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Famous Armpit Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Armpit poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous armpit poems. These examples illustrate what a famous armpit poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Sexton, Anne
...Anna who was mad,
I have a knife in my armpit.
When I stand on tiptoe I tap out messages.
Am I some sort of infection?
Did I make you go insane?
Did I make the sounds go sour?
Did I tell you to climb out the window?
Forgive. Forgive.
Say not I did.
Say not.

Speak Mary-words into our pillow.
Take me the gangling twelve-year-old
into your sunken lap.
Whispe...Read More

by Emanuel, James A
...nding fins that tugged our string,
Or sprayed the dimpling minnows with his plastic gun,
Or, rainstruck, squirmed to my armpit in the poncho.

Then years uncurled him, thinned him hard.
Now, far he cast his line into the wrinkled blue
And easy toes a rock, reel on his thigh
Till bone and crank cry out the strike
He takes with manchild chuckles, cunning
In his play of zigzag line and plunging silver.

Now fishing far from me, he strides through rain, shoulders
A sp...Read More

by Tusa, Chris
...shiny black jewel of phlegm 
humming like a clump of bees in my chest. 
Perhaps a tumor crawling in the crook of my armpit, 
a blood clot opening like a tiny red flower in my brain.

Maybe it’s too early to show up on an X-ray, 
a kind of cancerous seed planted deep 
in my intestine, something like Leukemia’s ghost 
haunting my hollow bones.

The doctor says I’m fine. 

But even now, deep in the dark holes of my eyes
I can feel the cataracts spinning their sil...Read More

by Marvell, Andrew
...Wood these command, the Knight of the Horn and Cane. 
Still his hook-shoulder seems the blow to dread, 
And under's armpit he defends his head. 
The posture strange men laughed at of his poll, 
Hid with his elbow like the spice he stole. 
Headless St Denys so his head does bear, 
And both of them alike French martyrs were. 
Court officers, as used, the next place took, 
And followed, Fox, but with disdainful look. 
His birth, his youth, his brokage all dis...Read More

by Hacker, Marilyn
...uement come back
daily, banal: is that brownish-black
mole the next chapter? Was the ache enmeshed
between my chest and armpit when I washed
rogue cells' new claw, or just a muscle ache?
I'm not yet desperate enough to take
comfort in being predeceased: the anguish
when the Harlem doctor, the Jewish dancer,
die of AIDS, the Boston seminary's
dean succumbs "after brief illness" to cancer.
I like mossed slabs in country cemeteries
with wide-paced dates, candles in jars, who...Read More

by Duhamel, Denise
But I never thought I'd dream of another man--
my husband and I hadn't even had a fight,
my head tucked sweetly in his armpit, my arm 
around his belly, which lifted up and down
all night, gently like water in a lake.
If I passed that famous poet on the street,
he would walk by, famous in his sunglasses 
and blazer with the suede patches at the elbows, 
without so much as a glance in my direction.
I know you're probably curious about who the poet is, 
so I should tel...Read More

by Edson, Russell
...A man had just delivered a toad from his wife's armpit. He 
held it by its legs and spanked it. 

 Do you love it? said his wife. 

 It's our child, isn't it? 

 Does that mean you can't love it? she said. 

 It's hard enough to love a toad, but when it turns out to be 
your own son then revulsion is without any tender inhibition, 
he said. 

 Do you mean you would not like to call it ...Read More

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