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Best Famous On The Make Poems

Here is a collection of the all-time best famous On The Make poems. This is a select list of the best famous On The Make poetry. Reading, writing, and enjoying famous On The Make poetry (as well as classical and contemporary poems) is a great past time. These top poems are the best examples of on the make poems.

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Written by Andrew Barton Paterson | Create an image from this poem


 Our hero was a Tommy with a conscience free from care, 
And such an open countenance that when he breathed the air 
He mopped up all the atmosphere -- so little went to spare 
You could hardly say he breathed, he "commandeered" it.
For nowadays you'll notice when a man is "on the make", And other people's property is anxious for to take, We never use such words as "steal", or "collar", "pinch", or "shake".
No, the fashion is to say we "commandeered" it.
And our simple-minded hero used to grumble at his lot, Said he, "This commandeerin's just a little bit too hot, A fellow has to carry every blooming thing he's got; Whatever he puts down they'll commandeer it.
" So after much anxiety our simple-minded elf He thought he'd do a little commandeering for himself, And the first thing that he'd noticed was a bottle on a shelf In a cottage, so he thought he'd commandeer it.
"What ho!" says he, "a bottle, and, by George, it's full of beer, And no commanding officer to come and interfere.
Here's my own blooming health," says he, "I'm on the commandeer.
" And without another word he commandeered it.
On his subsequent proceedings we must draw a little veil, For the Boers had left some sheep dip in that bottle labelled "Ale"; But the doctor said he's shift it -- if all other methods fail, We must use the stomach pump and commandeer it.

Written by Robert William Service | Create an image from this poem

Lip-Stick Liz

 Oh Lip-Stick Liz was in the biz, That's the oldest known in history;
She had a lot of fancy rags, Of her form she made no myst'ry.
She had a man, a fancy man, His name was Alexander, And he used to beat her up because he couldn't understand her.
Now Lip-Stick Liz she loved her man And she couldn't love no other So when she saw him with a Broadway Blonde, Her rage she could not smother.
She saw him once and she saw him twice But the third time nearly crazed her, So she walked bang into a hardware store, And she bought a brand new razor.
Now Lip-Stick Liz she trailed them two For she was tired of weeping; She trailed them two, in a flash hotel And there she found them sleeping; So she gashed them once and she gashed them twice Their ju'lar veins to sever, And the bright blood flowed like a brook between.
And their lives were gone forever.
Now Lip-Stick Liz went to the p'lice And sez she: "Me hands are gory, And you'll put me away in a deep dark cell When once you've heard me story.
" So they've put her away in a deep dark cell, Until her life be over And what is the moral of the whole damn show, I wish I could discover.
Chorus: Oh Lip-Stick Liz! What a lousy life this is.
It's a hell of a break for a girl on the make, Oh Lip-Stick Liz!