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Saponin Definition

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[n] any of various plant glucosides that form soapy lathers when mixed and agitated with water; used in detergents and foaming agents and emulsifiers

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\Sap"o*nin\, n. [L. sapo, -onis soap: cf. F. saponine.] (Chem.) A poisonous glucoside found in many plants, as in the root of soapwort ({Saponaria}), in the bark of soap bark ({Quillaia}), etc. It is extracted as a white amorphous powder, which occasions a soapy lather in solution, and produces a local an[ae]sthesia. Formerly called also {struthiin}, {quillaiin}, {senegin}, {polygalic acid}, etc. By extension, any one of a group of related bodies of which saponin proper is the type.

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