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Famous Biding Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Biding poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous biding poems. These examples illustrate what a famous biding poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Sidney, Sir Philip
...rage of longing.

Thinke of that most gratefull time
When my leaping heart will climb,
In thy lips to haue his biding,
There those roses for to kisse,
Which do breathe a sugred blisse,
Opening rubies, pearles diuiding.

Thinke of my most princely pow'r,
Which I blessed shall deuow'r
With my greedy licorous sences,
Beauty, musicke, sweetnesse, loue,
While she doth against me proue
Her strong darts but weake defences.

Thinke, thinke of those dalyin...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...nd doubted him 
No more than he, himself; but felt him mine, 
Of closest kin to me: yet--wilt thou leave 
Thine easeful biding here, and risk thine all, 
Life, limbs, for one that is not proven King? 
Stay, till the cloud that settles round his birth 
Hath lifted but a little. Stay, sweet son.' 

And Gareth answered quickly, 'Not an hour, 
So that ye yield me--I will walk through fire, 
Mother, to gain it--your full leave to go. 
Not proven, who swept the dust of ...Read More

by Dyke, Henry Van
...whatever befalls me,
I will sail again to my own! 

Wolves of the sea are hiding
Closely along the way,
Under the water biding
Their moment to rend and slay. 

Black is the eagle that brands them,
Black are their hearts as the night,
Black is the hate that sends them
To murder but not to fight. 

Flower of the German Culture,
Boast of the Kaiser's Marine,
Choose for your emblem the vulture,
Cowardly, cruel, obscene! 

Forth from her sheltered haven
Our peaceful ship g...Read More

by Field, Eugene
...For my beloved's coming.

The sunshine that delights you now
Shall fade to darkness gloomy;
You should not fear if, biding here,
You nestled closer to me.

So rest you, love, and be my love,
That my enraptured blooming
May fill your sight with tender light,
Your wings with sweet perfuming.

Or, if you will not bide with me
Upon this quiet heather,
Oh, give me wing, thou beauteous thing,
That we may soar together....Read More

by Heaney, Seamus
...between catches of breath.


The whitewash brush. An old blanched skirted thing
On the back of the byre door, biding its time
Until spring airs spelled lime in a work-bucket
And a potstick to mix it in with water.
Those smells brought tears to the eyes, we inhaled
A kind of greeny burning and thought of brimstone.
But the slop of the actual job
Of brushing walls, the watery grey
Being lashed on in broad swatches, then drying out
Whiter and whiter, all that w...Read More

by St Vincent Millay, Edna
...every simmering woman his mouse
But a hillocky bull in the swelter
Of summer come in his great good time
To the sultry, biding herds, I said,
Oh, time enough when the blood runs cold,
And I lie down but to sleep in bed,
For my sulking, skulking, coal black soul!

When I was half the man I was
And serve me right as the preachers warn,
(Sighed the old ram rod, dying of downfall),
No flailing calf or cat in a flame
Or hickory bull in milky grass
But a black sheep with a crumpled...Read More

by Killigrew, Anne
...hest Theams. 
 But Love these Thoughts, like Mists, did soon disperse, 
Enlarg'd his Fancy, and set free his Muse, 
Biding him more Illustrious Subjects choose; 
 The Acts of Gods, and God-like Men reherse. 
From thence new Raptures did his Breast inspire, 
His scarce Warm-Heart converted was to Fire. 

 Th' exalted Poet rais'd by this new Flame, 
With Vigor flys, where late he crept along, 
And Acts Divine, in a Diviner Song, 
 Commits to the eternal Trompe of Fa...Read More

by Field, Eugene
...t would show
That it had predilections when I was Mary's beau.

And, Mary, should these lines of mine seek out your biding place,
God grant they bring the old sweet smile back to your pretty face--
God grant they bring you thoughts of me, not as I am to-day,
With faltering step and brimming eyes and aspect grimly gray;
But thoughts that picture me as fair and full of life and glee
As we were in the olden times--as you shall always be.
Think of me ever, Mary, as the bo...Read More

by Reeser, Jennifer
in life begun from you,
I held the dead too long,
as women do,

but leaving like you did,
when only I could feel
the biding, body, bid
of what was real,

she’s put out with the cur,
the garbage, heartache, cat.
Promise you’ll sing to her.
You owe me that....Read More

by Milton, John Prayers, and watch till thou appear.
For thou art not a God that takes
In wickedness delight 
Evil with thee no biding makes
Fools or mad men stand not within thy sight.
All workers of iniquity
Thou wilt destroy that speak a ly
The bloodi' and guileful man God doth detest.
But I will in thy mercies dear
Thy numerous mercies go
Into thy house; I in thy fear
Will towards thy holy temple worship low. 
Lord lead me in thy righteousness
Lead me because of those...Read More

by Dryden, John
...and clear:
That ancient Fathers thus expound the page,
Gives truth the reverend majesty of age:
Confirms its force, by biding every test;
For best authority's next Rules are best.
And still the nearer to the Spring we go
More limpid, more unsoil'd the waters flow.
Thus, first traditions were a proof alone;
Could we be certain such they were, so known:
But since some flaws in long descent may be,
They make not truth but probability.
Even Arius and Pelagius durst p...Read More

by Montgomery, Lucy Maud guise of a humble lover ?
Shall I croon in mild petition, murmuring vows anew ? 

Shall I stretch my arms unto thee, biding thy maiden coyness,
Under the silver of morning, under the purple of night ?
Taming my ancient rudeness, checking my heady clamor­
Thus, is it thus I must woo thee, oh, my delight? 

Nay, 'tis no way of the sea thus to be meekly suitor­
I shall storm thee away with laughter wrapped in my beard of snow,
With the wildest of billows for chords I shall ha...Read More

by Seeger, Alan
...ipping cold 
That twinged blue lips into a mouthed curse, 
Not back to Seville and its sunny plains 
Winged their brief-biding dreams, but once again, 
Lords of a palace in Tenochtitlan, 
They guarded Montezuma's treasure-hoard. 
Gold, like some finny harvest of the sea, 
Poured out knee deep around the rifted floors, 
Shiny and sparkling, -- arms and crowns and rings: 
Gold, sweet to toy with as beloved hair, -- 
To plunge the lustful, crawling fingers down, 
Arms elbow ...Read More

by Field, Eugene
...ver afterward that face,
That he beheld such little space,
Like wraith would rise within his eyes
And in his heart find biding place.

So oft from castle hall he crept
Where mid the rocks grim shadows slept,
And where the mist reached down and kissed
The waters as they wailed and wept.

The king it was of Yvytot
That vaunted, many years ago,
There was no coast his valiant host
Had not subdued with spear and bow.

For once to him the sea-king cried:
"In safety all ...Read More

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