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Famous Births Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Births poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous births poems. These examples illustrate what a famous births poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Whitman, Walt of all the varied lands, and all the growths and products. 

Fecund America! To-day, 
Thou art all over set in births and joys! 
Thou groan’st with riches! thy wealth clothes thee as with a swathing garment!
Thou laughest loud with ache of great possessions! 
A myriad-twining life, like interlacing vines, binds all thy vast demesne! 
As some huge ship, freighted to water’s edge, thou ridest into port! 
As rain falls from the heaven, and vapors rise from earth, so hav...Read More

by Crashaw, Richard look round about, and see
Thousands of crown'd souls throng to be
Themselves thy crown, sons of thy vows,
The virgin-births with which thy spouse
Made fruitful thy fair soul; go now,
And with them all about thee bow
To Him; put on, He'll say, put on,
My rosy Love, that thy rich zone,
Sparkling with the sacred flames
Of thousand souls, whose happy names
Heaven keeps upon thy score: thy bright
Life brought them first to kiss the light
That kindled them to stars; and so
Thou ...Read More

by Nash, Ogden
...e-head, you have a forehead.
Nor snake nor slowworm draweth nigh her;
You go to bed, she doth retire.
To Janet, births are blessed events,
And odors that you smell she scents.
Replete she feels, when her food is yummy,
Not in the stomach but the tummy.
If urged some novel step to show,
You say Like this, she says Like so.
Her dear ones don't die, but pass away;
Beneath her formal is lonjeray.
Of refinement she's a fount, or fountess,
And that is why sh...Read More

by Alighieri, Dante
...discords forth; the race of men, 
 Their parents, and their God, the place, the time, 
 Of their conceptions and their births, accursed 
 Alike they called, blaspheming Heaven. But yet 
 Slow steps toward the waiting bark they set, 
 With terrible wailing while they moved. And so 
 They came reluctant to the shore of woe 
 That waits for all who fear not God, and not 
 Them only. 
 Then the demon Charon rose 
 To herd them in, with eyes that furnace-hot 
 Glowed ...Read More

by Clare, John
...nigh gone
Leaves her like thee a common day
Yet summer smiles upon thee still
Wi natures sweet unalterd will
And at thy births unworshipd hours
Fills her green lap wi swarms of flowers
To crown thee still as thou hast been
Of spring and summer months the queen...Read More

by Raine, Kathleen species,
battery-hens, hormone injections,
artificial insemination,
implants, transplants, sterilization,
surrogate births, contraception,
cloning, genetic engineering, abortion,
and our days shall be short
in the land we have sown
with the Dragon’s teeth
where our armies arise
fully armed on our killing-fields
with land-mines and missiles,
tanks and artillery,
gas-masks and body-bags,
our air-craft rain down
fire and destruction,
our space-craft broadcast
lies and corrup...Read More

by Strode, William
...o old in Thee grew Ancient:
We number not the Tree of Branched Birth,
But genealogie of Vertue, spreading forth
To many Births in value. Piety,
True Valour, Bounty, Meeknesse, Modesty,
These noble off-springs swell Thy Name as much,
As Richards, Edwards, three, foure, twenty such:
For in thy Person's linage surnam'd are
The great, the good, the wise, the just, the faire.
One of these stiles innobles a whole stemme;
If all be found in One, what race like him!
Long stay...Read More

by Milton, John
Where good with bad were matched, who of themselves 
Abhor to join; and, by imprudence mixed, 
Produce prodigious births of body or mind. 
Such were these giants, men of high renown; 
For in those days might only shall be admired, 
And valour and heroick virtue called; 
To overcome in battle, and subdue 
Nations, and bring home spoils with infinite 
Man-slaughter, shall be held the highest pitch 
Of human glory; and for glory done 
Of triumph, to be styled great con...Read More

by Sandburg, Carl
Appomattox is a beautiful word to me and so is Valley Forge and the Marne and Verdun,
I who have seen the red births and the red deaths
Of sons and daughters, I take peace or war, I say nothing and wait.

Have you seen a red sunset drip over one of my cornfields, the shore of night stars, the wave lines of dawn up a wheat valley?
Have you heard my threshing crews yelling in the chaff of a strawpile and the running wheat of the wagonboards, my cornhuskers, my har...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...sung the Body and the Soul—War and Peace have I sung, 
And the songs of Life and of Birth—and shown that there are many births: 
I have offer’d my style to everyone—I have journey’d with confident step; 
While my pleasure is yet at the full, I whisper, So long!
And take the young woman’s hand, and the young man’s hand, for the last time. 

I announce natural persons to arise; 
I announce justice triumphant; 
I announce uncompromising liberty and equality; 
I announce th...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel
...death-black deserts, doubts without a name, 
Past hills of pain and mountains of new sin 
To that far sky where mystic births begin, 
Where dreaming ears the angel-song shall win. 
Our Christmas shall be rare at dawning there, 
And each shall find his brother fair, 
Like a little child within: 
All hearts of the earth shall find new birth 
And wake, no more to sin....Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...ples, on Paumanok’s
Crossing the prairies—dwelling again in Chicago—dwelling in every
Observing shows, births, improvements, structures, arts, 
Listening to the orators and the oratresses in public halls, 
Of and through The States, as during life—each man and woman my neighbor,
The Louisianian, the Georgian, as near to me, and I as near to him and her, 
The Mississippian and Arkansian yet with me—and I yet with any of them; 
Yet upon the plains west of the s...Read More

by Swinburne, Algernon Charles
Risen from eastward, fallen to westward and forgotten, 
And their springs are many, but their end is one. 
Divers births of godheads find one death appointed, 
As the soul whence each was born makes room for each; 
God by God goes out, discrowned and disanointed, 
But the soul stands fast that gave them shape and speech. 
Is the sun yet cast out of heaven? 
Is the song yet cast out of man? 
Life that had song for its leaven 
To quicken the blood that ran 
Through th...Read More

by Brooks, Gwendolyn
I have said, Sweets, if I sinned, if I seized
Your luck
And your lives from your unfinished reach,
If I stole your births and your names,
Your straight baby tears and your games,
Your stilted or lovely loves, your tumults, your marriages, aches,
and your deaths,
If I poisoned the beginnings of your breaths,
Believe that even in my deliberateness I was not deliberate.
Though why should I whine,
Whine that the crime was other than mine?--
Since anyhow you are dead....Read More

by Cowper, William thousands, and of joy to some;
To him indiff'rent whether grief or joy.
Houses in ashes, and the fall of stocks,
Births, deaths, and marriages, epistles wet
With tears that trickled down the writer's cheeks
Fast as the periods from his fluent quill,
Or charg'd with am'rous sighs of absent swains,
Or nymphs responsive, equally affect
His horse and him, unconscious of them all.
But oh th' important budget! usher'd in
With such heart-shaking music, who can say
What ar...Read More

by Frost, Robert
...may say,
Unless our purpose is doing harm,
And then I know of no better way
To close a road, abandon a farm,
Reduce the births of the human race,
And bring back nature in people's place....Read More

by Wheatley, Phillis
...consequence to weigh,
And to thine heart just feelings to convey
Of things above, and of the future doom,
And what the births of the dread world to come.

From tossing seas I welcome thee to land.
"Resign her, Nereid," 'twas thy God's command.
Thy spouse late buried, as thy fears conceiv'd,
Again returns, thy fears are all reliev'd:
Thy daughter blooming with superior grace
Again thou see'st, again thine arms embrace;
O come, and joyful show thy spouse his heir,
...Read More

by Carew, Thomas
Who hath his flock of cackling geese compar'd 
With thy tun'd choir of swans? or else who dar'd 
To call thy births deform'd? But if thou bind 
By city-custom, or by gavelkind, 
In equal shares thy love on all thy race, 
We may distinguish of their sex, and place; 
Though one hand form them, and though one brain strike 
Souls into all, they are not all alike. 
Why should the follies then of this dull age 
Draw from thy pen such an immodest rage 
As seems to bla...Read More

by Tebb, Barry
...kles white with pain as the sonnet starts to strain

Like a child coming to birth, the third you never bore.

All births, all babies, all poems are the same in coming

The spark of inspiration or spurt of semen,

The silent months of gestation, the waiting and worrying

Until the final agony of creation: for our first son’s

Birth at Oakes we had only a drawer for a crib.

Memories blur: all I know is that it was night

And at home as you always insisted, against al...Read More

by Jonson, Ben
...LXXIX. — TO ELIZABETH, COUNTESS OF RUTLAND. That poets are far rarer births than king,     Your noblest father proved; like whom, before, Or then, or since, about our Muses' springs,     Came not that soul exhausted so their store. Hence was it, that the Destinies decreed     (Save that most masculine issue of his brain) No male unto him; who could so exceed     Nature, they thought, in all that he...Read More

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