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Famous Blacked Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Blacked poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous blacked poems. These examples illustrate what a famous blacked poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Sandburg, Carl
...y dust.”
So it goes. Some things we buy, some not.
Tom Jefferson was proud of his radishes, and Abe
Lincoln blacked his own boots, and Bismarck called
Berlin a wilderness of brick and newspapers.

So it goes. There are accomplished facts.
Ride, ride, ride on in the great new blimps—
Cross unheard-of oceans, circle the planet.
When you come back we may sit by five hollyhocks.
We might listen to boys fighting for marbles.
The grasshopper will...Read More

by Tebb, Barry
...reams coalesce:

This is one September I shall not forget.

The grammar-school caretaker always had the boards re-blacked

And the floors waxed, but I never shone.

The stripes of the red and black blazer

Were prison-grey. You could never see things that way:

Your home had broken windows to the street.

You had the mortification of lice in your hair

While I had the choice of Brylcreem or orange pomade.

Four children, an alcoholic father and

An I...Read More

by Browning, Robert
Till we exclaim---``But where's music, the dickens?
``Blot ye the gold, while your spider-web strengthens
``---Blacked to the stoutest of tickens?''


I for man's effort am zealous:
Prove me such censure unfounded!
Seems it surprising a lover grows jealous---
Hopes 'twas for something, his organ-pipes sounded,
Tiring three boys at the bellows?


Is it your moral of Life?
Such a web, simple and subtle,
Weave we on earth here in impotent strife,
Back...Read More

by Thomas, Dylan
And laid your cheek against a cloud-formed shell:
Now in the dark there is only yourself and myself.

 Two proud, blacked brothers cry,
 Winter-locked side by side,
 To this inhospitable hollow year,
 O we who could not stir
 One lean sigh when we heard
 Greed on man beating near and fire neighbour
 But wailed and nested in the sky-blue wall
Now break a giant tear for the little known fall,

 For the drooping of homes
 That did not nurse our bones,
 Brave deaths of only...Read More

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