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Famous Attains Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Attains poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous attains poems. These examples illustrate what a famous attains poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Pope, Alexander a Grace beyond the Reach of Art,
Which, without passing thro' the Judgment, gains
The Heart, and all its End at once attains.
In Prospects, thus, some Objects please our Eyes,
Which out of Nature's common Order rise,
The shapeless Rock, or hanging Precipice.
But tho' the Ancients thus their Rules invade,
(As Kings dispense with Laws Themselves have made)
Moderns, beware! Or if you must offend
Against the Precept, ne'er transgress its End,
Let it be seldom, and comp...Read More

by Keats, John
...ow tremulous-dazzlingly the wheels sweep
Around their axle! Then these gleaming reins,
How lithe! When this thy chariot attains
Is airy goal, haply some bower veils
Those twilight eyes? Those eyes!--my spirit fails--
Dear goddess, help! or the wide-gaping air
Will gulph me--help!"--At this with madden'd stare,
And lifted hands, and trembling lips he stood;
Like old Deucalion mountain'd o'er the flood,
Or blind Orion hungry for the morn.
And, but from the deep cavern there...Read More

by Po, Li
...ap and carriage.
Now, a white-haired elder, he reclines
Amid pines and cloud.

Drunk beneath the moon,
He often attains sagehood.
Lost among the flowers,
He serves no lord.

How can I aspire
to such a high mountain?
Here below, to his clear fragrance,
I bow....Read More

by Milton, John
...Repeated; while the sedentary Earth, 
That better might with far less compass move, 
Served by more noble than herself, attains 
Her end without least motion, and receives, 
As tribute, such a sumless journey brought 
Of incorporeal speed, her warmth and light; 
Speed, to describe whose swiftness number fails. 
So spake our sire, and by his countenance seemed 
Entering on studious thoughts abstruse; which Eve 
Perceiving, where she sat retired in sight, 
With lowliness ma...Read More

by Milton, John
...nothing: if they all things, who enclosed 
Knowledge of good and evil in this tree, 
That whoso eats thereof, forthwith attains 
Wisdom without their leave? and wherein lies 
The offence, that Man should thus attain to know? 
What can your knowledge hurt him, or this tree 
Impart against his will, if all be his? 
Or is it envy? and can envy dwell 
In heavenly breasts? These, these, and many more 
Causes import your need of this fair fruit. 
Goddess humane, reach then, and...Read More

by Milton, John
Not wandering poor, but trusting all his wealth 
With God, who called him, in a land unknown. 
Canaan he now attains; I see his tents 
Pitched about Sechem, and the neighbouring plain 
Of Moreh; there by promise he receives 
Gift to his progeny of all that land, 
From Hameth northward to the Desart south; 
(Things by their names I call, though yet unnamed;) 
From Hermon east to the great western Sea; 
Mount Hermon, yonder sea; each place behold 
In prospect, as I p...Read More

by Milton, John
...he who reigns within himself, and rules
Passions, desires, and fears, is more a king—
Which every wise and virtuous man attains;
And who attains not, ill aspires to rule
Cities of men, or headstrong multitudes, 
Subject himself to anarchy within,
Or lawless passions in him, which he serves.
But to guide nations in the way of truth
By saving doctrine, and from error lead
To know, and, knowing, worship God aright,
Is yet more kingly. This attracts the soul,
Governs the ...Read More

by Crowley, Aleister
...y soul that strives,
New life for many mystic lives,
And strange new forms and faces. 

My mind still searches, and attains
By many days and many pains
To That which Is and Was and reigns
Shadowed in four and ten;
And loses self in sacred lands,
And cries and quickens, and understands
Beyond the first Amen....Read More

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