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Famous Bands Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Bands poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous bands poems. These examples illustrate what a famous bands poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Larkin, Philip
...know what rood-lofts were?
Some ruin-bibber randy for antique 
Or Christmas-addict counting on a whiff
Of grown-and-bands and organ-pipes and myrrh?
Or will he be my representative 

Bored uninformed knowing the ghostly silt
Dispersed yet tending to this cross of ground
Through suburb scrub because it held unspilt
So long and equably what since is found
Only in separation--marriage and birth 
And death and thoughts of these--for which was built
This special shell...Read More

by Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
Across the dangerous desert of the West, 
To rescue fair white captives from the hands
Of brutal Cheyenne and Comanche bands, 
On Washita's bleak banks. Nine hundred strong
It moved its slow determined way along, 
Past frontier homes left dark and desolate
By the wild Indians' fierce and unrelenting hate; 


Past forts where ranchmen, strong of heart and bold, 
Wept now like orphaned children as they told, 
With quivering muscles and with anguished breath, 
Of ca...Read More

by Ginsberg, Allen
This the crowd most surprised proud at ceremonial place of honor--
Then poets & musicians -- college boys' grunge bands -- age-old rock 
 star Beatles, faithful guitar accompanists, gay classical con-
 ductors, unknown high Jazz music composers, funky trum-
 peters, bowed bass & french horn black geniuses, folksinger 
 fiddlers with dobro tamborine harmonica mandolin auto-
 harp pennywhistles & kazoos
Next, artist Italian romantic realists schooled in mystic 60's India,...Read More

by Carroll, Lewis
Whose thoughts are full of indices and surds? 

x*x + 7x + 53 = 11/3 

But something whispered "It will soon be done:
Bands cannot always play, nor ladies smile:
Endure with patience the distasteful fun
For just a little while!" 

A change came o'er my Vision - it was night:
We clove a pathway through a frantic throng:
The steeds, wild-plunging, filled us with affright:
The chariots whirled along. 

Within a marble hall a river ran -
A living tide, half muslin and half ...Read More

by Hughes, Langston
...a new world, America!

With billowing sails the galleons came
Bringing men and dreams, women and dreams.
In little bands together,
Heart reaching out to heart,
Hand reaching out to hand,
They began to build our land.
Some were free hands
Seeking a greater freedom,
Some were indentured hands
Hoping to find their freedom,
Some were slave hands
Guarding in their hearts the seed of freedom,
But the word was there always:

Down into the earth went the plow
I...Read More

by Thoreau, Henry David
...Proclaim us to be mates, 
Exposed to equal fates 

And each may other help, and service do, 
Drawing Love's bands more tight, 
Service he ne'er shall rue 
While one and one make two, 
And two are one; 

In such case only doth man fully prove 
Fully as man can do, 
What power there is in Love 
His inmost soul to move 

Two sturdy oaks I mean, which side by side, 
Withstand the winter's storm, 
And spite of wind an...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
...grace and harmony in happiest chain: 
Blest are the early hearts and gentle hands 
That mingle there in well according bands; 
It is a sight the careful brow might smooth, 
And make Age smile, and dream itself to youth, 
And Youth forget such hour was pass'd on earth, 
So springs the exulting bosom to that mirth! 


And Lara gazed on these sedately glad, 
His brow belied him if his soul was sad, 
And his glance follow'd fast each fluttering fair, 
Whose steps of li...Read More

by Milton, John
...hope, or arm th' obdured breast 
With stubborn patience as with triple steel. 
Another part, in squadrons and gross bands, 
On bold adventure to discover wide 
That dismal world, if any clime perhaps 
Might yield them easier habitation, bend 
Four ways their flying march, along the banks 
Of four infernal rivers, that disgorge 
Into the burning lake their baleful streams-- 
Abhorred Styx, the flood of deadly hate; 
Sad Acheron of sorrow, black and deep; 
Cocytus, named of...Read More

by Milton, John
Celestial voices to the midnight air, 
Sole, or responsive each to others note, 
Singing their great Creator? oft in bands 
While they keep watch, or nightly rounding walk, 
With heavenly touch of instrumental sounds 
In full harmonick number joined, their songs 
Divide the night, and lift our thoughts to Heaven. 
Thus talking, hand in hand alone they passed 
On to their blissful bower: it was a place 
Chosen by the sovran Planter, when he framed 
All things to Man's d...Read More

by Milton, John
...'s son he stood, 
And shook his plumes, that heavenly fragrance filled 
The circuit wide. Straight knew him all the bands 
Of Angels under watch; and to his state, 
And to his message high, in honour rise; 
For on some message high they guessed him bound. 
Their glittering tents he passed, and now is come 
Into the blissful field, through groves of myrrh, 
And flowering odours, cassia, nard, and balm; 
A wilderness of sweets; for Nature here 
Wantoned as in her prime,...Read More

by Milton, John
...ut to know, 
Forbids us good, forbids us to be wise? 
Such prohibitions bind not. But, if death 
Bind us with after-bands, what profits then 
Our inward freedom? In the day we eat 
Of this fair fruit, our doom is, we shall die! 
How dies the Serpent? he hath eaten and lives, 
And knows, and speaks, and reasons, and discerns, 
Irrational till then. For us alone 
Was death invented? or to us denied 
This intellectual food, for beasts reserved? 
For beasts it seems: yet ...Read More

by Milton, John
Living and dead recorded, who to save
Her countrey from a fierce destroyer, chose
Above the faith of wedlock-bands, my tomb
With odours visited and annual flowers.
Not less renown'd then in Mount Ephraim,
Jael who with inhospitable guile
Smote Sisera sleeping through the Temples nail'd. 
Nor shall I count it hainous to enjoy
The public marks of honour and reward
Conferr'd upon me, for the piety
Which to my countrey I was judg'd to have shewn.
At this wh...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
...k not much of blood; 
But yet the line of Carasman [7] 
Unchanged, unchangeable, hath stood 
First of the bold Timariot bands 
That won and well can keep their lands. 
Enough that he who comes to woo 
Is kinsman of the Bey Oglou: 
His years need scarce a thought employ: 
I would not have thee wed a boy. 
And thou shalt have a noble dower: 
And his and my united power 
Will laugh to scorn the death-firman, 
Which others tremble but to scan, 
And teach the messenger wha...Read More

by Carroll, Lewis long.

He dreamed that he stood in a shadowy Court,
 Where the Snark, with a glass in its eye,
Dressed in gown, bands, and wig, was defending a pig
 On the charge of deserting its sty.

The Witnesses proved, without error or flaw,
 That the sty was deserted when found:
And the Judge kept explaining the state of the law
 In a soft under-current of sound.

The indictment had never been clearly expressed,
 And it seemed that the Snark had begun,
And had spoken th...Read More

by Scott, Sir Walter
...See, gliding slow through mist and bush,
     The hermit gains yon rock, and stands
     To gaze upon our slumbering bands.
     Seems he not, Malise, dike a ghost,
     That hovers o'er a slaughtered host?
     Or raven on the blasted oak,
     That, watching while the deer is broke,
     His morsel claims with sullen croak?'


     'Peace! peace! to other than to me
     Thy words were evil augury;
     But still I hold Sir Roderick's blade
     ...Read More

by Pope, Alexander
...s Knights,
At Ombre singly to decide their Doom;
And swells her Breast with Conquests yet to come.
Strait the three Bands prepare in Arms to join,
Each Band the number of the Sacred Nine. 
Soon as she spreads her Hand, th' Aerial Guard
Descend, and sit on each important Card,
First Ariel perch'd upon a Matadore,
Then each, according to the Rank they bore;
For Sylphs, yet mindful of their ancient Race,
Are, as when Women, wondrous fond of place.

Behold, four Kings...Read More

by Herbert, George
...ey lay hold on me, not with the hands
Of faith, but fury: yet at their commands
I suffer binding, who have loos'd their bands: 
Was ever grief like mine? 

All my Disciples fly; fear puts a bar
Betwixt my friends and me. They leave the star
That brought the wise men of the East from far.
Was ever grief like mine? 

Then from one ruler to another bound
They lead me; urging, that it was not sound
What I taught: Comments would the text confound.
Was ever grief like m...Read More

by Miller, Alice Duer
...hing through London to the beat of a boastful air, 
Seeing for the first time Piccadilly and Leicester Square, 
All the bands playing: 'Over There, Over There, 
Send the word, send the word to beware—' 
And as the American flag went fluttering by 
Englishmen uncovered, and I began to cry. 

'We're here to end it, by jingo.' 
'We'll lick the Heinies okay.' 
'I can't get on to the lingo.' 
'Dumb-they don't get what we say.' 
'Call that stuff coffee? Y...Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...ral-lamps, to be
A mimic day within that deathy nook;
And she unwound the woven imagery
Of second childhood's swaddling-bands, and took
The coffin, its last cradle, from its niche,
And threw it with contempt into a ditch,

And there the body lay, age after age,
Mute, breathing, beating, warm, and undecaying,
Like one asleep in a green hermitage,--
With gentle smiles about its eyelids playing,
And living in its dreams beyond the rage
Of death or life; while they were still arr...Read More

by Plath, Sylvia
...hall meditate upon my little son.
He does not walk. He does not speak a word.
He is still swaddled in white bands.
But he is pink and perfect. He smiles so frequently.
I have papered his room with big roses,
I have painted little hearts on everything.

I do not will him to be exceptional.
It is the exception that interests the devil.
It is the exception that climbs the sorrowful hill
Or sits in the desert and hurts his mother's heart.
I...Read More

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