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Famous Ambassador Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Ambassador poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous ambassador poems. These examples illustrate what a famous ambassador poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Dyke, Henry Van
..."Will you go to war just for a scrap of paper?" -- Question 
of the German Chancellor to the British Ambassador, 
August 5, 1914. 

A mocking question! Britain's answer came
Swift as the light and searching as the flame. 

"Yes, for a scrap of paper we will fight
Till our last breath, and God defend the right! 

"A scrap of paper where a name is set
Is strong as duty's pledge and honor's debt. 

"A scrap of paper holds for man and wife 
The sac...Read more of this...

by Scannell, Vernon
...And just as well: his peace had gone; 
The place no longer welcomed him. 
He saw the waiter moving past, 
That pale ambassador of gloom, 
And called him over, asked him how 
He had known which customer 
To summon to the telephone. 
The waiter said, 'Your wife described 
You, sir. I knew you instantly.' 
'And how did she describe me, then, 
That I'm so easily recognized?' 
'She said: grey suit, cream shirt, blue tie, 
That you were fairly tall, red-faced, 
Stou...Read more of this...

by Hikmet, Nazim
...nce to both friends and foe:
because he made too much noise in Paris,
because he smashed in the window
 of the Mandarin ambassador,
 Gioconda's lover
 has been thrown out
 of France...

My lover from China has gone back to China...
And now I'd like to know
who's Romeo and Juliet!
If he isn't Juliet in pants
 and I'm not Romeo in skirts...
Ah, if I could cry--
 if only I could cry...

12 May

 when I caught a glimpse of m...Read more of this...

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...back upon the golden days 
In which she saw him first, when Lancelot came, 
Reputed the best knight and goodliest man, 
Ambassador, to lead her to his lord 
Arthur, and led her forth, and far ahead 
Of his and her retinue moving, they, 
Rapt in sweet talk or lively, all on love 
And sport and tilts and pleasure, (for the time 
Was maytime, and as yet no sin was dreamed,) 
Rode under groves that looked a paradise 
Of blossom, over sheets of hyacinth 
That seemed the heavens up...Read more of this...

by Kees, Weldon
...Butcher the evil millionaire, peasant,
And leave him stinking in the square.
Torture the chancellor. Leave the ambassador
Strung by his thumbs from the pleasant
Embassy wall, where the vines were.
Then drill your hogs and sons for another war.

Fire on the screaming crowd, ambassador,
Sick chancellor, brave millionaire,
And name them by the name that is your name.
Give privilege to the wound, and maim
The last resister. Poison the air
And mew for peac...Read more of this...

by Wilde, Oscar
...hall never pass away,
Though my weak lips may falter in my lay.

Adieu! Adieu! yon silent evening star,
The night's ambassador, doth gleam afar,
And bid the shepherd bring his flocks to fold.
Perchance before our inland seas of gold
Are garnered by the reapers into sheaves,
Perchance before I see the Autumn leaves,
I may behold thy city; and lay down
Low at thy feet the poet's laurel crown.

Adieu! Adieu! yon silver lamp, the moon,
Which turns our midnight into pe...Read more of this...

by Yeats, William Butler
...ery true;
They gave it out to all the world,
And that is something new;

For Spring Rice had to whisper it,
Being their Ambassador,
And then the speakers got it
And writers by the score.

Come Tom and Dick, come all the troop
That cried it far and wide,
Come from the forger and his desk,
Desert the perjurer's side;

Come speak your bit in public
That some amends be made
To this most gallant gentleman
That is in quicklime laid....Read more of this...

by Ginsberg, Allen
...families waiting for food

Border trucks flooded, food cant get past,
American Angel machine please come fast!
Where is Ambassador Bunker today?
Are his Helios machinegunning children at play?

Where are the helicopters of U.S. AID?
Smuggling dope in Bangkok's green shade.
Where is America's Air Force of Light?
Bombing North Laos all day and all night?

Where are the President's Armies of Gold?
Billionaire Navies merciful Bold?
Bringing us medicine food and relief...Read more of this...

by Verhaeren, Emile,
About his galloping horse's feet.
Deep into my remembrance burn
Their lightnings fleet!

He comes, a fair ambassador,
From white lands built with marble o'er.
Where grows, in glades beside the sea,
Upon the tree
Of goodness, fragrant gentleness.
That haven, too, he knows no less
Where wondrous ships rock, calm and still.
That freights of sleeping angels fill;
And those vast evenings, when below
Upon the water, 'mid the skies'
Reflected eyes.
Islands f...Read more of this...

by Kipling, Rudyard
 Shall be a tasselled floorcloth to thy feet. 

Haste, for our hearts are with thee, take no rest!
 Loud-voiced ambassador, from sea to sea
Proclaim the blessing, mainfold, confessed.
 Of those in darkness by her hand set free.
 Then very softly to her presence move,
 And whisper: "Lady, lo, they know and love!"...Read more of this...

by Jackson, Helen Hunt
...ess hosts are thine! Nor pomp, nor state, 
Nor token, to betray where thou dost wait. 
All Nature stands, for thee, ambassador; 
Her forces all thy serfs, for peace or war. 
greatest and least alike, thou rul'st their fate,-- 
The avalanch chained until its century's date, 
The mulberry leaf made robe for emperor! 
Shall man alone thy law deny? --refuse 
Thy healing for his blunders and his sins? 
Oh, make us thine! Teach us who waits best sues; 
Who longest waits of ...Read more of this...

by Thompson, Francis
...I fear to love thee, Sweet, because 
Love's the ambassador of loss; 
White flake of childhood, clinging so 
To my soiled raiment, thy shy snow 
At tenderest touch will shrink and go. 
Love me not, delightful child. 
My heart, by many snares beguiled, 
Has grown timorous and wild. 
It would fear thee not at all, 
Wert thou not so harmless-small. 
Because thy arrows, not yet dire, 
Are still...Read more of this...

by Thomas, Dylan flowers to the sky.

When once the twilight screws were turned,
And mother milk was stiff as sand,
I sent my own ambassador to light;
By trick or chance he fell asleep
And conjured up a carcass shape
To rob me of my fluids in his heart.

Awake, my sleeper, to the sun,
A worker in the morning town,
And leave the poppied pickthank where he lies;
The fences of the light are down,
All but the briskest riders thrown
And worlds hang on the trees....Read more of this...

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