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Famous PoemPoetCategory
The Bride of Abydos Byron, George (Lord) Allah
The Giaour Byron, George (Lord) Allah
The Siege of Corinth Byron, George (Lord) Allah
Bride of Abydos The Byron, George (Lord) Allah
Saadi Emerson, Ralph Waldo Allah
The Ballad of the Kings Jest Kipling, Rudyard Allah
The Playground of Life XIX Gibran, Kahlil Allah
The Legend of Mirth Kipling, Rudyard Allah
The Prayers of God Du Bois, W. E. B. Allah
The Light That Failed Kipling, Rudyard Allah
Flattery Iqbal, Allama Muhammad Allah
The Two-Sided Man Kipling, Rudyard Allah
The Moss Of His Skin Sexton, Anne Allah
Benevolence Iqbal, Allama Muhammad Allah
Kitcheners School Kipling, Rudyard Allah
Certain Maxims Of Hafiz Kipling, Rudyard Allah
The Atheist Crowley, Aleister Allah
When Allah mixed my clay, He knew full well Khayyam, Omar Allah
On - On - Poet Crowley, Aleister Allah
My critics call me a philosopher, Khayyam, Omar Allah
The Captive Kipling, Rudyard Allah
The Rupaiyat of Omar Kalvin Kipling, Rudyard Allah
From mosque an outcast, and to church a foe, Khayyam, Omar Allah
The showers of grape-juice, which cupbearers pour, Khayyam, Omar Allah
Rosy-Kins Service, Robert William Allah
THE LOST BATTLE Hugo, Victor Allah
Life's fount is wine, Khizir its guardian, Khayyam, Omar Allah
If grace be grace, and Allah gracious be, Khayyam, Omar Allah
Abu midjan Field, Eugene Allah
Allah, our Lord, is merciful, though just; Khayyam, Omar Allah
I wish that Allah would rebuild these skies, Khayyam, Omar Allah
Allah hath promised wine in Paradise, Khayyam, Omar Allah
THE SISTER Hugo, Victor Allah
These people string their beads of learned lumber, Khayyam, Omar Allah
If Allah wills me not to will aright, Khayyam, Omar Allah
Last night, as I reeled from the tavern door, Khayyam, Omar Allah
Had I the power great Allah to advise, Khayyam, Omar Allah
In Cheeban (a month) I must not embrace the vine; in Khayyam, Omar Allah
So far as this world's dealings I have traced, Khayyam, Omar Allah
When Allah yoked the courses of the sun, Khayyam, Omar Allah
O Thou! to please whose love and wrath as well, Khayyam, Omar Allah
Omar! of burning heart, perchance to burn Khayyam, Omar Allah
Of happy turns of fortune take your fill, Khayyam, Omar Allah
From right and left the censors came and stood, Khayyam, Omar Allah
The people who the heavenly world adorn, Khayyam, Omar Allah
In reverent sort to mosque I wend my way, Khayyam, Omar Allah
True I drink wine, like every man of sense, Khayyam, Omar Allah
The world is false, so I'll be false as well, Khayyam, Omar Allah
For ever may my hands on wine be stayed Khayyam, Omar Allah