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Best Famous Urdu Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Urdu poems. This is a select list of the best famous Urdu poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Urdu poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of urdu poems.

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Written by Majeed Amjad | Create an image from this poem

A Poem

Sons, my native land has sons
born on soil
barren and rocky and lone
for ages lone
across the gaping wilderness tear
ruthless winds and torrents of pain
sweep in epochs.
sweep them out.
Sons of mountains radiant petals of jasmine gay specks of time-less age-less rocks elegant, fair and tender moulds lumps of leathern coarsened hearts damned by sun and wind and time dashed from tops.
they seek a home lost in dust beneath their feet On a heap of squalid unscrubbed pans immersed in simmering scalding water the toiling sweating hands do seek the blessed home for ages they have thought and dreamed.
In towns flourshing along the banks of mountain brooks stays a-while a fleeting cloud of gloom.
The Home! and from an urban sheeted roof curls into waves of trailing smoke.
The brook is limpid murmuring gold the smoke is trailing meandering gold the killers are killers of conscience grace and candid souls if ever they marked the wave of anguish a dash, a span among the torrents of water and sweat the rocks in hearts the dark sinister rocks would fall.
(Translated from Urdu By Balraj Komal, Posted By Anila A.

Written by Sarojini Naidu | Create an image from this poem

Humayun To Zobeida (From the Urdu)

 You flaunt your beauty in the rose, your glory in the dawn, 
Your sweetness in the nightingale, your white- ness in the swan.
You haunt my waking like a dream, my slumber like a moon, Pervade me like a musky scent, possess me like a tune.
Yet, when I crave of you, my sweet, one tender moment's grace, You cry, "I sit behind the veil, I cannot show my face.
" Shall any foolish veil divide my longing from my bliss? Shall any fragile curtain hide your beauty from my kiss? What war is this of Thee and Me? Give o'er the wanton strife, You are the heart within my heart, the life within my life.
Written by Majeed Amjad | Create an image from this poem

Icon !

Where is she … ?!

That girl who stood on these ramparts years ago

Statuesque … iconic …besieged by the world

A deity …  worshiped by the early glow of my dreams !

Where is she now ?

That crazy-headed rebellious Truth

With the restless, quivering eye lashes

Who came to refute the sham of this world.
Under these ramparts, My breath is still patched and mended By the soft breeze of her existence Which once did battle against eternal stony walls But I wonder where she rests now That crazy-headed rebellious Truth ? This is how young, unfolding lives With their tinkling laughter Are lost forever in a dark enduring slumber What manner of sleep is this Whose sea-waves slowly crumble and erode All islands of the heart ? What kind of dreams are these That swim within this sleep Floating back … returning again and again… forever in this deep slumber ? Dreams .
whose childhood glow never fades away !! (Translated by Talat Afroze from the original Urdu text of the poem: Moortee);
Written by Tanwir Phool | Create an image from this poem

O My Native Land(English translation of Urdu poemAie Watan)

php?f=96&t=4192 O my native land ! O my native land ! Far better than a garden Is your dust and sand What a dignified place you are ! Full of grace and beauty , as star You are protected and saved , indeed By the Mercy of God , near not far O my native land ! O my native land ! Far better than a garden Is your dust and sand Ever-flowing rivers and valleys Charming scene of butterflies and bees So much soothing is your environment Like a paradise , full of ease O my native land ! O my native land ! Far better than a garden Is your dust and sand Phool , the poet is praying always God bless you during nights and days Long live up to the Doomsday With the joyful refulgence and rays O my native land ! O my native land ! Far better than a garden Is your dust and sand Poet : Tanwir Phool (from his book "Naghmat-e-Pakistan" i:e "The Melodies of Pakistan").
This book has won Presidential Award from the Government of Pakistan.

Book: Shattered Sighs