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Poetic-musical composition, introduced in the Jewish liturgy by king David, who improvised sacred songs accompanied by a harp. Psalm means in fact "chant accompanied by a string instrument".


Psalms 119
153 O see my affliction, and rescue me;
For I have not forgotten your own law.
154 O do conduct my legal case and recover me;
Preserve me alive in agreement with your saying.
155 Salvation is far away from the wicked ones,
For they have not searched for your own regulations.
156 Many are your mercies, O Jehovah.
According to your judicial decisions, O preserve me alive.
157 My persecutors and my adversaries are many.
From your reminders I have not deviated.
158 I have seen those who are treacherous in dealing,
And I do feel a loathing, because they have not kept your own saying.
159 O see that I have loved your own orders.
O Jehovah, according to your loving-kindness preserve me alive.
160 The substance of your word is truth,
                   And every righteous judicial decision of yours is to time indefinite.

[n] any sacred song used to praise the Deity
[n] one of the 150 lyrical poems and prayers that comprise the Book of Psalms in the Old Testament; said to have been written by David

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