d—
 “Send word by Charles how you do!”

The chill behest disarm’d his muse...Read more of this...

by Marvell, Andrew
...he marched our whole militia's force 
(As if indeed we ships or Dutch had horse); 
Then from the usual commonplace, he blames 
These, and in standing army's praise declaims; 
And the wise court that always loved it dear, 
Now thinks all but too little for their fear. 
Hyde stamps, and straight upon the ground the swarms 
Of current Myrmidons appear in arms, 
And for their pay he writes, as from the King-- 
With that cursed quill plucked from a vulture's wing-- 
Of the wh...Read more of this...

by Trumbull, John
...authors grave wrote long ago.
Now heav'n its issues never brings
Without the means, and these are kings;
And he who blames when they announce ills,
Would counteract th' eternal counsels.
As when the Jews, a murm'ring race,
By constant grumblings fell from grace,
Heav'n taught them first to know their distance,
By famine, slavery and Philistines;
When these could no repentance bring,
In wrath it sent them last a king:
So nineteen, 'tis believ'd, in twenty
Of modern kin...Read more of this...

by Wheatley, Phillis
...s the fatal shaft away,
Faints, falls, and sickens at the light of day.
To sooth her mother, lo! another flies,
And blames the fury of inclement skies,
And, while her words a filial pity show,
Struck dumb--indignant seeks the shades below.
Now from the fatal place another flies,
Falls in her flight, and languishes, and dies.
Another on her sister drops in death;
A fifth in trembling terrors yields her breath;
While the sixth seeks some gloomy cave in vain,
Struck ...Read more of this...

by Ashbery, John
He has omitted the thing he started out to say
In the first place. Seduced by flowers,
Explicit pleasures, he blames himself (though
Secretly satisfied with the result), imagining
He had a say in the matter and exercised
An option of which he was hardly conscious,
Unaware that necessity circumvents such resolutions.
So as to create something new
For itself, that there is no other way,
That the history of creation proceeds according to
Stringent laws, and that th...Read more of this...

by Petrarch, Francesco
...SONNET III. Era 'l giorno ch' al sol si scoloraro. HE BLAMES LOVE FOR WOUNDING HIM ON A HOLY DAY (GOOD FRIDAY).  'Twas on the morn, when heaven its blessed rayIn pity to its suffering master veil'd,First did I, Lady, to your beauty yield,Of your victori...Read more of this...

by Kipling, Rudyard

 Their feats, their fortunes and their fames
 Are hidden from their nearest kin;
 No eager public backs or blames,
 No journal prints the yarn they spin
 (The Censor would not let it in! )
 When they return from run or raid.
 Unheard they work, unseen they win.
 That is the custom of "The Trade."...Read more of this...

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
...saw then, 
And he will never find again 
The face that once had been the rending 
Of all his purpose among men.

He blames her not, nor does he chide her, 
And she has nothing new to say; 
If he was Bluebeard he could hide her, 
But that's not written in the play, 
And there will be no change to-day; 
Although, to the serene outsider, 
There still would seem to be a way....Read more of this...

by Dunn, Stephen
...d a damaged sparrow
under water until you feel it die
is to know a small something
about the mind; how, for example,
it blames the cat for the original crime,
how it wants praise for its better side.

And yet it's as human
as pulling the plug on your Dad
whose world has turned
to feces and fog, human as--
Well, let's admit, it's a mild thing
as human things go.

But I felt the one good wing
flutter in my palm--
the smallest protest, if that's what it was,
I ever felt ...Read more of this...

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