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Famous Adults Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Adults poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous adults poems. These examples illustrate what a famous adults poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Raine, Craig
...And yet they wake it up
deliberately, by tickling with a finger.

Only the young are allowed to suffer
openly. Adults go to a punishment room

with water but nothing to eat.
They lock the door and suffer the noises

alone. No one is exempt
and everyone's pain has a different smell.

At night when all the colours die,
they hide in pairs

and read about themselves --
in colour, with their eyelids shut....Read More

by Piercy, Marge> 
They're coming, they're on us, 
the long striped gourds, the silky 
babies, the hairy adolescents, 
the lumpy vast adults 
like the trunks of green elephants. 
Recite fifty zucchini recipes! 

Zucchini tempura; creamed soup; 
sauté with olive oil and cumin, 
tomatoes, onion; frittata; 
casserole of lamb; baked 
topped with cheese; marinated; 
stuffed; stewed; driven 
through the heart like a stake. 

Get rid of old friends: they too 
have gardens and full trunks....Read More

by Rilke, Rainer Maria to chance he goes
staggering on, as booths that can please the most curious tastes
are drumming and bawling. For adults ony there is something
special to see: how money multiplies. Anatomy made amusing!
Money's organs on view! Nothing concealed! Instructive,
and guaranteed to increase fertility!...

 Oh, and then outside,
behind the farthest billboard, pasted with posters for 'Deathless,'
that bitter beer tasting quite sweet to drinkers,
if they chew fr...Read More

by Rilke, Rainer Maria
...rd he lurches from cheers
to chance; for booths courting each curious taste
are drumming and barking. And then--for adults only--
a special show: how money breeds, its anatomy, not some charade:
money's genitals, everything, the whole act
from beginning to end--educational and guaranteed to make you
virile . . . . . . . . .
. . . . Oh, but just beyond that,
behind the last of the billboards, plastered with signs for "Dea...Read More

by Gregory, Rg
...i want to hold the horse's string
cried the girl (three) stamping her foot
told by adults she was much too young
the black horse stood staring at the wall

it worries us you may get hurt
the adults whispered - meaning to offer
comfort to the little madam (not convinced)
the black horse stood staring at the wall

i'm stronger than any old black horse
the child shouted parading round the ring
thinking she was the star turn at the circus
the ...Read More

by Amichai, Yehuda
...God has pity on kindergarten children,
He pities school children -- less.
But adults he pities not at all.

He abandons them,
And sometimes they have to crawl on all fours
In the scorching sand
To reach the dressing station,
Streaming with blood.

But perhaps
He will have pity on those who love truly
And take care of them
And shade them
Like a tree over the sleeper on the public bench.

Perhaps even we will spend on them
O...Read More

by Gluck, Louise
...heart and the whole
self flows like a mountain stream

happiness is when mischief
dances like stars in the fingers
and adults are nowhere in sight

happiness has its own clock
it comes in short ticks - then
it tocks where no one can find it...Read More

by McGonagall, William Topaz
...dren does rend the air,
While the boats sail along with them o'er Lohengrin Lake,
And fare is 5 cents for children, and adults ten is all they take. 

And there's also summer-house shades, and merry-go-rounds
And with the merry laughter of the children the Park resounds,
During the live-long Sabbath day
Enjoying themselves at the merry-go-round play. 

Then there's the elevated railroads abont five storeys high,
Which the inhabitants can hear night and day passing by;...Read More

by Gregory, Rg
...mart dreams off his face

when told he can't have what his brother (eleven)
just takes for granted and won't even share
adults can't imagine what hell blots out heaven
when a seven year old boy is forbidden to swear

so what a great hope is the land of the bong tree
where a piggy-wig grants you whatever you wish
and you can if you dare be as daft as a donkey
or turn on the spot to a great ogre fish

and brothers and mothers and fathers are sent
to the north or south pole or e...Read More

by Lehman, David
...efore. She gave him what he had had and 
He gave her nastiness in children. She gave him prudery in adults. 
He gave her Panic Hill. She gave him Mirror Lake. 
He gave her an anthology of drum solos. She gave him the rattle of leaves in 
 the wind....Read More

by Hannah, Sophie
...s) to suspect that there’s something
Between us.

If I want to and don’t, aren’t I being a bit immature?
We’re both adults. Does it matter, with adults, who makes the
First move?

But there’s always the chance he’ll back off if I come on too strong.
The less keen I appear, the more keen he’s likely to be,

And I phoned him twice on Thursday and once on Friday.
He must therefore be fully aware that it’s his turn, not mine.

If I make it too easy for him, he...Read More

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