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Best Famous Stimulant Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous Stimulant poems. This is a select list of the best famous Stimulant poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous Stimulant poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of stimulant poems.

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Written by Francis Thompson | Create an image from this poem

New Years Chimes

 What is the song the stars sing?
(And a million songs are as song of one)
This is the song the stars sing:
(Sweeter song's none)

One to set, and many to sing,
(And a million songs are as song of one)
One to stand, and many to cling,
The many things, and the one Thing,
The one that runs not, the many that run.
The ever new weaveth the ever old, (And a million songs are as song of one) Ever telling the never told; The silver saith, and the said is gold, And done ever the never done.
The chase that's chased is the Lord o' the chase, (And a million songs are as song of one) And the pursued cries on the race; And the hounds in leash are the hounds that run.
Hidden stars by the shown stars' sheen: (And a million suns are but as one) Colours unseen by the colours seen, And sounds unheard heard sounds between, And a night is in the light of the sun.
An ambuscade of lights in night, (And a million secrets are but as one) And anight is dark in the sun's light, And a world in the world man looks upon.
Hidden stars by the shown stars' wings, (And a million cycles are but as one) And a world with unapparent strings Knits the stimulant world of things; Behold, and vision thereof is none.
The world above in the world below, (And a million worlds are but as one) And the One in all; as the sun's strength so Strives in all strength, glows in all glow Of the earth that wits not, and man thereon.
Braced in its own fourfold embrace (And a million strengths are as strength of one) And round it all God's arms of grace, The world, so as the Vision says, Doth with great lightning-tramples run.
And thunder bruiteth into thunder, (And a million sounds are as sound of one) From stellate peak to peak is tossed a voice of wonder, And the height stoops down to the depths thereunder, And sun leans forth to his brother-sun.
And the more ample years unfold (With a million songs as song of one) A little new of the ever old, A little told of the never told, Added act of the never done.
Loud the descant, and low the theme, (A million songs are as song of one) And the dream of the world is dream in dream, But the one Is is, or nought could seem; And the song runs round to the song begun.
This is the song the stars sing, (Tonèd all in time) Tintinnabulous, tuned to ring A multitudinous-single thing (Rung all in rhyme).

Written by John Berryman | Create an image from this poem

Dream Song 3: A Stimulant for an Old Beast

 Acacia, burnt myrrh, velvet, pricky stings.
—I'm not so young but not so very old, said screwed-up lovely 23.
A final sense of being right out in the cold, unkissed.
(—My psychiatrist can lick your psychiatrist.
) Women get under things.
All these old criminals sooner or later have had it.
I've been reading old journals.
Gottwald & Co.
, out of business now.
Thick chests quit.
Double agent, Joe.
She holds her breath like a seal and is whiter & smoother.
Rilke was a jerk.
I admit his griefs & music & titled spelled all-disappointed ladies.
A threshold worse than the circles where the vile settle & lurk, Rilke's.
As I said,—