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Famous Bawls Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Bawls poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous bawls poems. These examples illustrate what a famous bawls poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Sassoon, Siegfried
...that’s the place to be. 
The bracken shakes below an ivied tree,
And then a cub looks out; and ‘Tally-o-back!’ 
He bawls, and swings his thong with volleying crack,— 
All the clean thrill of autumn in his blood, 
And hunting surging through him like a flood 
In joyous welcome from the untroubled past;
While the war drifts away, forgotten at last. 

Now a red, sleepy sun above the rim 
Of twilight stares along the quiet weald, 
And the kind, simple country shines reve...Read More

by Bishop, Elizabeth
...its poverty in a snowfall of daisies, 
to his invisible house beside the water. 

The birds keep on singing, a calf bawls, the bus starts. 
The thin mist follows 
the white mutations of its dream; 
an ancient chill is rippling the dark brooks....Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord the brotherhood of Day and Night-- 
The last a monster unsubduable 
Of any save of him for whom I called-- 
Suddenly bawls this frontless kitchen-knave, 
"The quest is mine; thy kitchen-knave am I, 
And mighty through thy meats and drinks am I." 
Then Arthur all at once gone mad replies, 
"Go therefore," and so gives the quest to him-- 
Him--here--a villain fitter to stick swine 
Than ride abroad redressing women's wrong, 
Or sit beside a noble gentlewoman.' 

Then...Read More

by Prior, Matthew

Of such terrible beauty she never could boast 
As with absolute sway o'er all hearts rules the roast 
When J___ bawls out to the chair for a toast; 

But of good household features her person was made, 
Nor by faction cried up nor of censure afraid, 
And her beauty was rather for use than parade. 

Her blood so well mix't and flesh so well pasted 
That, tho' her youth faded, her comeliness lasted; 
The blue was wore off, but the plum was well tasted. 

Less sm...Read More

by Joyce, James
 (Chorus) Saw his man-o'-war
 On the harbour bar.

Where from? roars Poolbeg. Cookingha'pence, he bawls
 Donnez-moi scampitle, wick an wipin'fampiny
Fingal Mac Oscar Onesine Bargearse Boniface
Thok's min gammelhole Norveegickers moniker
Og as ay are at gammelhore Norveegickers cod.
 (Chorus) A Norwegian camel old cod.
 He is, begod.

Lift it, Hosty, lift it, ye devil, ye! up with the rann,
 the rhyming rann!

It was during some fresh water g...Read More

by Yeats, William Butler
...A doll in the doll-maker's house
Looks at the cradle and bawls:
'That is an insult to us.'
But the oldest of all the dolls,
Who had seen, being kept for show,
Generations of his sort,
Out-screams the whole shelf: 'Although
There's not a man can report
Evil of this place,
The man and the woman bring
Hither, to our disgrace,
A noisy and filthy thing.'
Hearing him groan and stretch
The doll-maker's wife is aw...Read More

by Masefield, John, 
The half-dressed stable men were flustering, 
Backing the horses out of stalls 
While this man swears and that man bawls, 
"Don't take th'old mare. Back, Toby, back. 
Back, Lincoln. Where's the fire, Jack?" 
"Damned if I know. Out Preston way." 
"No. It's at Chancey's Pitch, they say." 
"It's sixteen ricks at Pauntley burnt." 
"You back old Darby out, I durn't." 
They ran the big red engine out, 
And put 'em to with damn and shout....Read More

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