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Famous Aurelius Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Aurelius poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous aurelius poems. These examples illustrate what a famous aurelius poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...of wilderness, 
Wherein the beast was ever more and more, 
But man was less and less, till Arthur came. 
For first Aurelius lived and fought and died, 
And after him King Uther fought and died, 
But either failed to make the kingdom one. 
And after these King Arthur for a space, 
And through the puissance of his Table Round, 
Drew all their petty princedoms under him. 
Their king and head, and made a realm, and reigned. 

And thus the land of Cameliard was wa...Read More

by Manrique, Jorge
...artan king's in power;
His voice, a Tully's to command
The truth's prevailing!

In mildness Antoninus Pius;
A Marc Aurelius in the light
Of calm attending;
A Hadrian to pacify us;
A Theodosius in his right
And high intending;

Aurelius Alexander stern
In discipline and laws of war
Among his legions;
A Constantine in faith eterne;
Gamaliel in the love he bore
His native regions.

He left no weighty chests of treasure,
Nor ever unto wealth attained
Nor store...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...loves her lord. 
Peace to thee, woman, with thy loves and hates! 
The kings of old had doomed thee to the flames, 
Aurelius Emrys would have scourged thee dead, 
And Uther slit thy tongue: but get thee hence-- 
Lest that rough humour of the kings of old 
Return upon me! Thou that art her kin, 
Go likewise; lay him low and slay him not, 
But bring him here, that I may judge the right, 
According to the justice of the King: 
Then, be he guilty, by that deathless King 
Who ...Read More

by Bradstreet, Anne
...Zenobia, potent Empress of the East, 
2.68 And of all these without compare the best 
2.69 (Whom none but great Aurelius could quell) 
2.70 Yet for our Queen is no fit parallel: 
2.71 She was a Ph{oe}nix Queen, so shall she be, 
2.72 Her ashes not reviv'd more Ph{oe}nix she. 
2.73 Her personal perfections, who would tell, 
2.74 Must dip his Pen i' th' Heliconian Well, 
2.75 Which I may not, my pride doth but aspire 
2.76 To read what ot...Read More

by Lanier, Sidney, thine earth
Whose graves eat souls and all.

Yea, all you hearts
Of beauty, and sweet righteous lovers large:
Aurelius fine, oft superfine; mild Saint
A Kempis, overmild; Epictetus,
Whiles low in thought, still with old slavery tinct;
Rapt Behmen, rapt too far; high Swedenborg,
O'ertoppling; Langley, that with but a touch
Of art hadst sung Piers Plowman to the top
Of English songs, whereof 'tis dearest, now,
And most adorable; Caedmon, in the morn
A-calling angels w...Read More

by Arnold, Matthew
...Even in a palace, life may be led well!
So spake the imperial sage, purest of men,
Marcus Aurelius. But the stifling den
Of common life, where, crowded up pell-mell,

Our freedom for a little bread we sell,
And drudge under some foolish master's ken
Who rates us if we peer outside our pen--
Match'd with a palace, is not this a hell?

Even in a palace! On his truth sincere,
Who spoke these words, no shadow ever came;
And when my ill-school'd s...Read More

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