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Famous Argos Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Argos poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous argos poems. These examples illustrate what a famous argos poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Morris, William
...l asleep
When in the sunlight round that sword shall sweep. "

He went therewith, nor anywhere would bide,
But unto Argos restlessly did wend;
And there, as one who lays all hope aside,
Because the leech has said his life must end,
Silent farewell he bade to foe and friend, 
And took his way unto the restless sea, 
For there he deemed his rest and help might be.

Upon the shore of Argolis there stands 
A temple to the goddess that he sought, 
That, turned unto the lio...Read More

by Belloc, Hilaire
The long shores of the mainland. Something fills
The warm Euboean combes, the sacred hills
Of Aulis and of Argos. Still they move
Touching the City walls, the Temple grove,
Till, far upon the horizon-glint, a gleam
Of light, of trembling light, revealed they seem
Turned to a cloud, but to a cloud that shines,
And everywhere as they pass, the Vines! The Vines!
The Vines, the conquering Vines! And the Vine
Her savour through the upland, empty heaths
Of ...Read More

by Horace,
...d search for wreaths the olive's rifled bower;
         The praise of Juno sounds from many a tongue,
     Telling of Argos' steeds, Mycenaes's gold.
         For me stern Sparta forges no such spell,
     No, nor Larissa's plain of richest mould,
         As bright Albunea echoing from her cell.
     O headlong Anio! O Tiburnian groves,
         And orchards saturate with shifting streams!
     Look how the clear fresh south from heaven removes
         The tempest,...Read More

by Strode, William
...n hidden veynes
So great a bulke of wood. Three columes rest
Upon the rotten trunke, wherof the least
Were mast for Argos. Th' open backe below
And three long leggs alone doe make it shew
Like a huge trivett, or a monstrous chayre
With the heeles turn'd upward. How proper, O how fayre
A seate were this for old Diogenes
To grumble in and barke out oracles,
And answere to the Raven's augury
That builds above. Why grew not this strange tree
Neere Delphos? had thi...Read More

by Homer,
...cold embrace,
  In daily labours of the loom employ'd,
  Or doom'd to deck the bed she once enjoy'd
  Hence then; to Argos shall the maid retire,
  Far from her native soil and weeping sire."...Read More

by Petrarch, Francesco
...immortal choirBless'd with a portion of celestial fire:From ancient Argos to the Phrygian boundHis never-dying strains were borne aroundOn inspiration's wing, and hill and daleEchoed the notes of Ilion's mournful tale.The woes of Thetis, and Ulysses' toils,His mighty mind recover'd from the spoils...Read More

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