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Famous Adulteries Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Adulteries poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous adulteries poems. These examples illustrate what a famous adulteries poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Masters, Edgar Lee
..., while preaching on,
Doing the work God chose for me.
I loathed her as a termagant, as a wanton.
I knew of her adulteries, every one.
But even so, if I divorced the woman
I must forsake the ministry.
Therefore to do God's work and have it crop,
I bore with her!
So lied I to myself!
So lied I to Spoon River!
Yet I tried lecturing, ran for the legislature,
Canvassed for books, with just the thought in mind:
If I make money thus, I will divorce her....Read More

by Sandburg, Carl night
With water sparkling a drowsy monotone,
Bare-shouldered, smiling women and talk
And a cross-play of loves and adulteries
And a fear of death and a remembering of regrets:
All this they offer you.
I come with:
salt and bread
a terrible job of work
and tireless war;
Come and have now:
and hate....Read More

by Pound, Ezra>..
"Ah, poor Jenny's case" ...

Bewildered that a world
Shows no surprise
At her last maquero's 

"Siena Mi Fe', Disfecemi Maremma" 

Among the pickled fœtuses and bottled bones,
Engaged in perfecting the catalogue,
I found the last scion of the
Senatorial families of Strasbourg, Monsieur Verog.

For two hours he talked of Gallifet;
Of Dowson; of the Rhymers' Club;
Told me how Johnson (Lionel) died
By falling from a high stool in a p...Read More

by Wilde, Oscar
...could win
Such mighty empires that from her cave
Temptation would grow hoarse, and pallid Sin
Would walk ashamed of his adulteries,
And Passion creep from out the House of Lust with startled eyes.

To make the body and the spirit one
With all right things, till no thing live in vain
From morn to noon, but in sweet unison
With every pulse of flesh and throb of brain
The soul in flawless essence high enthroned,
Against all outer vain attack invincibly bastioned,

Mark with ...Read More

by Jonson, Ben
...t makes simplicity a grace; 
Robes loosely flowing hair as free: 
Such sweet neglect more taketh me 10 
Than all th' adulteries of art; 
They strike mine eyes but not my heart. ...Read More

by Jonson, Ben
That makes simplicity a grace;
Robes loosely flowing, hair as free;
Such sweet neglect more taketh me
Than all th' adulteries of art:
They strike mine eyes, but not my heart....Read More

by Blake, William
...hen first I let these devils in, 
In dark pretence to chastity 
Blaspheming Love, blaspheming Thee, 
Thence rose secret adulteries, 
And thence did covet also rise. 
My sin Thou hast forgiven me; 
Canst Thou forgive my blasphemy? 
Canst Thou return to this dark hell, 
And in my burning bosom dwell? 
And canst Thou die that I may live? 
And canst Thou pity and forgive?’ 
Then roll’d the shadowy Man away 
From the limbs of Jesus, to make them His prey, 
An ever devouring ap...Read More

by Plath, Sylvia
...orses, the fornications
Circle a womb of marble.

Where are you going
That you suck breath like mileage?

Sulfurous adulteries grieve in a dream.
Cold glass, how you insert yourself

Between myself and myself.
I scratch like a cat.

The blood that runs is dark fruit---
An effect, a cosmetic.

You smile.
No, it is not fatal....Read More

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